The 12 Best Stone Lamps Add an Earthy Appeal to Any Space

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While the many supposed health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps are untested and unproven, one thing is for sure; they’re a stylish way to create a calming ambiance for your home or bedroom. The pink color dims, softens and warms the often harsh and clinical glow of LED lights, making for a more comforting environment before bed. Stone lamps don’t just include Himalayan salts, though. If you like the way light diffuses through mineral, but find Himalayan salt lamps a little played out, there are actually plenty of stone lamps you can buy made from other minerals and gemstones.

These lamps and other stone lamps are a great way to bring a natural, earthy feeling into your home. For example, onyx can be used as a material for lamps, creating a moodier, darker ambiance. Or you can use a lighter colored gemstone like alabaster to create a more relaxed, inviting atmosphere. With so many different kinds of stones, there are plenty of options that easily fit into any kind of decor.

Another option to consider is to get a lamp with a stone base. These lamps will have glass domes or fabric shades, but the base will be made from materials like stone. Some of these lamps are instead made with manmade materials like concrete, which suits modern industrial interiors. Either way, these stone lamps can bring an earthy appeal to any interior. These are some of the best stone lamps to buy online.


1. LEVOIT Himalayan Salt Lamp


If you want a classic, simple Himalayan salt lamp, this option from Levoit is a great place to start. The salt lamp has a light wood base that suits the lamp’s natural look, and the soft orange color creates a soothing ambiance. The lamp also comes with two bulbs, and the cable features a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting setting.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of Amazon

Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp


2. Selenite Skyscraper Lamp


This option is made from selenite, which is a crystal with a light white color. If you’re looking to create a relaxing and inviting ambiance, then this a great option. The tall tower shape gives it a unique look. It can be turned on and off with the power cable. The lamp is available in two different sizes; you can get it in either 7-9″ tall or 12″-14″.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of Amazon

Selenite Skyscraper Lamp


3. Menu Reverse Table Lamp


This stylish lamp is from Menu, a Danish brand that brings a Scandivanian angle to lighting and furniture. The base of the lamp is made from travertine, a type of lightly-colored limestone with a porous appearance. The lampshade is made from dark aluminum. This casts the light down onto the stone, creating a pleasant, comfortable glow.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of 2Modern

Menu Reverse Table Lamp


4. Urban Outfitters Agate Crystal Table Lamp


Brighten up your home with the gorgeous ambiance and soothing qualities provided by this sliced agate table lamp. Agate is said to provide healing properties that help balance the mind, body and spirit to help transform negative energy into positive energy. Place it anywhere to add a touch of minimalist beauty anywhere in your home, whether it be your living room, home office, bedroom or even the bathroom. Urban Outfitters notes that each lamp is unique in shape and style because it’s crafted from natural materials, so you’re not going to get exactly what’s pictured.

Urban Outfitters Agate Crystal Table Lamp Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Agate Crystal Table Lamp



5. Astro Gallery of Gems Onyx Desk Lamp


This option is made from natural Mexican Onyx, and the yellow and white color creates a dim, moody ambiance. The rectangular shape gives it a modern edge, offsetting the earthiness of the natural materials. The power cord in the desk lamp has a switch that turns the lamp on and off. The lamp is a modest 10″ tall, making it great for a desk or nightstand.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of Perigold

Astro Gallery of Gems Onyx Lamp


6. Crystal Hideaway Shop Amethyst Lamp


Relax and destress with this striking amethyst cluster lamp that exudes power and sophistication. Amethyst is known for stimulating the mind and help us come to our emotions, bringing peace and clarity throughout the home. It’s said this lamp works best in places where you might rest, so throw this in your bedroom or living space to help you sleep and rest more soundly. Like our other natural picks, this lamp will totally differ in looks from the one pictured below due to it being naturally made.

Crystal Hideaway Shop Amethyst Lamp Courtesy of Etsy

Crystal Hideaway Shop Amethyst Lamp



7. JWDA Concrete Lamp


If you’re looking for something that will suit a modern, industrial interior, consider this styilsh option. It has an oval-shaped glass dome with a small concrete base. The base has a brass knob that dims the lamp and turns it on and off. At nearly a foot tall, it’s a good option for an entryway table or a larger end table.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of Lumens

JWDA Concrete Lamp


8. Jamie Young Silver Lamp


With its rectangular base and metal column, this lamp has a sophisticated yet modern look that resembles something you might find in the lobby of a tastefully designed hotel. The rectangular shade is made from genuine alabaster, which is a light, marble-colored mineral that gives the bulb a warm, yellowish glow. The in-line switch makes it easier to turn on and off.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of Wayfair

Jamie Young Alabaster Lamp


9. Orren Ellis Table Lamp


For something truly unique, this table lamp has a spherical globe with a swirled pattern that’s attached to an arm with a marble counterweight and a marble base. The glass of the lamp has a swirled look that resembles stone. The unique shape and design give this lamp the look of some kind of ancient astronomy tool.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of Wayfair

Otisco White Table Lamp


10. Urban Outfitters Moon Himalayan Lamp


If you want to lean into the spiritual vibe of gemstone lamps, consider this option from Urban Outfitters, which is fashioned to look like a crescent moon. It has a small wood base and a power cord. The odd shape of the lamp requires a mini candelabra bulb, which is included with the lamp. It stands about 9″ tall.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Moon Lamp



11. Crate & Barrel Esphera Grey Round Table Lamp


This modern light fixture is quite different than the ones prior, but it is technically a stone lamp. No, it won’t promote any healing qualities within the home, but it is a gorgeous modern staple that will take your living room lighting up a few notches. This low-key shaded lamp used a spherical terracotta base to welcome illumination throughout the home in a more structured setting. Unlike the prior picks, it stays typical to your average lamp design, but it’s still pretty gorgeous.

Crate & Barrel Esphera Grey Round Table Lamp Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel Esphera Grey Round Table Lamp



12. Menu Stone Table Lamp


This option from Menu has a stone base and a rounded glass dome. The white glass helps create a more natural-looking glow, which goes well with the sand-colored base. The lamp is also nearly as wide as it is tall, and its small stature makes it a good addition to an end table, entryway, or nightstand.

stone lamp Image Courtesy of Lumens

Menu Stone Table Lamp


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