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Experience Comfort and Warmth With These Thermal Blankets

When its time to invest in a new blanket, you might want to consider the idea of a woven thermal blanket. Their cotton material, weave, and design make them the ideal bedding accessory to let extra heat flow out when you are hot while still preserving the warmth you need when you are cold.

Below are some great thermal blanket options that will give you the warmth and comfort you need with the versatility you require. Choose from an optimal ultra-soft fabric made from 100 percent microfiber fleece that is double-sided with a short hair side for a more luxe experience and a long hair side that provides for more warmth and softness.

Our other thermal options include ones that are made from 100 percent premium and breathable cotton with weave-like designs that will provide the warmth, comfort, and softness you desire. These blankets are also a great fit for every home as they come in multiple sizes and colors, are easy to care for and have little to no shedding.

1. Leisure Town Fleece Blanket

The Fleece Blanket by Leisure Town uses an upgraded, ultra-fine fiber which lets air flow more easily to achieve good temperature control and promote maximum warmth and softness. This blanket is extremely soft and has double-sided fleece that will not shed or pill, even after numerous washes. The blanket comes in a variety of sizes and colors to fit your lifestyle and is easy to care for, will not shrink and provides the warmth and softness needed to keep you and your family warm.

Pros: Double-sided fleece technology greatly reduces the occurrence of hair loss on the blanket after washing.

Cons: Although this blanket is very soft, it is not thick like a comforter.

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2. Cotton Craft Thermal Blanket

This thermal blanket by Cotton Craft has a modern herringbone twill design and is made from 100 percent pure cotton. Medium in weight, this blanket is ideal for any season and has been tightly woven to hold all fibers together to keep the blanket durable for long-time use. This blanket will add dimension to any bedding ensemble and is ideal as a throw blanket for any couch or bench.

Pros: This blanket is machine washable for easy care.

Cons: There may be an unexpected amount of lint that comes off the blanket with the first washing.

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3. Utopia Bedding Cotton Thermal Blanket

The 100 percent cotton blanket by Utopia Bedding is ideal for layering in any bed or couch and has a light to medium weight that is perfect for all seasons. Made from 100 percent natural materials and no harmful chemicals, this blanket has a dobby weave design with a waffle-square pattern that will give a unique look to any room in which it is placed. Machine wash and dry makes for easy care and will soften the blanket with each wash. This is a low-shedding, breathable thermal blanket that is affordable and will keep you comfortable with every use.

Pros: The blanket comes slightly oversized, as compared to most blankets, to help accommodate the natural shrinkage of cotton.

Cons: If you require a thick blanket, another option might be better.

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