Keep Important Notes From Flying Away With Adhesive Sticky Notes

Sticky Note
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Making notes that can easily be saved has never been easier. Email alerts, smartphone reminders, interactive tablets and physical notebooks, calendars and journals mean that we’re almost always within reaching distance of a tool that can help us record an important thought, date, phone number and idea. But sometimes having a bright pink sticky note waiting for you on your computer monitor on Monday morning is the best way to remember to water your desk plant.

Sticky notes continue to be an essential item in offices, for students and in homes. They provide a fast and easy way to write down a note and leave it for yourself or another person, with an adhesive back helping to ensure it won’t get lost. Sticky notes and their bright colors provide a streamlined and straightforward way to color-code projects and assign duties. They’re hard to miss on a neutral surface. They easily stand out in a black and white textbook. And waking up to find a sticky note with a sweet message stuck to your bathroom mirror is never a bad thing.

We all use sticky notes, but not all notes are created equal. Find the sticky notes that work best for you, which FYI, could be all of them.


1. Early Buy Sticky Notes

For a traditional style of sticky notes, we recommend the Early Buy Sticky Notes. Available in packs of six, 12 (shown here), 24 and 48, the Early Buy Sticky Notes are an affordable way to stock up on sticky notes. The notes measure 3 inches by 3 inches, making them small enough to fit inside journals and textbooks, but still large enough to get noticed. The notes can be removed cleanly and provide a smooth writing surface.

Pros: The pack includes six vibrant colors that make it easy to color-code projects.

Cons: The paper on the Early Buy is not as thick as competitors and in some cases the adhesion is short-lived.

Early Buy Sticky Notes Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Post-it Notes Pop-up

Keep the sticky notes coming with the Post-it Notes Pop-up. The accordion-style sticky notes mean the adhesive rotates from top to bottom with each note. Designed to fit in the Post-it Notes Pop-up holder, the accordion-style is designed to help users write and remove notes faster from their pads. The Canary Yellow sticky note shown here is ideal for professional settings and the Pop-up style is also available in bright colors for color-coding. The package shown here includes five pads of 3-inch by 3-inch sticky notes.

Pros: The paper used to make Post-it notes is sourced from certified, renewable and responsibly managed forests.

Cons: Because of the accordion-style it can sometimes be difficult to know which end is ‘up’ and notes may be written with the adhesive side pointing down.

Post-it Notes Pop-up Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Post-it Notes Lined

When you want the adhesiveness of a sticky note but need more space, try the Post-it Notes Lined. Perfect for taking notes in a meeting or while studying, leaving detailed instructions on everything from how to prepare a frozen dinner to how to use the three remotes in your living room, and jotting down ideas, the 4-inch by 6-inch sticky notes combine a notebook and sticky note in one. Shown here in the Marseille Collection colors, customers can color coordinate their notes and keep one of the five pads with 100 sheets in their home, office, car, bedside table and backpack.

Pros: Post-it Notes come with a free app that enables users to take pictures of their Post-its and have their handwriting digitized.

Cons: Some of the colors in the park are dark and may be difficult to read.

Post-it Notes Lined Image courtesy of Amazon