Protect Your Home and Keep Your Heating and Cooling Costs Down with a Storm Door

best storm doors
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Picking the right door for your home requires more consideration than just a paint color. Contrary to popular belief, doors are not always one-size-fits-all, or one-style-fits-all. Depending on where you live, your style of home, whether you like to keep your door closed at all times or let some fresh air in through vents, these factors play a role in deciding the type of door to use to greet your guests. But one door that all homeowners should consider is a storm door.

A storm door serves several functions. Often used as the outer door that sits in front of the more robust main door, a storm door provides added protection from the elements. They can sometimes have glass panels that can be swapped with screen panels to give homeowners the option of allowing fresh air through the door. The glass also allows for sunlight to get through if the main door is open, while still providing security by locking the storm door. Storm doors are also a great way to save on heating and air conditioning costs, with the doors providing an added layer of insulation against possible leaks.

Depending on the climate you live in, picking the right storm door is crucial. In hot climates or in cases where front doors receive hours of direct sunlight each day, a glass storm door can cause damage by heating up the main door. If your door is in a shaded area, a glass door is appropriate. Storm doors can also pose an issue for homeowners with mobility issues who are unable to open the storm door outwards or open two doors at once.

If a storm door is right for you, we have great options that will help protect your home.


1. Prime-Line Woodguard Steel Security Door

For a beautiful wooden door that comes with all the benefits of a storm door, we recommend the Prime-Line Woodguard Steel Security Door, which measures 36” x 80”. The Prime-Line features 24-gauge steel mesh, a 1” x 1” welded steel frame and three heavy-duty tamper-proof hinges to give customers peace of mind that their front door is secure. The Prime-Line is designed to look like a traditional screen door, accented by the stained oak finish. The door is easy to install thanks to one-way security screws included with each purchase and an instructional video that Prime-Line shares with customers.

Pros: The Prime-Line provides the welcoming aesthetic of a traditional wooden door with the added security and durability of a storm door.

Cons: The Prime-Line does not include a doorknob or deadbolt, which must be purchased separately.

Prime-Line Woodguard Steel Security Door Image courtesy of Amazon


2. LARSON Low E Storm Door

For an all-weather door that is ideal for both hot and cold climates, try the LARSON Low E Storm Door. The Larson is a Low-E storm door, which means its’ glass panes include an invisible coating that reduces infrared and ultraviolet light from the sun, which could cause your house to heat up in warm weather. The coating does allow for radiant heat to pass through, which helps to warm your home in cold weather without letting heat escape. The Larson Low E measures 36” x 81” and provides clear visibility thanks to its large glass panels.

Pros: The Larson Low E includes a retractable bug screen to use in warm weather that sits behind the glass pane, so customers don’t have to switch out the glass for the screen when the season changes.

Cons: The Larson doesn’t come with hardware and requires a 1” deep door frame and 1” wide flat trim on the outside for clearance.

LARSON Low E Storm Door Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Kimberly Bay Dakota Vinyl Screen Door

Bring a touch of southern hospitality to your front door with the Kimberly Bay Dakota Vinyl Screen Door. The traditional foam-core vinyl door features classic cut-outs, is maintenance-free and won’t rot or fade over time like wood. Available in charcoal and white, the Dakota can be trimmed up to 1” on all four sides to provide a custom fit to any door frame. The puncture-resistant fiberglass screen allows airflow in warm months.

Pros: The Dakota is one of the most affordable screen doors on our list.

Cons: The Dakota is not designed to protect against extreme weather conditions and hardware must be purchased separately.

Kimberly Bay Dakota Vinyl Screen Door Image courtesy of Amazon