Cool Off in the Summer Sun With These Top-Rated Sprinklers for Kids

sprinklers for kids
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The summer months are ahead and that means higher temperatures and more time entertaining your kids. Given the situation with COVID-19 and social distancing, you’ve probably had your kids home from school for a while now, and the long summer months ahead are becoming more intimidating by the second.

One surefire way to keep kids happy? Fun water playtime in the sun. If your house has a swimming pool, great for you. As for the rest of us, we need to find other ways to cool ourselves down and stay entertained this June, July and August. How about a way that keeps the kids happy and keeps the lawn from drying out? You guessed it — a sprinkler system for kids is just the ticket for making this summer a fun one. Plus, while your kids are running around in the sprinkled water for hours you can relax inside with a book, magazine or nice cold glass of lemonade. While keeping a watchful eye, of course.

Here are the best sprinklers for kids that’ll keep them entertained for hours and your garden nice and healthy. Plus, your dog can get in on the action and burn off some energy as well.


2. SupMLC Lawn Sprinkler for Kids


This lawn sprinkler system has a long spray distance, up to 32.8ft, with three different arms and a complete 360 rotation for efficient watering and maximum summer fun. This spreads out your kids’ play area and opens up more opportunities for games, activities and more engaging playtime. This head will connect to any standard garden hose and uses less water to cool down your lawn and your family throughout the hot summer months. This sprinkler has two different modes you can choose between — a heavier spray for efficient lawn watering and a softer spritz for your kids to play in. Choose between the two based on your needs this summer and enjoy the flexibility.

SupMLC Lawn Sprinkler Courtesy of Amazon


3. Fun Splashers Fire Hydrant


This sprinkler was made for smaller children as it’s got a gentle sprayer up to 8ft. It spins around and sprays water everywhere and attaches easily to any garden hose. It only stands about 8in tall so it’s not hard to set up or put away, and comes in three different fun color combinations.

Fun Splashers Kids Sprinkler Fire Hydrant Courtesy of Amazon


4. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sprinkler Toy


You know the old squirting flower trick? This sprinkler has 12 of them that each squirt water, creating a refreshing summer backyard play area. This sprinkler system may look dainty but it was constructed with durable materials for outdoor use so your kids will enjoy playing outside and appreciating the outdoors this summer. It’s a small apparatus designed for children ages three and up, so it’s gentle and fun enough for smaller children and older kids alike.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sprinkler Courtesy of Amazon


5. Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Sprinkler Toy


This sprinkler creates a tidal storm for your kids of water and swirly fun for cooling off during the summer months. The colorful design will liven up your backyard and the six wiggle tubes will shoot water out of your standard garden hose easily, creating a fun area for your kids to run and jump through. It’s designed for kids ages four and up, so it’s still suitable for younger and older kids alike. All six wiggle tubes also connect to a central base so it’s easy to setup and put away after you’re done.

Tidal Storm Sprinkler Courtesy of Amazon


6. ThrillZoo Trampoline Waterpark Sprinkler Hose


If you already have a trampoline in your backyard you know how hot it can get in the summertime. What if you turned it into a trampoline waterpark? Your kids could jump, slip, slide and cool off all at once with the ThrillZoo Trampoline Waterpark Sprinkler Hose. Simply hook up the hose to the outside of your trampoline and rig it through your straight, curved, angled or arch poles and you’re in business. The system is made of durable, UV-protected material that’ll last for years to come. Plus, the sprinkler system lowers the temperature of the trampoline by up to 25 degrees! The hose goes on the outside of the trampoline so it’s still safe for children, and there’s a safe zone at the trampoline opening so they can get on and off safely.

ThrillZoo Trampoline Waterpark Courtesy of Amazon


7. Jasonwell Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler


Really, who doesn’t love unicorns? This inflatable unicorn sprinkler will liven up any backyard gathering, birthday party or playtime. It comes in large and XXXL and sprays water from the horn of the unicorn to cool you and your kids off. Inflate it and connect it to your standard garden hose to get it hooked up. It also comes with four stakes, one for each foot, for keeping it secured to the ground as your kids leap, play and jump around it. It’s made of thick, quality-tested material that’ll last a while making it perfect for outdoor playtime in the summer heat.

Jasonwell Unicorn Sprinkler Courtesy of Amazon