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The Best Toothbrush Holders Are Equal Parts Stylish and Sanitary

We brush our teeth twice a day (hopefully), and whether it’s with an eco-friendly toothbrush or an electric toothbrush we’re gonna toss it back into some kind of holder when we’re done — and probably never think about it again until the next time we’re brushing.

You know what doesn’t forget about that holder and its slowly growing collection of water and residue at the bottom? Bacteria.

The best toothbrush holder not only keeps the toothbrush head from rolling around in cabinets or on countertops, but it works to keep your brush from creating more dirt and mildew. Besides, who doesn’t like a pop of style every time you walk into the bathroom? SPY has compiled a list to help you choose the best toothbrush holder that will add style, organization and hygiene to your routine.

(You floss too, right? Just checking!)


What to Consider in the Best Toothbrush Holders

  • Type: Removable bottoms or a drainage system can stop mildew and mold from developing. Likewise, covered holders can prevent germ exposure. While single-compartment holders are more affordable, ones with independent compartments can keep multiple toothbrush heads from touching.
  • Material: Try to opt for materials that won’t rust, like porcelain, stainless steel or bamboo. Plastic alternatives are inexpensive and lightweight, making them suitable options as well.
  • Capacity: If you have more than two people sharing the same bathroom, consider a wall-mounted option, a larger cup or a toothbrush stand to hold multiple brushes.

1. Joseph Joseph Toothbrush Holder


Available in small and large sizes, this toothbrush holder from Joseph Joseph checks all our boxes with its features. Ideal for both manual and electric toothbrushes, the small version has a slim silhouette with three storage compartments. It easily dismantles when it’s time for a clean and is even ventilated for quicker drying, which will prevent mildew. Although it is made of plastic, non-slip feet ensure that this caddy will never fall over.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. iDesign Toothbrush Holder


This matte black holder has a stylish, modern look and separate brush slots, accommodating up to three electric or manual brushes. It’s made from rust-free plastic and matches any bathroom or bedroom interior. It even features a removable outer shell that prevents water from collecting and makes cleaning your holder a breeze. Ordinarily, matte bathroom accessories are expensive, which makes this iDesign the ultimate decor hack.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Muji Porcelain Toothbrush Stand


Porcelain makes one of the best toothbrush holders because it’s easy to clean and won’t rust. Available in muted tones that will fit in with any bathroom, this stand is ideal for holding a single toothbrush or even a tube of toothpaste. Of all the toothbrush holders on our list, this one has the smallest footprint and can help make your bathroom less cluttered. Plus, it’s not covered, so your brush can naturally dry better.

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Courtesy of Muji


4. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Toothbrush Organizer


Protect your toothbrush from germs with this stainless steel organizer that features top and bottom slots for added ventilation. Featuring an angled opening for better access, it can hold up to four toothbrushes (held in place and separated by a removable divider) and a full tube of toothpaste. The stainless steel material ensures longevity and is also easy to wipe down.

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5. TAO Clean UV Toothbrush Sanitizer


Germaphobes, rejoice! This battery-operated toothbrush holder acts as a universal cleaning station and works with all kinds of electric and manual toothbrushes. Shielding your brush from germs using a UV sanitizer, this multi-functional accessory is also perfect for travel. Just open the sanitizer door and place the toothbrush face down to activate its bacteria-busting powers. It can also help save electric toothbrush owners money on replacement brushes over time.

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6. Threshold Toothbrush Stand with Gold Wire


If you’d prefer a stand to a cup, consider this gold toothbrush holder that brings style and function to any bathroom countertop. Unlike cups, it doesn’t collect any hidden gunk at the bottom and is less of a hassle to clean. Complete with rings to hold three toothbrushes, this stand has a compact design that lies flat against any wall while adding a pop of color.

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Courtesy of Target

7. WEKITY Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder & Toothpaste Dispenser


This wall-mounted toothbrush holder attaches to any wall via a strong wall sticker. It contains two toothpaste dispensers and five toothbrush slots, making it suitable for larger families or multiple roommates. The upside-down cup design allows for faster draining while the dispenser automatically dispenses toothpaste when you need it.

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8. Full Circle Ceramic Toothbrush Holder with Dry Earth Absorbent Disk


Skip the plastic and go sustainable with this bamboo and ceramic toothbrush holder cup with clean and classic lines. Complete with a removable bamboo divider to keep toothbrushes separate, it also includes a feature called a Dry Earth disk that absorbs water, preventing any residue or odor from forming on the bottom. If you want simplicity, style and quality, look no further.

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Courtesy of Walmart

9. Threshold Marble Toothbrush Holder


Lightweight materials often result in a budget-friendly toothbrush stand, but the downside is that they can fall over, causing cracks and breaks. To avoid that issue, opt for a heavyweight one made from a more durable material like marble. At just 4 inches, it’s perfect for tight spaces and adds a spa feel to your bathroom with its minimalist look and dark gray color.

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Courtesy of Target

10. LaLand Electric Toothbrush Holder


This minimalist mounted toothbrush holder is designed specifically to fit electric toothbrushes, which have a wider base than regular ones. Whether you want it in the shower or the inside of your medicine cabinet, it can be securely applied to any surface thanks to its no-trace adhesive that doesn’t take off paint or damage walls. The space-saving holder features a large drain hole at the bottom to avoid stagnant water.

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