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Save Your Back and Carry Heavy Loads with Ease Using a Stair Climber Cart

The only thing more difficult than carrying multiple grocery bags at once or trying to balance a heavy and awkward box is trying to maneuver stairs at the same time. Whether you’re in great shape or struggle with back issues, carrying things and stairs aren’t a great match. One wrong move can send you packages or even worse, you, tumbling down a flight of stairs. That’s why whenever we have to carry multiple or bulky items at once, primarily when stairs are involved, we use a cart that is designed for climbing up and down stairs. Yes, that’s a real product and yes, it’s brilliant.

Stair climber carts are ideal for people who live in apartments, dorms, and townhouses. Perfect for carrying groceries and laundry up multiple flights of stairs, these carts take the pressure off your back and arms and allow users to safely move up and down flights of stairs with a clear view of where they’re going. We also like using stair climber carts when moving, with many of the carts boasting weight load limits over 200 pounds.

Collapsible and lightweight, stair climber carts are an excellent item for everyone to have on hand, with the carts easily stored and ready whenever you have a massive box to move. Check out our favorite stair climber carts below.

1. dbest products Stair Climber Bigger Trolley Dolly

With eight dedicated compartments in the dbest products Stair Climber Bigger Trolley Dolly, you’ll easily be able to carry all your items up and down stairs with minimal effort and without all your items ending up in a jumbled mess. The dbest has multiple interior and exterior zippers and Velcro-closure pockets for safekeeping and the back of the bag includes a dedicated umbrella holder for when inclement weather strikes. The dbest is safe for use on all types of stairs and won’t mark wood stairs but is still tough enough to handle concrete. We like that the dbest is a versatile item which can be used as a cart with the bag attached or as a traditional dolly with the bag removed. The dbest comes with an oversized bag that measures 24” high and 15” long, with a padded handle and shoulder strap for added comfort. The smart design of the dbest means the wheels are placed underneath the base, providing ample support and keeping them out of the way while you walk. The dbest folds flat to 11” high and 31” long for easy storage.

Pros: The dbest is available in 17 color options including fun patterns like polka dots and bright colors like yellow with purple trim, which is great for being visible when walking at night.

Cons: The dbest can carry 150 lbs, which is less than the Winkeep’s max weight limit of 220 lbs.

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2. Winkeep Super Loading Stair Climber Cart

Whether you’re planning on moving boxes or moving groceries, the Winkeep Super Loading Stair Climber Cart has you covered. The Winkeep comes with a removable 24” bag that features four layers of protection, including waterproof 600D oxford fabric on the outside to keep your contents dry. Using rust-resistant metal to make the Winkeep’s frame, the cart can hold up to 220 pounds on the 18” x 12” platform. Like the dbest, the Winkeep has multiple storage pockets, including two zippered-exterior pockets and one side pocket for umbrellas or water bottles. Also like the dbest, the bag on the Winkeep can be removed to turn the cart into a traditional moving cart for boxes.

Pros: The Winkeep comes with a bonus adjustable 80” bungee cord that can stretch up to 188” and is ideal for securing heavy items to the cart.

Cons: At 9 pounds, the Winkeep is more substantial than the 7 pounddbest. It also is only available in blue.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

3. BestEquip 330 LBS Capacity Stair Climber Cart

If you’re looking for a cart that can handle heavier loads than the dbest and Winkeep, you’re in luck. The BestEquip Stair Climber Cart has a max weight load of 330 pounds, making it an excellent option for moving heavy or awkward boxes and pieces of furniture up and down stairs. The adjustable handle has a maximum height of 44.5”, great for taller users, and is topped with a high-frequency plating handle that is resistant to wear and tear. The BestEquip is made to be long-lasting thanks to a 14mm thick shaft that is reinforced, as well as a thick layer added to the folded part of the chassis to provide added stability. Each 2mm-thick wheel is made of high-quality double-steel bearings.

Pros: The BestEquip comes with the tools necessary to put it together, as well as a bungee cord to be used when securing boxes to the cart.

Cons: Unlike other options on this list, the BestEquip doesn’t come with a bag for holding contents. It’s also larger to store than the shopping style carts, with a folded depth of 30”.

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4. LUCKUP Folding Shopping Cart

Don’t worry about getting caught out in the rain or snow with the LUCKUP Folding Shopping Cart, which has a scratch-resistant and anti-wear frame as well as a 21″ waterproof bag that will keep your contents protected. At 6.45 pounds, the LUCKUP is also one of the lightest carts on our list, making it easy to store the cart in your trunk, closet or by the front door. The tarpaulin bag includes two side pockets and one front pocket, with the bag also removable. The LUCKUP has a maximum height of 37” inches and a metal handle.

Pros: The LUCKUP has durable wheels that are constructed of PU, hard foam, iron, and finally covered in crystal rubber to provide a smooth glide.

Cons: The LUCKUP has a frame as its platform instead of a solid base like the other carts on our list.

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Image courtesy of Amazon