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The Best Backyard Splash Pads for Fun in the Sun

Warm days can feel extra long without a way to beat the heat — especially when you have kids. However, you don’t need a pool to stay cool warm weather. Your family can cool down and have fun with a backyard splash pad.

Splash pads are a fun alternative to garden sprinklers. These novelty backyard toys are typically inflatable and feature illustrations of your child’s favorite animals. You simply attach the hose to the pad and watch the water spray out of the surface. Kids can run through the water and splash around all day long.

Most backyard splash pads have adjustable water heights and pressure. So, your toddler can crawl around on a low sprinkling, while older kids run through the spray. Just be sure to pay attention to the size of the splash pad, especially if multiple kids will be playing on it at once.

Here are some of the best splash pads to buy right now.


1. Zen Laboratory Inflatable Splash Pad

This inflatable splash pad is 68-inches in diameter, so it’s suitable for children two to 10 years old. The inflatable ring creates a shallow pool for kids to splash in. You can select from low, medium or high spray heights, depending on the height and age of your child. The product comes with a hose connector, rubber washers, repair patch and a convenient storage bag.

Pros: The splash pad is easy to set up with a standard garden hose. The company has great customer service.

Cons: The streams of water might spray in random directions. The pad might be too small for taller elementary-age kids.

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2. Dillitop Splash Pad

This durable splash pad is made of PVC material. The double-layer mat resists tears, while the strong seams prevent bursts. Your kids can run through the adjustable water streams and wade in several inches of water. This product features letters around the perimeter, so you can practice the alphabet with your child as they play. You can purchase this mat in yellow or blue.

Pros: The splash pad’s surface has ridges to prevent slips. The product comes with two adapters to fit different types of hoses.

Cons: The pad can overflow easily.

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3. Princessea Splash Pad for Kids

This 70-inch splash pad is shaped like a sea shell and features a cartoon mermaid princess. To stay on theme, you’ll receive three wands and hairband crowns with your order. The product is made of durable PVC, so it can hold up to frequent use. To set up, simply attach a hose to the outer tube and fill it up. No air inflation is required.

Pro: The splash pad has three adjustable water levels. Several young kids or toddlers can play on this splash pad at once.

Cons: The seam on the splash pad may rip with frequent use. You might notice a strong plastic smell at first.

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4. SplashEZ Splash Pad

If you’re looking for a splash pad for your toddler, this product is a safe and fun option. The pad is 60 inches in diameter and features adjustable streams of water. The surface of the pad features illustrations of the alphabet and various animals, so your little one can learn while they play. This product is best for children over one year old.

Pros: The pad holds a few inches of water, so it doubles as a pool for toddlers. The company is responsive to customer concerns, like holes and bursts.

Cons: The outer ring may pop if you fill it up too quickly. The host connector may leak.

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5. Sable Splash Pad for Kids

This 68-inch splash pad is made of durable PVC. It’s large enough to two or three children to play on at once, and you can adjust the water pressure to change the spray height. The streams of water spray inward to keep water off your lawn. This product also includes a leak-proof hose connector and durable water inlet.

Pros: The design features illustrations of boats, aircraft and vehicles. You’ll receive two repair patches with your order.

Cons: The adapter may not be compatible with all hoses. The hose might disconnect when you turn up the water pressure.

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