Here’s Why Every College Kid Should Have a Physical Student Planner

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It’s true that advances in technology have made a lot of things simpler. There’s no need to have an alarm clock next to your bed, because there’s one on your phone. There’s no need to buy a camera, because there’s one in your phone. There’s no need to buy a planner, because there’s one on your phone. And for the most part, this holds true. 

However, when it comes to planning out your day-to-day life, holding your calendar in your hands and putting pen to paper is something a smartphone will never be able to replace. When you think about it, there are actually numerous reasons pen-written plans are mightier than the smartphone, especially for college kids. 

For example, at times when you need to be focused on plan making, there is no temptation to check Facebook or become distracted by the message you just received. It’s also easier to remember plans when you’ve physically written them out yourself. This means all your homework will be done on time and you won’t miss your club meeting. Plus, actually writing things down in legible writing is a skill that many people seem to be losing. You’ll also find that lots of planners include pages for aiding personal growth, setting goals and jotting down notes which are important at the time.

We’ve put together a list of eight great student planners. Whether you’re heading off to college or trying to keep your home life in check, there’s a choice of planner to get you in order. Our list even includes options to provide motivation or quash procrastination, depending on what you need most.

1. Lemome Academic Planner


With over 1,000 five-star reviews from Amazon users, the Lemome Academic Planner is easily the best-reviewed and most popular planner on our list. The smart design includes a loop so you always have a pen at hand. There’s also two ribbon bookmarks inside and an elasticated closure to keep your planner closed when it’s in your backpack. Inside, you’ll find a list of important holidays, both monthly and weekly views, and a handy back pocket for storing small essentials. This planner also features premium, acid-free paper and comes with planner stickers.

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2. Blue Sky Academic Planner


The Blue Sky Academic Planner provides 12 months worth of planning space in both monthly and weekly views. This breakdown is ideal for academic scheduling and lets you plan both long term and short term items. The planner also includes plenty of note space for jotting down important dates as well as other time-independent notes. You’ll find a list of holidays along with reference calendars, contact pages and general note pages to cover everything you need throughout the year.

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3. Indeme Academic Planner


With 90% of Amazon users awarding the Indeme Academic Planner a five-star review, you can be confident in its ability to help you stay organized. The planner features a strong wire-O binding for durability and a professional look as well as an elastic closure which keeps your planner closed. It also comes in a beautifully crafted gift box which makes it a great gift choice for friends and family who love to stay organized. The large-sized planner includes plenty of space for writing your appointments and important information and also comes with a clip-in bookmark to make finding your current page in a cinch.

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4. Global Printed Products Hardcover Academic Planner


The Global Printed Products Hardcover Academic Planner is another option which is well-reviewed by Amazon users. It sports an attractive marble washed cover and comes with a whole host of handy extras, including a ruler, 175 sticky notes, 92 planning stickers and a matching bookmark. The cover is reinforced to provide additional protection, and inside you’ll find plenty of pages for organizing both your days and months without a problem. 

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5. Clever Fox Academic Planner


The Clever Fox Academic Planner is a 13-month planner available in a range of attractive colors. It’s fully dated and provides plenty of space for planning your months and weeks. It also has pages for more personal things, like your long term goals, daily rituals and gratitude. The planner includes a pen loop, a pack of 150 colorful stickers, a handy inner pocket and a protective front cover, which is vegan friendly. It’s also presented in a stunning gift box, which makes it a great gift idea for partners, friends and family.

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6. The Procrastinators Planner


If you’re a procrastinator, you already know how easy it is to waste time and just sit there thinking about things to do instead of actually doing them. Luckily, this planner has been designed for you. Not only will you learn exactly why people procrastinate, you’ll discover ways to beat procrastination in this comprehensive planner. After each day, you’ll be asked to rate your levels of procrastination and create targets to reduce it in the future. The planner also features a hardcover for a classy feel and a ribbon bookmark to save you time finding your page.

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7. BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal


If you want more from your planner than just a place to write down your up and coming plans, then the BestSelf Co. The SELF Journal could be the right choice for you. It’s been featured in a number of popular publications including The New York Times and The Huffington Post because of its ability to help you plan your days and achieve your goals all in one handy journal. The inside of the journal has been structured to help you make the most of your days and even comes undated, allowing you to start your path to success right from the moment it arrives in your hands. By breaking goals down into smaller, more realistic action steps, you’ll be achieving more than you realize in no time.

student planners best self co. Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Academic Passion Planner


The Academic Passion Planner is available in a range of different colors and patterns, meaning it’s easy to choose the one which best fits your personality. It sports a luxurious, faux leather cover, and the pages are made from a sustainable paper source. You’ll also find a handy back pocket as well as a ribbon bookmark and an elastic closure to ensure it remains closed when not in use. Inside, there’s more than the average weekly and monthly pages. You’ll also find a number of additional boxes like “This Week’s Focus” and “Good Things That Happened” to keep you positive and motivated. Plus, there’s also a handy guide on how to achieve your goals using the passion roadmap pages.

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