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Keep Your Work Day on Track With These Steno Books

Every notebook snob has their favorite pads or journal. You might prefer the classic spiral notebook or rely on a glue-bound hardcover. However, when it comes to organization and to-lists, few varieties hold up to the steno book.

Stenographers originally used these notebooks for shorthand, hence the name. Steno books have spiral binding at the top, making flipping pages easier. Most of these notepads have a thick cardboard or plastic cover, and each page has a wide ruling and a line down the center. This classic layout is called Gregg ruling.

These notebooks are great for daily organization and task tracking. You can use each column to categorize your tasks, checking them off as you go. Another major perk? The spiral binding at the top makes this the perfect notebook for right and left-handed people. You won’t have to be annoyed by the pesky metal under your hand again.

To help you organize your day, we’ve rounded up some of the best steno pads.

1. Mintra Office Steno Book

These steno books are available in an eight pack, and you’ll receive several colors in your order. Each notebook has 100 sheets of narrow-ruled paper. This product is six by nine inches, so it’s easy to stash in your bag or keep on your desk. The coil lock prevents the pages from snagging. With a cardboard backing, these notebooks are sturdy and hold their shape with use.

Pros: You can choose from several color combinations when ordering. The small size is convenient.

Cons: The pages may be too thin for some users. The backing might not be sturdy enough to write without a desk.

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2. Tops Steno Books

These steno books are six by nine inches and contain 80 Gregg-ruled pages. The pages are white and the lines are wide ruled. You’ll receive a red, blue, green and black notebook with your order, each with a durable cover and no-snag coil. Keep in mind that these particular notebooks don’t have perforated sheets, but the company sells products that do.

Pros: The cover and backing are about the same thickness. This product is durable and holds up to general wear.

Cons: Fountain pens and markers may bleed through these pages. These pages don’t have a header bar.

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3. National Board Cover Steno Notebook

This steno notebook includes 60 sheets of eye-ease green paper. Each sheet is Gregg ruled with blue and red lines, and the spacing is wide enough for those with large handwriting. The notebooks have thin cardboard covers, which are sturdy but not stiff. You can purchase an individual notebook or a large bulk order.

Pros: Pens won’t bleed easily on this paper. The green paper helps the ink stand out.

Cons: The pages aren’t perforated. Sixty pages might not be enough for some buyers.

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4. Ampad Gold Fibre Steno Book

Ampad’s steno book includes 100 sheets of smooth, Gregg-ruled paper. The notebook measures six by nine inches, and the cardboard backing is sturdy enough to hold its shape while you write. You won’t need a desk or table to use it. The no-snag coil won’t catch on items in your bag.

Pros: This steno pad has a classy design. The quality paper is smooth to write on.

Cons: The price for one notebook is higher than some other options.

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5. Blueline Steno Notebook

Blueline’s steno notebook has 180 sheets, which is more than most other brands. Each page is bright white and Gregg ruled with green lines. The pages aren’t perforated, but they do have a wide header bar. This notebook is six by nine inches, and the cover is made of cardboard.

Pros: With a high page count, the notebook will last for longer. The paper is thicker than most notebook paper.

Cons: Fountain pens may bleed through.

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