Patch Pouch: The 5 Best Tool Belts Under $25

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* The right holster for your tool makes a big difference
* Utility belts keep tools at hand so you can get the job done quicker
* Lightweight and comfortable to stay put around your waist

Everyone’s heard the importance of the “right tool for the job,” which happens to translate to tool holders as well. As any superhero fan knows, the utility belt is all-important practical and artistic consideration. Batman’s got his utility belt, Black Panther has a more aesthetically advanced utility belt, Inspector Gadget has that suitcase, and Indiana Jones has some kind of a distressed leather messenger bag.

And don’t even get us started on those superheroes from the early 90s era of utility pouch overload. We’re looking at you, Cable and Deadpool. Thor, on the other hand, doesn’t need pockets because he only has one tool, but after all it’s Thor’s hammer so we suppose that’s fine.

Unless you’re some kind of pagan god though, most humans occasionally need more than one tool. Keep the ones you’ll need next in easy reach with these top tool belts.

1. Dickies 5-Pocket

A mainstay of the DIY and pros alike, these Dickies work gear tool holders are a convenient size for handyman work and home repairs. Made of durable canvas with webbing-reinforced pockets and belt, they’re the right size for pliers, utility knives, gloves and more.

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2. Dewalt Electrician’s Pouch

This multifunctional pouch has sleeves for a variety of precision instruments and common electrical tools. A big main pocket fits your multimeter or tape measure, and the side pockets are great for hex keys, screwdrivers and small flashlights. Hang it from your belt or clip it to your rear pocket.

Dewalt pouch Courtesy Amazon


3. Dead On Tools Utility Pouch

This utility pouch is actually a versatile three-way carrying system. It sports a reinforced handle for hand-held carry, plus an adjustable belt and shoulder strap as well, meaning it works well as part of a team. It features a reinforced utility knife pocket, and plenty of loops for carabiners.

Dead on Tools Utility holder Courtesy Amazon


4. Custom Leathercraft Pouch

This tan leather utility tool pouch has an old-school look and is made of riveted cowhide with metal fasteners. More compact and less bulky than a lot of the options out there, it nonetheless fits a set of pliers, flashlight, knife, screwdriver and more.

Custom Leathercraft pouch Courtesy Amazon


5. No Cry 7-Pocket Utility Pouch

One of the larger multi-pocket utility belt options in the market, this one is designed to have everything on hand and get the job done in a hurry. It features seven pockets of varying sizes along with clips for tape, zip-ties and more, and there are plenty of carabiner-friendly loops. Because nothing says DIY like extra carabiners. Except maybe zip ties.

Heavy Duty canvas pouch Courtesy Amazon

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