These Storage Furniture Pieces Remove Room Clutter While Adding a Touch of Style to Your Interiors

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Moving into a new apartment or house is an opportunity to make your mark, decorate your space and organize your belongings exactly as you’ve always wanted them to be. And, the best way to tick these three boxes is with well-designed storage furniture.

Furniture is what makes spaces livable, comfortable and more recently, work-from-home friendly. While a generic chair is good for sitting, a coffee table for resting your drinks and a TV stand for keeping the all-important screen in place, wouldn’t all furniture be better with a seamless and hidden storage element incorporated? 

As furniture designs advance, storage is becoming more frequently seen in all types of common household pieces. Beds have storage spaces bigger than the mattress underneath, sofa cushions can flip up in a similar manner and kitchen tables can store your dinner set. 

The three main areas of a home that require the most storage space are the bedroom, kitchen and living room. While selecting the best storage furniture for each of these spaces, it’s important to remember both the practical and aesthetic benefits. Here are a few considerations for each of these spaces to bear in mind when shopping:

  • BedroomThe bedroom is a boudoir of belongings. It’s where you wake up, select your outfit for the day, take off your outfit once you’re home, go to bed and repeat. Having the right storage furniture for your clothes and shoes may be the difference between an enjoyable daily routine and leaving the house looking less than your best. 
  • Kitchen – Often referred to as the heart of the home, kitchens should be filled with your favorite foods, utensils and people. They’re a hub of conversation while eating and indulging. The best kitchens are ones ready for any occasion and any menu request. By ensuring you have enough storage in your kitchen, you’ll have no reason to part with your inherited fondue set, still-boxed juicer or once-used electric whisk. 
  • Living Room – A space for sitting back, relaxing, watching TV and hosting family gatherings, such as Christmas and birthdays. There are few pieces of furniture in a living room that can’t double up as a storage area. Everything from the sofa to the coffee table and the walls to the ceiling can offer an opportunity to hide clutter away.

Certain furniture styles are suited to specific areas of the home, whereas others are more generic and can adapt to all. We’ve rounded up the top three pieces of storage furniture available for your bedroom, kitchen and living room. Within each section, you’ll find the best value piece, the best overall piece along with an item worth highlighting for an alternative reason. Remember, when furnishing your home, it’s a huge benefit to invest in pieces that incorporate storage.


Best Bedroom Storage Furniture

Clothes, shoes and vanity product storage take priority in the bedroom. We’ve included furniture pieces that offer hanging space as well as drawers for those who fold. Plus, the Lavish Home Storage Bench adds a comfortable resting place, ideal for perching while tying your shoes or taking five after a long day out.

1. Seseno Storage Furniture Dresser


With four smaller drawers located to the left of three larger ones, this set of soft charcoal fabric bins maximizes the storage space available within its black steel frame. The smooth wooden top surface measures 25 by 11.87 inches, and the full piece of furniture is 28.75 inches tall. Each drawer features an easy-pull material handle located centrally in the lower half of the facade. It’s hard to imagine a bedroom where the Seseno Storage Furniture Dresser won’t look right at home.

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2. SONGMICS Storage Wardrobe


Keep your shoes and clothes more organized and out of sight with the SONGMICS Storage Wardrobe. This wardrobe combines both shelving and hanging space within its 51 by 177 by 65.7-inch frame. To access the items inside, you can roll up all three of the front panels hanging side by side or separate them so only one or two are fastened high while the remaining panels are still zipped close. The easy-to-assemble steel poles are joined with plastic connectors to hold the structure firmly in place. Plus, you can select from black or grey for the non-woven exterior material to match your bedroom color scheme.

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3. Lavish Home Storage Bench


The collapsible, fold-away design of the Lavish Home Storage Bench makes it an easy-to-store asset in any home. Most likely, you’ll want it assembled the whole time, though, as it not only adds soft furnishing but offers a sizable amount of storage and seating. The bench comes complete with an optional storage bin, which can be attached internally with velcro. The woven polyester cover is available in a range of stone colors, including grey, beige and brown. It’s also completely freestanding, so you can place it against a wall, at the end of your bed or in the middle of the bedroom, if that’s more your style.

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Best Kitchen Storage Furniture

There are many things a kitchen plays home to, including groceries, utensils, pots, pans and cookbooks. They don’t all need to be on show, but they do need to be close. Kitchens are one of the most personalized areas of a home and having your style furniture is important. Whether you’re a novice chef, a baker or a foodie, there’s a gadget to suit every kind of skill level and having a place to store them is important to staying organized.

1. Hodedah Kitchen Island


A Hodedah Kitchen Island comes on wheels, so it can be maneuvered in and out of place, making it suitable for most kitchens. The modern design of this wooden piece along with its minimalistic silver handles make it a trendy addition to any home kitchen. At one end, it features a small shelf suitable for spices, and at the other, there’s a towel rack. Additionally, it’s available in six different color variations of which at least one is sure to keep inline with your kitchen color scheme.

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2. VASAGLE Baker’s Rack


The VASAGLE Baker’s Rack is an extension of your pantry or cupboards, providing extra storage, surface and style. The charming wooden shelving panels are available in three different stains, namely rustic brown, greige and hazelnut brown. The rack is arranged at a variety of heights and offers a range of differently sized areas, too. To ensure a quick assembly time, each of the parts are numbered, and the piece comes with a step-by-step instruction guide.

vasagle bakers rack Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Best Choice Products Kitchen Counter


Have your plates, cutlery and wine within arms reach of the dinner table with the Best Choice Products Kitchen Counter. Two traditionally styled chairs are included, and they slide under the table’s surface for compact storage. At one end of the counter is a three-tiered shelving unit which also acts as support for the tabletop. The lowest shelf offers the highest storage, followed by the middle. The top shelf is ideal for mugs and shorter items.

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Best Living Room Storage Furniture

A living room’s decor is as important as the furniture which fills it. Combining both aesthetic and practical requirements into signature pieces will help to create a warm, welcoming and functional space.

1. ClosetMaid Cubeicals Organizer


Whether it’s books, vinyl records or plants you’re looking to store, the ClosetMaid Cubeicals Organizer is a storage system suitable for all living spaces. This is a versatile product available in a range of sizes, from three cubes up to 12 cubes. Each cube is just under 12 inches square. You can also purchase foldable storage bins, which can be used to block out the view into certain zones and add security for what’s being stored. Although we’ve selected this piece of furniture for the living room, it would also be a great feature in the kitchen, bedroom or home office, too.

closetmaid cubeicals organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Greenco Corner Shelves


This five-tiered floating shelving unit is easy to assemble and is available in either espresso or rustic white. All the pieces are made of MDF laminate, which is durable and has a smooth finish. Each shelf features a curved edge and is connected to the next by back panels, which attach to the wall. Once fully assembled, the unit measures 7.75 by 7.75 by 48.5 inches.

greenco five tier wall mount Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Walker Edison TV Stand


The Walker Edison TV Stand features two side cupboards with a space between them. The original design boasts a single shelf to create storage space, or you can upgrade to have a fireplace to be integrated into this area. You can also select for the original style to have glass doors rather than solid wooden ones. The top surface can support up to 150 pounds, and each shelf can support up to 30 pounds. This stand is ideal for 65-inch TVs (or anything smaller) and includes six cord management ports to keep the cabling as tidy as the rest of your spic-and-span living room.

walker edison georgetown modern Image courtesy of Amazon


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