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Turn Your Tree Into A Playground With A Tire Swing Kit

If you’ve got an outdoor space with a strong tree or a playset with a swing attachment, you’ve got the makings of a nostalgic pastime that will keep your kids happy and entertained for hours. Tree swings continue to be a favorite activity for children and adults. They encourage families to get outside, require minimal maintenance, are inexpensive to install, and in many cases can fit multiple children at once. That means less fighting for little ones and more relaxing for parents. It’s a win-win.

What To Look For In A Tire Swing

  • Where will you be hanging your swing? If you’re hanging the tire from a tree, you may need a tree strap in addition to a tire swing kit. For those with hanging space on a jungle gym, an attachment for swings may already be included.
  • How many children will be using the swing? Some options on our list have a max weight of around 100 pounds, which is suitable for one or two children. If you know your tire swing is going to get a lot of use, opt for a kit with a higher weight limit.
  • Are you supplying your own tire? If you are, make sure you have the tools necessary to drill the holes needed to attach the hardware (and don’t forget to clean the tire). Kits that include a tire are more expensive, but they do take out a lot of the leg work.

How We Chose Which Tire Swing Sets To Include

We only include tire swing sets that had a major focus on safety since this is an item that will primarily be used by children. All the sets on our list with chains feature a safety coating that provides a secure grip and won’t result in pinched fingers. We also included sets that were user-friendly and could be installed quickly, because again, this is a kid’s product and they aren’t the best customers when it comes to waiting. All the tire sets on our list are highly rated and available to ship immediately.

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Ready to turn your outdoor space into the fun zone? Check out our favorite tire swing sets below.


1. Safari Swings Fun Old Fashioned Real Rubber Tire Swing Set


The Safari Swings Fun Old Fashioned Real Rubber Tire Swing Set comes with everything you need to create a fun swing experience for the whole family — just add a tree. Safari Swings includes three eye bolts, three 6′ long plastic coated chains, and a quick link that is used to secure the rubber tire that is also included in the set. Once installed, the tire swing can hold up to 500 pounds, making it a great option for multiple kids to use at once. The chains are coated in plastic that makes them safe for little hands while also providing a secure grip for extra high pushes.

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2. Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty 3-Chain Rubber Tire Swing Seat


For a tire swing that several kids can enjoy at once, there’s the Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy-Duty 3-Chain Rubber Tire Swing Seat. The large, 27” diameter tire swing can accommodate up to three children at a time, meaning no more fights over taking turns. The 66” chains are coated in yellow plastisol which provides a safe and soft pinch-free grip that is perfect for kids. The tire arrives predrilled for the chain attachments and also includes holes that allow for water to drain, which helps to extend the life of the tire. The Eastern Jungle set is designed to be used with swing sets and can accommodate sets that have a 9’ clearance.

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3. BeneLabel Heavy Duty Swing Set


The BeneLabel Heavy Duty Swing Set comes with everything you need to take an old tire and a strong tree and turn it into the number one spot for outdoor fun. The set comes with a stainless steel 304 bearing swing hanger, which allows the swing to rotate and swing silently, as well as a bold metal chain and U-bolt hook to attach directly to the tire. The 66” chain can be adjusted and includes a safety coating. Two screws for wood are also included, making it possible to install the tire swing on a wooden jungle gym. The durable set can hold up to 700 pounds, making it one of the strongest options on our list.

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4. Mustard Seed Kids Tire Swing Kit


All the tire swing sets on our list include chains that have been treated with a protective coating, but if you’re still wary about metal and tiny fingers interacting, we get it. That’s why we like the Mustard Seed Kids Tire Swing Kit. Customers need a tree, a tire, and a hanging strap and Mustard Seed includes the rest — free from chains. Wide straps with an impressive 1500 pound weight limit are used to hold the tire and your child while they swing for hours. A secure lock carabiner is also included to attach the 48” straps to the hanging strap, making this a great option for trees or jungle gyms. Three eye bolts are also included to secure the straps to the tire and users can also opt to attach only one bolt for a vertical hang option.

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5. Blue 360 Turbo Tire Swing by Gorilla Playsets


For an eye-catching tire swing that is designed with safety in mind, there’s the Blue 360 Turbo Tire Swing by Gorilla Playsets. The tire swing is entirely enclosed, which means there’s nowhere for water, bugs, or other elements to hide inside the tire. The tire is available in three bright colors and doesn’t include any of the oil residues that can be found on reused tires. The molded plastic used to make the Turbo Tire is easy to wash and safe for kids. Gorilla Playsets includes the Turbo Tire, as well as a 360-degree swivel and three spring clips. With a 125-pound max weight limit, the Turbo Tire doesn’t have the same capacity as other tires on our list, but the swizzle does help to avoid any tangling or twisting of the UV-resistant, safety coated chains.

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6. M&M Sales Enterprises Inc Traditional Tire Swing


For a tire swing that can smoothly swizzle and rotate with up to three kids at once, there’s the M&M Sales Enterprises Inc Traditional Tire Swing. The tire comes with three 54” chains that together can hold a max capacity of up to 400 pounds. The PVC coated chains include a swivel spinner to allow the tire to rotate freely for added fun. All hardware included in the set is rust-resistant, helping to extend the life of the swing. Customers will have to add a chain or strap to install the tire swing on a tree, but all other parts are included for fast assembly (M&S sells their own tree strap for tire swings).

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