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Make Midnight Bathroom Runs Safe (and Clean) With a Toilet Bowl Light

The only thing worse than being woken up by a bright and unrelenting overhead light during a midnight trip to the bathroom is keeping the lights off and being woken up by accidentally missing the toilet completely. If you’re a man, or if you live with one, then you know exactly what we’re talking about — accidental splashes on the bathroom floor. Whether it’s your bottom becoming a little too well acquainted with your bathroom floor or the sudden feeling that someone is peeing on your slippers (hint — it’s you), not having enough light for late-night bathroom trips is worse than having too much light. But there is a middle ground. Enter – the toilet bowl light.

It’s exactly what it sounds like and, yes, you’re going to love it. It’s like a night light for adults with small bladders.

Toilet bowl lights fit discretely on the side of a toilet bowl and are motion-activated, lighting up the bowl of the toilet with a bright LED light. Not only that, but they also come in a variety of colors that can be set on a cycling model, turning your bathroom trip into a party of one. Or number two.

Toilet bowl lights are not only great for late-night bathroom trips, but they also turn potty time into party time for toddlers who are potty training. Parents, you’re going to want all the help you can get.

For an inexpensive and easy way to install a light that will make bathroom trips safe and fun (yes, we said fun), try these toilet bowl lights.

1. LumiLux Toilet Light

Customize your midnight toilet trip with the LumiLux Toilet Light. The motion sensor activated light detects body heat when a person is near the unit and turns on, illuminating the toilet bowl. Once other light sources have been detected, like when the user turns on their overhead light, the LumiLux will turn off, helping to conserve battery life. There is also an auto On/Off switch. Customers can choose from 16 LED color lights and five levels of brightness, with the option to cycle through the colors or remain fixed on one color. The LumiLux is made with a flexible, bendable arm that can be attached to the side of any toilet.

Pros: The LumiLux can be activated from as far as 18 feet away from the unit.

Cons: The LumiLux comes with a bigger price tag than other products. It requires three AA batteries, which are not included.

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2. Witshine Toilet Night Light

For a night light that doesn’t require frequent battery changes, we recommend the Witshine Toilet Night Light. The two-pack of toilet lights are easy to clean and fit on the outside of any toilet bowl. Choose a rotating display of 16 lights or stay on one consistent color. Adjust the brightness of the light with a five-level dimmer. The motion sensor toilet lights come in two separate boxes making these a great item to give as gifts.

Pros: The Witshine is the only rechargeable toilet light on our list and can work for two months on a single charge. The lights can be charged using any USB cable.

Cons: Although the Witshine is rechargeable, the unit may die after several charges.

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3. Vintar Toilet Night Light

For a night light with a large detection radius, try the Vintar Toilet Night Light. Sold in a pack of three, the Vintar has an impressive 170 degree radius for detecting motion and activating. The Vintar will deactivate once light is detected to help extend the battery life. Customers can cycle through all 16 LED colors or choose one stationary color by using the conveniently located buttons on the outside of the unit. The Vintar also includes a five-stage dimmer. The soft and flexible PVC neck makes is easy to install the Vintar on any toilet. When it’s time to change the batteries, a low battery indicator will blink five times.

Pros: The Vintar is waterproof, unlike other models which are simply water-resistant.

Cons: The Vintar requires three AA batteries, which are not included, and the battery area may rust after an extended period.

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4. Ailun Motion Activated LED Light

Light up your throne with the Ailun Motion Activated LED Light. The two-pack of water-resistant lights are motion-activated, remaining on for two minutes once motion has been detected. Customers can choose between carousel mode for the bright LED lights or remain stationary on one color by using the color change button on the outside of the unit. The flexible PVC neck makes it simple to install the lights without the use of tools.

Pros: The Ailun can be cleaned with most household cleaning products.

Cons: Unlike the other three lights on our list, the Ailun only has eight colors to choose from compared to 16. It also doesn’t come with the three AAA batteries required to power the lights.


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