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Fix Breaks and Finish Projects With Powerful Super Glue

Is there anything worse than dropping your favorite coffee cup and watching your trusted morning mug lose its handle? Yes. There’s the utter defeat you feel after successfully putting the pieces back together only to find that the subpar super glue you used was in fact, not super at all. Whether you need to fix a beloved broken item or you’ve spent hours putting together a new crafting project, a super glue that won’t quit after a few days is imperative to making your small job a success.

For a super glue to work, its chemical makeup must be conducive to the material it’s being adhered to. While some glues are designed to work well with wood and plastic, others provide the strength needed to keep small pieces of metal together. Depending on the project, thin glues with low viscosity may be better suited for delicate items like fixing dishes and jewelry, while large items, like wood crafts, require a more robust super glue.

Whatever your sticky situation, there’s a super glue that can help you hold it all together. Check out some of the best super glues available right now.

1. Gorilla Super Glue Gel

For a glue that works quickly and widely, we recommend the Gorilla Super Glue Gel. The versatile glue dries in under 30 seconds and doesn’t require any clamping. Light handling can begin after only five minutes and the glue dries clear for a discrete finish. The glue can be sanded or painted and is made with unique rubber particles that are strong and resist impact. Gorilla’s gel formula can be used on vertical jobs and projects thanks to its no-run design.

Pros: Gorilla works with the widest range of materials, including paper, plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber and even metal.

Cons: Gorilla isn’t designed to be used on items that will be stored outdoors.

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2. Starbond Instant CA Super Glue

For a glue that won’t quit and won’t be noticed, try the Starbond Instant CA Super Glue. The super-fast, super-thin glue has a 2-3 cPs water-thin finish that works well with powdered inlays. Starbond stabilizes and strengthens fragile materials and leaves a high-gloss finish when used on wood. Ideal for small crafting projects or hobbyists, Starbond is designed for pen making, fossil prep and bonding close-fitting parts. Using capillary action, Starbond helps to adhere to the smallest of fractures and pores and creates a secure hold that can last for years.

Pros: Starbond comes with several useful accessories including two applicator caps, a clog-free stopper and several micro-tips for jobs that require a precise application.

Cons: Materials must be cleaned before the glue is applied or else it will leave a white residue.

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3. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

Fast-acting and strong, the Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue forges a bond that is built to last. The no-mess formula won’t drip and can be used for vertical applications. The side-squeeze bottle enables users to have control and accuracy when applying the glue, which sets in under 30 seconds without clamping. The Loctite can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces including plastic, ceramic, leather, china, wood, metal and rubber.

Pros: Ideal for use on items that are kept in harsh conditions, Loctite is a durable cyanoacrylate super glue with a rubber, toughened formula that can withstand the pressure of water, shock, impact, vibration and temperature changes.

Cons: Full cure requires 24 hours.

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4. Krazy Glue Home and Office Brush-On Glue

Cover small and large areas quickly with the Krazy Glue Home and Office Brush-On Glue. The glue is applied using the brush applicator attached to the lid, which enables users to have excellent control even in difficult to reach areas. Made for use with small home, school and office projects, Krazy Glue works with materials like plastic, vinyl, wood, ceramic and metal.

Pros: The no-clog bottle helps to ensure that the bristles on the applicator brush don’t become stuck together even after several uses.

Cons: Clamping is required for at least 30 seconds to help the glue adhere.

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