Small Yet Powerful: Introducing the Anna Little Ceramic Heater

best space heater anna little ceramic

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* Upright space heater with small and sleek design
* Choice of high and low heating settings
* Integrated shut off safety function to prevent overheating

Fight the cold-weather chills with this attractive space heater. Featuring a high-powered heating element and a self-regulating safety mechanism, the Stadler Form Anna Little Ceramic Heater provides an ideal way to make sure you never feel those chilly nights.

The attractive design would suit any modern room, while the the upright standing position minimizes the amount of floor space needed to accommodate this heater. You also have the choice of two heating settings so that you can tailor your room temperature to the most comfortable levels. The low heat setting provides 700 watts of heating power, and the high setting gives 1,200 watts.

Take this heater with you to the cottage or beach house this summer, or keep one in the office for when the A/C casts a chill over your desk area. The heater is also great for bedrooms, garages and dorm rooms, or placed on the patio for outdoor parties and evening BBQs.

If safety is an issue, you can rest easy that your space heater will not overheat. The Anna Ceramic Heater has an internal auto shut-off if it ever gets too hot. This Stadler Form product additionally features an integrated tilt protection function to ensure that if your heater ever topples over, the device will stop heating.

With its simple but sleek design, this discrete heater will make sure you remain warm and toasty throughout the seasons.

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