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These Space Heaters Do a Great Job at Keeping Your Room Warm and Cozy

When it’s time to add some warmth to your space without increasing the dial on your thermostat (and increasing your energy bill), space heaters are an affordable and easy-to-use source of heat. Whether you need a small unit that can keep your toes warm while sitting at your desk, or something that will keep you cozy during cold winter naps, a space heater is a safe and eco-friendly way to heat the area of a home or office you’re using.

Space heaters in every room in a home are not a cost-effective source of heat, but placing them only in rooms that are being used can help save money and energy. Ensuring your windows are properly sealed, your heater has a yearly check-up and keeping your interior doors closed can also help to keep heat from escaping the home, as can heavy drapes.

The right space heater will provide direct warmth with a broad stream of hot air. Adding heat always comes with a note of caution and it’s important that each space heater you use has built-in overheat protection and an automatic turn off after a certain amount of time. We’ve chosen the top space heaters that are reliable, safe, quiet, heat up quickly, and will provide comfort on the coldest of nights.


1. Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater


The Lasko Portable Space Heater is great for your office and for bringing from one room to the next at home. Its compact size, lightweight makeup and sturdy carrying handle make it an easy heater to travel with and take on your next camping trip. It comes with 12 different temperature settings that you can easily adjust at the twist of a dial. It also comes with a convenient cool-touch exterior that won’t burn you if you brush up against it. This is a great affordable alternative that won’t run up your electricity bill, is easy to travel with, and will keep you warm on a cold winter night.

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2. Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater


The Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater can easily heat a large room up to 1000 sq ft. quickly and safely. It has an electronic thermostat that ranges from 50 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you fall asleep with the heater on, there’s no need to worry because it has a built-in 12-hour automatic shut-off timer. This space heater can evenly distribute heat for several hours without rattling. This is a great space heater for heating large bedrooms, small apartments or RV’s.

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3. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater


For a small but mighty space heater that has a user-friendly design, we like the GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater. Using the knobs on the top of the heater, customers can set the GiveBest to the full 1500W that will quickly heat a room up to 200 square feet or opt for the 750W option to help cool the room. The ceramic heater has overheat and tip-over protection and will automatically turn itself to a warming mode if the temperature in the room dips below freezing. Weighing just over 2 pounds and standing 8.3 inches tall, the lightweight and portable space heater is easy to move and has large, clear labels that make it a great option for users of all ages. We also like that the heater only emits 45 dB of sound, making it quiet enough for bedrooms.

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4. De’Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater


Need some extra heat in your room but don’t want to lose any floor space? We recommend the De’Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater, which can comfortably heat a room up to 300 square feet. Available in black or white, the 1500W heater can be set on the floor or mounted to the wall for a convenient space-saving option that is ideal for homes with small children or pets. The heater has an adjustable thermostat and several heat settings that make it a great option to use year-round. The heater is built with safety in mind, including an overheat shut-off and an internal tip-over switch that will turn the heater off if it falls on its side. The heater comes with a carrying handle and four caster wheels that make it easy to move from room to room.

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5. Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater


Are you someone who is best described as ‘perpetually cold?’ Then the Amazon Basics 500-Watt Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater is about to be your new best friend. The mini heater is available in four colors, including hot pink (emphasis on the hot), and makes a great option for setting on a desk or workstation. The heater uses ceramic coils that warm-up in seconds and includes tip-over protection for added safety. A great option for people who want a little extra heat to keep themselves warm but don’t want to sweat-out their roommates or coworkers, the Mini Heater provides ample warmth and is small enough to be held in one hand.

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6. Gaiatop Space Heater


Want the warming benefits of a space heater without the look of…a space heater? We like the minimalist and modern design of the Gaiatop Space Heater. The 1000W space heater can go from an output of 43 degrees F to 115 degrees F in minutes with its ceramic coils and even has a ‘Summer Mode’ that helps blow cool air around the room. With a 45 dB output, the quiet and compact heater is ideal for bedrooms. Standing on three legs, the Gaiatop is made with the high V0 flame retardant PTC material and will automatically turn off if it overheats or is knocked over.

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7. De’Longhi Capsule Ceramic Indoor Heater


The DeLonghi Capsule Ceramic Indoor Heater may have a small footprint, but it still packs an impressive output. The 1500W space heater uses a ceramic heating element to quickly heat up a small room in seconds. Designed with an attractive, modern finish and a useful handle for added portability, the De’Longhi Capsule has a built-in thermostat and three heat settings, including a cool option for warm weather. The heater also has several intuitive features, including overheat protection, auto shut-off in case it’s tipped over and antifreeze standby that will automatically begin warming up the heater if the temperature in the room dips below freezing.

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8. Dyson HP04 Pure Hot and Cool Purifying Heater and Fan


As with most Dyson products, the HP04 comes with some sticker shock, but it also features a versatility that is not found in most space heaters. Getting three products in one, the HP04 is a space heater, air conditioner and an air purifier. Dyson uses Air Multiplier technology that can capture and remove ultra-fine pollutants in rooms up to 500 square feet by using a fully sealed HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns. The Dyson also has heating and cooling functions and can be controlled through Amazon Alexa or the Dyson app, which will also provide users with a detailed reading of their air quality.

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9. Propane Portable Heater by Mr. Heater


Whether you want to stay warm during a camping trip or suddenly find yourself without any heat due to a power outage, the portable and powerful 9,000 BTU Radiant Propane Portable Heater by Mr. Heater can keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy for hours. Powered by a 1 pound cylinder or 20 pound propane tank, Mr. Heater can push out 4,000 or 9,000 BTU per hour and heats up to 200 square feet. Safe for use indoors, the propane heater has an easy-to-use single knob ignition and two heat settings. Designed with several safety features, including an auto shut off if the heater is tipped over, Mr. Heater includes a fold-down handle that makes it easy to carry from room to room or campsite to campsite.

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10. Lasko 5521 Ceramic Tower Heater


The Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater is unique because it can be controlled via wireless remote and has a built-in safety feature that prevents it from overheating. You can also choose from a variety of temperatures you want to set it to and put it on a timer so it turns off after a certain amount of time. Although smaller in stature, this heater blows out 1500W of warm air without making any loud blowing noises or creating any funky smells. Its sleek modern black and silver design helps it easily blend into a room or office without creating an eyesore.

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