Stand Strong: The 8 Best Standing Desks for Office Workers

cardboard stand up desk
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* Using a standing desk can help you burn more calories and may reduce back pain
* Standing desks have also been found to increase your productivity
* Desks today come in a range of adjustable options

It’s a fact that we’ve been spending much more time seated than ever before. At least 8 hours of our days are dedicated to work, which is why getting a standing desk can be beneficial.

There are tons of studies that show the benefits of using one, from helping you burn more calories to actually increasing your overall day-to-day productivity. However, for the uninitiated it can be hard to find a good fit.

To simplify your search, here’s a quick look at eight different standing desk options. We’re sure you’ll find one that works for you.

1. The $25 Version

Ergonomic, stable and reliable without taking up too much space, this Ergodriven desk comes in three size options and works with laptops and desktops up to 27 inches. Great for when you wanna give your kiester a rest, simply place this mini cardboard desk on top of your regular desk to create an instant standing office.

Ergodriven Standing Desk Image courtesy of Amazon


2. The Low-Cost Articulated Version

For when you want a little more versatility, this Executive Office Solutions model is a must. Featuring a set of fully adjustable 360-degree legs, you can set this desk up any way you see fit. And because it’s so adjustable, you can even use it as a TV tray, writing desk and more. Did we mention it’s also portable?

Executive Office Solutions Standing Desk Image courtesy of Amazon


3. The ‘On Top of Your Desktop’ Version

It’s a desk on top of a desk with this standing option. With a generous 32-inch workspace, you’ll have plenty of room for your monitor, mouse and keyboard. Rubber feet help keep your desk sturdy while the adjustable legs offer six different height levels.

Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desktop Image courtesy of Amazon


4. The Elegant Floor Version

Taking a more minimal approach, this super sleek standing desk features a beautiful wood finish and a reinforced steel frame. Great for smaller spaces, this portable standing desk can be used with both laptops and desktops. Best of all, the smart design means you can use it almost anywhere.

Z-Line Designs Caelen Multi-Use Standing Desk Image courtesy of Amazon


5. The Adjustable Height Version

For when you need a little more versatility from your standing desk, this Mount-It! Mobile desk offers four platforms to store your office setup and is 100% adjustable. With a weight capacity of 132 pounds, you’ll have no problem packing this standing desk with all the supplies you need.

Mount-It! Mobile Stand Up Desk Image courtesy of Amazon


6. The Dual Monitor Adjustable Version

Shipped 100% assembled, this elegant workstation is fully adjustable and includes enough room to fit two full-sized monitors. The high-quality build makes it extra stable, and with enough versatility to fit anyone’s needs, this is one workstation that was made to help you be more productive.

Standing Desk Converter Riser Adjustable Image courtesy of Amazon


7. The Easy-to-Use Destop Version

With enough space for all your computer supplies, this adjustable standing desk uses a smart, foldable design that makes it extra portable. What’s more, it also utilizes an easy-to-use ergonomic handle that makes it a breeze to set up, and with the smart, foldable design, you can use it anywhere.

Stand Steady Standing Desk Image courtesy of Amazon


8. The Stand-Up Riser With Keyboard Tray Option

A two-handle design makes the rising desktop stand extra easy to adjust, while the dual gas-spring system means it’s able to rise and fold away smoothly. The extra spacious work surface allows for larger desktops and monitors, and the removable keyboard tray was built to enable healthier wrist positions. Best of all, it works with virtually any and all workspaces.

FlexiSpot Standing Desk Image courtesy of Amazon

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