Buy a Bed with Built-In Storage and You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Upgrade Sooner

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Making the most of the space in your home can be more challenging than you think. Balancing attractive interior decor with function to create a space that is enjoyable to live in takes know-how. This is especially relevant in the areas of your home where you spend the most time, namely the living room, kitchen, and, perhaps most importantly, your bedroom. To maximize space and minimize clutter in your bedroom, the best idea is to invest in a storage bed.

Storage beds allow you to use this essential room item for dual purposes. In addition to being your place of rest, these intelligently designed beds let you keep things tucked away underneath or in built-in storage spaces, delivering a more thoughtful and stress-relieving approach to a bedroom setup. These beds are especially useful for households where space is at a premium. 

When it comes to picking the best storage bed for you, think about whether you want to store things out of the way for long periods, on display or in some combination of the two. There is a range of storage beds options, including: 

  • Lift-Up Beds: These beds usually include hydraulic mechanisms that lift the mattress to reveal a mattress-size space for storage underneath.
  • Beds with Drawers: These have drawers built into the frame. These fill the space under the mattress and provide easy access to your stuff.
  • Beds with Shelves: Others have shelves under the mattress instead of drawers. These allow you to display your items for everyone to see. Some frames feature a combination of both shelves and drawers.
  • Beds with Headboard or Footboard Storage: These beds have extra storage built into the headboard or the footboard in the form of shelves or drawers. Such beds usually take up more floor space than average.
  • Elevated Beds: Raising the mattress off the ground provides you with more floor space and the ability to keep a bookcase or set of drawers in that space.
  • Murphy Beds: Such beds fold up into a cabinet when not in use. The cabinet can include other drawers or shelves in addition to the space for the mattress.
  • Standalone Headboards: If you want to keep your existing bed but want to add extra storage, consider choosing a standalone headboard with storage space built into it.
  • Futons: Choosing a futon with built-in storage may be a smart idea if you only intend to use the bed as a bed from time to time, such as friends staying over or family visits. Not only does it give you the storage space you’re looking for, but you’ll also have an extra place to sit and more available floor space when the bed is packed away.

Below, you’ll find 27 of the best storage bed options available for you and your family. Take a scroll through and find the right choice to declutter your bedroom.


1. ​​Prepac Mate’s Platform Storage Bed


The Prepac Mate’s Platform Storage Bed proves that storage beds don’t have to be an expensive investment. This stylish piece of furniture is available in four different color options. It includes three individual drawers that can be fitted on either side of the bed, allowing it to be placed against a wall. The bed also contains slats that prevent the need for a box spring underneath.

best storage beds prepac mates platform Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Prepac Queen Bookcase Headboard


If you’re happy with your existing mattress and frame but want to add some extra nearby storage, all the same, consider this Prepac Queen Bookcase Headboard. The smartly designed headboard includes four cubby holes that will be within arm’s reach, along with the top shelf that runs the whole headboard length. It also comes in five different colors so you can match your choice to your existing frame. From books and family pictures to your smartphone and a glass of water, this headboard delivers both convenience and a touch of extra style to your existing bedroom setup.

best storage beds prepac queen bookcase headboard Image courtesy of Amazon


3. AROMUSTIME Metal Platform Bed Frame


Technically, this California King AROMUSTIME Metal Platform Bed Frame doesn’t include any built-in storage. However, its 16-inch high design creates an impressive amount of under-bed space for storing whatever you want. The area is open and isn’t limited, unlike drawers or shelves, barring the single structural leg in the center. This openness makes it better suited to storing later items or boxes. In addition, this durable yet straightforward metal bed frame also comes in other sizes, including full, queen and king.

best storage beds aromustime Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Chino Twin Bed


The Chino Twin Bed keeps things simple. The design includes three built-in drawers on one side of the bed, storing extra sheets, clothes or books. The manufactured wood construction means this bed doesn’t require a box spring, while the short feet raise the whole bed off the floor slightly. This bed is an excellent option for guest rooms, limited-space apartments and college dorms for students with plenty of books to store.

best storage beds chino Image courtesy of Amazon


5. MALM High bed frame


This MALM High bed frame includes two drawers that sport their castor wheels rather than drawers on runners. This freedom means the drawers are easier to remove from under the bed and more able to accommodate heavier items. The bed itself, available in queen, full or king sizes, features a high-rise headboard. At the other end, the bed sits well below the mattress to better accommodate taller sleepers. Furthermore, you can choose from four different colors.

best storage beds malm Image courtesy of IKEA


6. HEMNES Daybed frame


The HEMNES Daybed frame is another halfway option that gives you a place to sleep and storage space. Handily, this bed lets you choose between a sofa, a single bed, and a double bed, depending on what you need. The frame includes three large pull-out drawers underneath the mattress, ideal for storing bedding or other everyday items. Its versatility makes it an excellent option for spare rooms, offices and bedrooms.

best storage beds hemnes daybed frame Image courtesy of IKEA


7. Better Homes and Gardens Loft Storage Bed


There aren’t many better options than this Better Homes and Gardens Loft Storage Bed in terms of storage space built into a bed. The bed’s mattress sits on top of two bed-long shelves and is accessed by a small ladder. Each shelf is ideal for housing storage boxes or displaying some of your belongings. In the second part of the under-bed area, you’ll find a fully open space that can store more oversized items. This bed has also received positive ratings from over 90% of Amazon users.

best storage beds better homes and gardens loft storage bed Image courtesy of Amazon


1. Orren Ellis King Corso Upholstered Platform Bed


The Orren Ellis King Black Corso Upholstered Storage Platform Bed boasts 4.9 out of 5 stars on Wayfair from users who love their new bed. In addition to looking great, this faux-leather, wood-framed bed includes a mattress-sized storage space underneath. This space is accessed using the built-in gas-lift system. The black color of the frame gives this bed versatility that can blend in with many home decor styles.

best storage beds king black corso upholstered Image courtesy of Wayfair


9. South Shore Flexible Platform Bed with Storage


Another compartment-filled option is the South Shore Flexible Platform Bed with Storage. The design includes nine under-bed shelving units and four canvas bins to act as drawers. You’ll also find one extra-long shelving unit at the front of the bed that’s ideal as a bookshelf. The bed frame is made in North America from non-toxic laminated particleboard and comes with a five-year limited warranty. Furthermore, the bed is available in full and queen sizes as well as several color options.

best storage beds south shore Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Nexera Full-Size Storage Bed


The Chino Twin Bed with Storage keeps things simple. The design includes three built-in drawers on one side of the bed, which can store extra sheets, clothes, or books. The manufactured wood construction means this bed doesn’t require a box spring, while the short feet raise the whole bed off the floor slightly. This bed is an excellent option for guest rooms, limited-space apartments and college dorms for students with plenty of books to store.

best storage beds nexera Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Prepac Sonoma Twin Wood Storage Bed


To maximize your under-bed storage space, this Prepac Sonoma Twin Wood Storage Bed includes two levels of drawers. Each level sports three individual drawers, with the bottom set being slightly larger than the upper. The drawers are ideal for clothing, bedding or other everyday items. For added convenience, the drawers can be positioned on either side of the bed. Plus, the bed’s deep black laminate finish is durable and looks great in a wide range of bedroom interior styles.

best storage beds prepak Image courtesy of The Home Depot


12. Novogratz Kelly Bed


If you want a mattress-sized amount of storage in your bed but prefer it broken down into drawer-sized compartments, the Novogratz Kelly Bed fits the bill. This attractive storage bed sports four built-in drawers, which provide plenty of storage space for bedding, clothes and household items. The thin headboard allows you to mount the bed close to the wall without taking up vital floor space, making this a great choice for space-limited rooms.

best storage beds novogratz kelly Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Schreffler Upholstered Storage Platform Bed


If you’re looking for additional storage space that’s quick and easy to access, consider the Schreffler Upholstered Storage Platform Bed. This attractive furniture piece sports a large, cushioned ottoman attached to the foot, providing convenient storage and a handy seating space all in one. The dark gray upholstery delivers versatility, which blends in with a range of bedroom decor choices, while the solid wooden support slats negate the need for a box spring.

best storage beds full charcoal schreffler Image courtesy of Wayfair


14. Zipcode Design Lowall Storage Platform Bed


If you like the idea of having all your favorite reads within reach, consider the Zipcode Design Lowall Low Profile Storage Platform Bed. In addition to its classy, all-wood appearance, you’ll find an impressive amount of storage space included. There are two in-bed drawers along with several shelves built into the headboard. Plus, there is also display space on top of the headboard itself. Finally, the natural wood grain completes the bed’s attractive and homely appearance.

best storage beds zipcode design Image courtesy of Wayfair


15. Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed


Why should adults get all the storage space? By giving your child this Naomi Home Low Study Loft Bed, you’ll be providing them with a fantastic place to sleep along with plenty of storage space to boot. This attractive bed includes two sets of shelves, three drawers and a pull-out desk. The spaces left inside the bed can also be used as a fun crawl space for imagination play. The bed is available in either white, gray, espresso or navy blue and fits a twin mattress.

naomi home low study loft bed Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Atlantic Furniture Orlando Platform Bed


The Atlantic Furniture Orlando Platform Bed brings an understated elegance to the storage bed market. This frame features a flat panel footboard, an adjustable headboard, and two large drawers on wheels that you can fit on either side of the frame. However, the best part of this bed is that you can easily adjust its height. Use it on the high setting, and you only need to place a mattress directly on the slats. Use it on the low setting, and you can place both your existing box spring foundation and mattress on the slats.

best storage beds atlantic Image courtesy of Amazon


17. Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Futon Set


This Kodiak Furniture Phoenix Futon Set is another popular option that can transform between a bed and a sofa. To provide additional storage space, the futon includes two drawers underneath the seat/mattress. The armrests have two fold-out shelves for holding books, drinks, or other essentials for convenience when sitting or sleeping. The futon frame is made from beautiful hardwood, while the material part can be your choice of linen or suede.

kodiak furniture phoenic futon set Image courtesy of Amazon


18. DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed


You’ve likely considered just how much wasted space exists inside a box spring that you could use for storage instead, and the DHP Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed proves the theory. Underneath this lift-up mattress, you’ll find a mattress-sized storage space that you can use for all kinds of items. It’s an ideal space for seasonal clothes or things you’d prefer to remain out of sight. The gas lift system minimizes the amount of effort required to lift the mattress. Additionally, you can choose from a number of different colors for the exterior to ensure your bed suits the room decor.

best storage beds dhp cambridge upholstered Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed


The Memomad Bali Storage Platform Bed covers almost every kind of storage option. This includes several shelves, drawers, large cubby holes and two pull-out bedside tables. The frame is available in multiple sizes, ranging from twin to king, and comes in either off-white or caramel. This bed is an excellent option for anyone happy sleeping without a headboard and looking to store and display a whole range of items.

memomad bali storage platform bed Image courtesy of Amazon


20. Meridian Furniture BlissBlack-K


If you want your bed to make a statement, consider the Meridian Furniture BlissBlack-K. This velvet upholstered bed has deep, black tufting, a high headboard and a footboard that fits in with ultra-modern designs. It also features storage compartments around the edges of the mattress in the rails and the footboard. This gives the bed an outer perimeter that makes the bed feel large and luxurious. Plus, slats are included with the bed purchase, so you don’t need to have a box spring to use this frame.

best storage beds meridian Image courtesy of Amazon


21. Eben Upholstered Storage Platform Bed


Upholstered beds are having a moment in interior design. Their soft tufting and clean lines complement today’s light, modern color palettes, and the Eben Upholstered Storage Platform Bed takes full advantage of the trend. It emphasizes maximizing the under-bed space by including under-bed storage and a hydraulic lifting system. Plus, the frame’s center legs and slatted support system mean you don’t have to use a mattress foundation, like a box spring. For a fresh and clean look in your bedroom, choose this upholstered bed.

tufted upholstered storage platform bed Image courtesy of AllModern


22. Waylen Upholstered Storage Platform Bed


If your top priority is comfort, but you’d also like to be able to store a good number of belongings in your bed, this Waylen Upholstered Low Profile Storage Platform Bed could fit the bill. This larger-than-average queen bed sports a faux-leather covering and includes two shelves, adjustable headboards and a convenient seating area. It’s also available in either black or white and comes with a 4.7-out-of-five-star rating awarded by Wayfair customers.

orren ellis luxury bed Image courtesy of Wayfair


23. Ines Upholstered Bed


As the Ines Upholstered Bed is made from solid wood, no two pieces have the exact same appearance, giving you a truly unique place to sleep. The low-level, minimalist style bed oozes sophistication. The design is beautifully balanced with function, as the piece includes two bedside drawers built into the design. The bed’s wide edging adds to the classy feel while increasing the amount of surface space to keep your belongings. In addition, the faux-leather headboard provides a soft surface above your head to prevent any painful, accidental bumping.

king soft carbon fabric ines upholstered bed Image courtesy of AllModern


24. Emurphybed Daily Delight Murphy Cabinet Chest Bed


Have you ever seen a storage cabinet that is, in fact, a bed? That’s precisely what the Emurphybed Daily Delight Murphy Cabinet Chest Bed is. The doors on the cabinet open to reveal a folded up queen-size memory foam mattress, but when not in use, it simply looks like a cherry wood cabinet. In either scenario, the cabinet also features two storage drawers at the bottom for keeping sheets, blankets or anything else you need in your guest room.

best storage beds emurphybed Image courtesy of Amazon


25. Brayden Studio Walley Murphy Bed


With its three built-in drawers and three large shelves, this Brayden Studio Walley Murphy Bed provides plenty of storage space for all kinds of belongings. Add into the equation the ability to store the bed upright to maximize your available floor space, and this storage bed is a smart option for rooms where space is at a premium. The furniture piece is available in either queen or full and comes in either white, bark gray or chocolate. Additionally, the bed is made from sustainably sourced materials and is best suited to a 12-inch mattress.

brayden studio murphy bed Image courtesy of Wayfair


26. Jubilee Modern Hariana Smart Tech Platform Bed


Storage space is only a tiny part of why you need this bed in your life. Can we mention the built-in massage chair, the built-in speaker and its Bluetooth connection capability? Storage space-wise, the bed includes several cubby holes, some in-seat storage boxes, a drawer and a bedside shelf. It’s also covered in premium-quality Italian leather and comes in either white, light gray or black. While certainly not the cheapest storage bed available, it’s hard to imagine a more feature-filled place to rest.

jubilee moderncontemporary design Image courtesy of Wayfair


27. Wade Logan Gordillo 0 Storage Murphy Bed


If space is at a premium in your home, why not invest in a Murphy bed? The Wade Logan Gordillo 0 Storage Murphy Bed folds up into a storage-filled wall unit to give a wardrobe-like appearance. You’ll also find built-in drawers and extra cabinets, which further add to the impressive amount of available storage space. This space-saving storage bed is ideal for guest rooms and offices.

gordillo 0 storage murphy bed Image courtesy of Wayfair


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