Get Up, Stand Up: The Best Standing Desks for Every Type of Office in 2021

best standing desks
Courtesy of Floyd

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When it comes to desks, standing is the new sitting. The latest trend in desks is the movement away from traditional, stationary desks to desks that can be adjusted by height, allowing users to either sit or stand at their desks. Not only are standing desks great ways to make your office space more comfortable, but they’re also good for your physical health, from burning additional calories to using in conjunction with folding treadmills.

For years, the barrier to entry for standing desks was a high price point, something that made standing desks an option only for businesses and professional settings. Many employees were only able to request standing desks with a note from their doctor stating that a standing desk was pertinent to the health of the employee, with those who suffered from back, shoulder, neck, hip and leg pain finding huge benefits in the ability to stand for part of their day. As standing desks became more common in the workplace and the benefits were felt firsthand by office workers, the demand for affordable standing desks has now made them a viable option for home use.

There are two major kinds of workstations that get called standing desks. The converter desk is emblematic of one kind of standing desk — it sits on top of your existing desk and can be moved up or kept mostly flat on the tabletop. Another kind of standing desk is a full-size table, with motorized legs that move the entire tabletop up and down. Each style has its advantages, so we’ve included both kinds in our roundup.

Take a stand against sitting all day and check out our picks for the best standing desks below.


1. Floyd Standing Desk


Floyd is a Detroit-based startup that makes some of our favorite furniture, and the brand’s modular platform bed has a true cult following. We’re also huge fans of Floyd’s new standing desk, which we recently named the perfect desk for home offices. While it’s more expensive than some of the other options on this list, it’s worth the investment, as this automatically adjusting standing desk will last for many years to come. It features an attractive modern design that will look great in any workspace and features a small OLED control panel for easy adjustments while you work. This desk is also extremely sturdy, capable of lifting up to 350 pounds, far more than the competition. Basically, if you’re looking for the best standing desks in the world, Floyd is pretty much the only name you need to know.

floyd standing desk reviews Courtesy of Floyd

2. Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk


For a budget-friendly desk that has the convenience of a motorized lift, provides an ample workspace and has an impressive amount of durability, the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk is one of the best options available. The Flexispot offers five size options and a height adjustment of 28 inches to 47.6 inches. The industrial steel frame can hold up to 154 pounds and customers can choose from five attractive tabletop finishes. The lowest height may still be a little too high for some users when in a seated position and the Flexispot does not offer preset height buttons like other options on our list, but it does come in at a much lower price point than many electric desk competitors.

Flexispot standing desk Image courtesy of Amazon

3. VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desk


Designed with an easy-to-use ergonomic movement that goes from sitting to standing in seconds, the Varidesk ProPlus 36 is ready to use out of the box, a big pro for anyone who wants to avoid spending hours putting together their standing desk. Available in white or black, the desk has room two monitors, a full-sized keyboard and a mouse. The Varidesk has 11 height settings to allow users to find the perfect height, with users able to easily adjust the spring-loaded lift using the two-hand control.

VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Jarvis Standing Desks


Jarvis was one of the first companies to begin making standing desks for home use over 10 years ago. One of our writers has been using his Jarvis desk for seven years, and it still looks brand-new after moving five times between three states. The company offers several different customizable styles of standing desks for large and small spaces as well as converter models. For a home office, we like the Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk, which is made from eco-friendly materials and can be easily customized to match your home office decor. It’s also the best-reviewed Jarvis standing desk.

jarvis standing desk with bamboo Image Courtesy of Jarvis

5. Jarvis Standing Desk for Kids


Here’s another standout option from Jarvis the standing desk for kids, a purchase that suddenly seems very necessary in a time of increased remote learning for little learners. However, this desk isn’t just for kids, as it’s also the perfect standing desk for small apartments and cramped offices.

With tabletop dimensions of 30 inches by 24 inches and a top height of 42 inches, the Jarvis kids’ desk is also an excellent option for adults who want a durable, attractive and high-quality standing desk for their small apartment or home office. Depending on the model, Jarvis offers four to five preset options, making their desks a great option for rotating workspaces in the office or at home. Like all Jarvis models, the kids’ desk has one of the lowest starting heights, which makes it not only a great option for kids but also for shorter to average-sized adults who want to have proper ergonomic alignment when working in a seated position.

Jarvis standing desk for kids Image courtesy of Jarvis



6. UPLIFT Height Adjustable 42″ Conference Table


Anyone who spends the majority of their workday in meetings knows what a literal pain in the butt it can be to sit for hours on end. Uplift prides itself on offering custom options and has a wide range of standing desks of various shapes and sizes and has even created a line of standing conference tables to help relieve the pain of sitting during board meetings that seem never-ending. The company offers several bamboo tabletops in a variety of colors to suit just about any décor. A great option for group projects and workspaces that need to be flexible, the Uplift conference table is available in several sizes, including one option that is large enough to double as a ping-pong table. Now that’s a meeting we would enjoy attending.

UPLIFT Height Adjustable 42" Conference Table Image courtesy of Uplift


7. DeskView Portable Standing Desk


Whether you’re traveling for work or simply need a change of scenery, finding a comfortable workspace outside the home or office can be difficult. That’s why we like the DeskView Portable Standing Desk, a truly portable standing desk that has an impressive 40-pound weight-bearing limit and attaches in seconds to any piece of tempered glass thicker than a quarter inch. Turning an airport terminal or coffee shop with no seats left into an instant office, the DeskView provides a secure desktop for laptop users and won’t leave any marks on the glass.

DeskView Portable Standing Desk Image courtesy of Amazon

8. RIF6 Adjustable Height Standing Desk Converter


If you already have a functioning workstation, it can be worthwhile to invest in a standing desk that works with your existing desk. This desk from RIF6 has two tiers, allowing you to place your keyboard and mouse on one tier and the monitor or laptop on the second stand. With a 33 pound weight limit, the RIF6 can handle two full-sized monitors on the top tier. The converter goes up and down pneumatically using the X-frame, with similar mechanics to an outdoor lawn chair, but smoother.

RIF6 Adjustable Height Standing Desk Converter Image courtesy of Amazon

9. SKARSTA by Ikea


Ikea offers several motorized standing desks that provide a sturdy and convenient workspace, but we also like the company’s Skarsta manual model. A great option for workspaces that aren’t near an outlet, like an art studio or shed, the Skarsta has a crank handle that allows users to raise and lower their desk with minimal effort. Users can set the height of the tabletop between 27.5 inches and 47.5 inches, providing plenty of options for all heights. Available in white, the Skarsta is straightforward to assemble and provides a budget-friendly bridge between full-sized motorized standing desks and less expensive stationery desks.

SKARSTA standing desk by Ikea Image courtesy of Ikea

10. Rocelco Standing Desk Converter


The Rocelco converter desk sits on top of a desk or table and goes up and down using the X-frame design. The pneumatic lift helps users adjust the height of the desk with a smooth and quiet motion. There’s a small lower tier that can accommodate a keyboard and mouse, and the top tier can be used for monitors or for a laptop, boasting an impressive 40-pound weight limit for the entire converter. The top portion is 40″ wide and 23.6″ deep, and the tray is 25″ wide and 11.25″ deep, giving users ample room for their personal belongings. A single grommet at the back can be used for cord management or to mount a monitor stand.

Rocelco 40 inch Large Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Image courtesy of Amazon

11. SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk


The best standing deskss don’t have to break the bank, and this mobile desk can easily be moved from room to room, we like the SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk for teachers or anyone that needs to move around as they work. The adjustable laptop desk can be used as one flat workspace or the tabletop can be split to bring the laptop screen up to eye level while keeping the keyboard at a comfortable height for users. Four caster wheels make it convenient to move the desk when necessary. The manual height adjustment is not nearly as easy or smooth as the other motorized desks on our list, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly desk that is portable and will typically be used at the same height level, the Siducal is a great option.

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand Up Desk Image courtesy of Amazon

12. Alto X Minimal Wood Standing Desk Converter by RLDH


If you are looking for the convenience and versatility of a standing desk but want to keep the natural aesthetic of your décor, we like the Alto X Minimal Wood Standing Desk Converter by RLDH. Made in the US from birchwood with a maple veneer, the wooden converter includes a shelf for a full-size keyboard and a shelf for a full-size monitor. Either shelf can also be used for a laptop and customers can also upgrade to an option that comes with a side table for a mouse pad or additional screen. Assembly is easy and customers can change the height of their shelves to best fit their needs.

Alto X Minimal Wood Standing Desk Converter by RLDH Image courtesy of Etsy

 13. FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk


Investing in a standing desk doesn’t mean you have to give up the large workspace of a traditional desk. The FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is available in three finishes and gives users the convenience of a motorized standing desk with the large workspace of a stationary corner desk. Users can set the three preset height buttons between 27.6 inches to 47.3 inches while utilizing 48 inches of workspace. Using an industrial-grade steel frame, the desk and support up to 176 pounds. We also like that it comes with a small matching riser to help lift up screens or act as a small storage space.

FEZIBO L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk Image courtesy of Amazon