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Table Lighters: Grandpa’s Favorite Tabletop Centerpieces You Need for Your Home in 2021

The table lighter. The forbidden coffee table centerpiece at your grandpa’s as a kid. The one item she’d swat your hand away if your grimy little paws got anywhere close to it. The once-so-common household item that seemingly disappeared.

As we’ve begun understanding further just how harmful smoking is to the body and the home interior, the best table lighters have become semi-obsolete. Yeah, you might be able to find an antique table lighter from time to time on Etsy or at a local thrift store, but for the most part, they are harder to come into contact with in the wild.

What was once considered an elegant lifestyle choice has become the face of lung cancer and other chronic illnesses. Smoking isn’t sexy — and who the hell in their right mind would want to smoke a cigarette in the house in 2021?

Yet, interestingly still, the best table lighters hold their pertinence in the home as some of the most gorgeous tabletop centerpieces whether you’re using them for their intended purpose or not.

If you’re not using a table lighter for smoking, the majority of table lighters can also light up your favorite soy candles or anything else you tend to light up in your home (if you catch our drift). While the majority of the best table lighters come in one-off antiques found at random on Etsy, eBay and your local Salvation Army, check out the top table lighters you can still purchase online right now below.

1. JOBON Honest Quad Torch Lighter

Now, this is what we call a table lighter. This effortlessly handsome, high-quality created lighter has a solid structure to stay steady and look great on your tabletop. It’s made from zinc alloy and rosewood grain to keep a masculine exterior which we think would look perfect in any bachelor pad or man cave. It’s easy to use with a red flame jet torch lighter and a flame adjuster.

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2. COLIBROX Wolf Refillable Butane Table Lighter

Send grandpa’s table lighter to the dust with this incredible butane table lighter available for purchase right on Amazon. It features none other than a fire-breathing wolf who looks to be howling at the moon. He’s got beaming red eyes to make him seem more intimidating than he really is. Additionally, the lighter even comes with an ashtray.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. Morisk Vintage Trench Lighter

A smooth-to-the-touch vintage-looking tabletop lighter made from polished sandalwood? It’s going to be a yes from us. Made with a windproof design that’s perfect for table-sitting and pocket-carrying, this lighter is a must-have for any person that likes to show off with the little things. When you run out of juice, the lighter is totally refillable, too.

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4. Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter

If we were to tell you that this Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter isn’t a vintage heirloom from your great grandmother’s glory days, would you believe us? Well, you should. Great-grandma Jean never knew this even existed. This brand-new tabletop lighter fools the eye — it looks just like a 60-year-old vintage must-have. It’s 100% acrylic and comes in a slew of colors to choose from. Oh, you thought that was all? Nope. There’s a hidden ashtray, too.

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Courtesy of Edie Parker


5. One Kings Lane Art Deco Faceted Crystal Lighter

A table lighter this crystal clear? You can’t pass that up. This art deco faceted crystal lighter is so iconic, it should end up in history books. Considering there is only one of these for sale at One Kings Lane, it’s time to get the ball rolling and click that buy button. It won’t be there forever.

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Courtesy of One Kings Lane


6. Vintage Golden Table Lighter

Like our prior pick, there’s only one of these available on Etsy. That’s kind of the recurring problem with the best table lighters, the majority of the best ones we’ve seen are no longer being made. Feel as royal as you can with this gorgeous, fully gold tabletop lighter. It has a king-like charm most lighters don’t have and it’s completely refillable.

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Courtesy of Etsy


7. Hudson Grace Marble Match Striker

Alright, well, this is in no way a table lighter. But, same gist, right? Instead of keeping a cool lighter on your table, do the same thing with this match striker. It’s a timeless addition to your home and works best with white-tipped matches. Why white-tipped? Well, they have the ability to ignite from a swipe on most surfaces they come into contact with. Try rubbing it on the striker itself and light anything you need.

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Courtesy of Hudson Grace