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Giving Thanks: The 8 Best Thank You Cards For Every Occasion

* Saying thanks is easier than you think
* Everything from animals taking selfies to the more traditional variety
* Pick from eight clever and unique options that work for any time of year

Say thanks this season (or anytime, really) with these fun, quirky and cute cards. Your recipients will laugh, and might even cry, but they definitely won’t forget that you sent them a “Thank You” card. Your options range from novelty cards to beautiful handmade cards adorned with dried flowers and everything in between.

1. Jumbo Octopus Thank You W/ Envelope

Did you know that the largest octopus on record tipped the scales at 600 pounds and that it’s arm span was around 30 feet? Feel free to include that factoid when you send this novelty-sized 8.5 x 11-inch “Thank You” card.


2. Ohuhu 36 Pack Brown Kraft Paper Thank You Cards

If you’re the type that prefers not to send everyone the same kind of card, then Ohuhu’s 36 Pack of Brown Kraft Paper Thank You Cards might interest you and your nonuniform ways. Six different designs (envelopes and seals included) come in this variety pack and are printed on 250gsm high quality paper.


3. The Best Card Company Animal Selfies

Who wouldn’t want to a receive a “Thank You” card of an animal taking a selfie? No one. This eco-friendly pack includes 10 different designs of varying critters taking selfies and will undoubtedly put a smile on the recipients face.

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4. The Best Card Company Ageless Wisdom Cards

If you’re familiar with Someecards and find that sort of humor hilarious, then these blanks from The Best Card Company’s Ageless Wisdom 10-pack are going to make you LOL IRL. Whether the recipient finds them as heavy, doesn’t really matter, does it?


5. The Best Card Company Christmas Cat Big Thanks Cards

Attention Cat Lovers, this card is for you and your feline-loving friends and family. Also: consider this.


6. Errollina Handmade Dried Flower Cards

Elevate your “Thank You” card game with Errollina’s 24-pack of handmade flower and kraft paper cards. Pick from 6 different designs and add your own personalized touch to show just how much you care.


7. Miliko Thank You Card Set

Pick from six different typographical designs from Miliko to say thanks. Printed on thick 350gsm high quality paper, let’s hope your handwriting is up to snuff. This pack includes six of each design, as well as envelopes.


8. Nora’s Nursery Modern Floral Thank You Cards

Available in a pack of 40, Nora’s Nursery Modern Floral cards are clean, beautiful and come printed on high-quality linen paper. Keep these around for any occasion, not just the holidays.