Organize and Inspire Students With Fun and Useful Teacher Stickers

best teacher's stickers

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Being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs in the world and it seems to be getting harder every year. Class sizes and academic expectations are increasing while budgets and resources for teachers seem to be on the decline. That’s why we love any product that can help make life in the classroom easier for teachers who have dedicated their careers to inspiring and encouraging future generations. Tried, tested and true, teacher stickers continue to be one of the simplest and most affordable tools for educators who want to reward their students and help them stay organized.

Receiving positive written feedback on a project, essay or test is great for older kids, but for younger kids, visual rewards are better suited to their level of understanding. That means smiley face, heart, star and rainbow stickers.

Helping kids track their progress, whether it’s reading a book on their own, tidying their desk or helping a classmate is easier to understand in chart form. Stickers are a helpful visual aid to show children that they are improving and learning each day.

For stickers to be useful to teachers, they need to be fun for their students. We’ve rounded up some of the best teacher stickers that deserve extra credit.

1. YoungEver Teacher Stickers

For teachers who are looking for a set of stickers that will last them throughout the semester, we recommend the YoungEver Teacher Stickers set. The massive set comes with 10 sheets featuring 18 unique collections for a total of 5,800 stickers. Perfect for both preschool and elementary school students, teachers can choose from 93 designs, including emojis, hearts, smiley faces, flowers and words of encouragement. The stickers come in a large box for safe storage and sheets can be cut into rows to hand out to children who want to remove the stickers and practice their fine motor skills.

Pros: The large number of stickers make this set an excellent option for teachers who want consistency when using stickers on tracking charts for their students.

Cons: The stickers are all essentially the same size and teachers looking for a set with both large and small stickers may be disappointed.

YoungEver Teacher Stickers Courtesy of Amazon

2. Creative Teaching Press Emoji Rewards Stickers

Just because a child gets older doesn’t mean they need any less encouragement. That’s why we recommend the Creative Teaching Press Emoji Rewards Stickers to help celebrate the achievements of older kids. Teachers, parents and mentors will appreciate the set of stickers that center around the fun and expressive emojis kids love using on their smartphones, tablets and in social media.

Pros: The stickers help adults speak to kids in their own language using emojis while still including words of encouragement.

Cons: The set includes 75 stickers, making it considerably smaller than the other options on our list.

Creative Teaching Press Emoji Rewards Stickers Courtesy of Amazon

3. Essentials Month By Month Planner Stickers

Keeping schedules organized can be overwhelming for children, which is why many teachers like using classroom calendars to provide a visual aid for important dates. The Essentials Month By Month Planner Stickers are a bright and colorful way for teachers to create engaging monthly displays for their students. The pack of 475 stickers is divided by 12, giving each month its own custom set of fun and useful stickers. Major events like Martin Luther King Day and Black history month are included as well as ‘To Do’ stickers, fun options like a heart for Valentine’s Day and large stickers with the name of each month.

Pros: Each month includes a set of blank stickers that teachers can use to fill in information for specific events in their classroom.

Cons: The stickers may not be large enough for students to see from far away.

Essentials Month By Month Planner Stickers Courtesy of Amazon

4. TREND Enterprises Inc. Positive Words Stinky Stickers Variety Pack

Keep young kids engaged and excited in the classroom with a set of TREND Enterprises Inc. Positive Words Stinky Stickers Variety Pack. The scratch and sniff stickers come with 20 sheets and 24 designs for a total of 300 stickers. Teachers can choose between eight scents like fruit punch, apple, chocolate and strawberry. The variety pack comes with several themes kids will love, including dinosaurs, sea creatures and fruit. Each sticker features a fun and colorful design as well as an encouraging phrase.

Pros: The stickers are safe for use in classrooms thanks to their non-toxic, acid-free and nut-free ingredients.

Cons: The stickers arrive together in a package but it’s recommended to separate them so that they don’t take on the same scent.

TREND Enterprises Inc. Positive Words Stinky Stickers Variety Pack Courtesy of Amazon