Drowning in Toys? You Need One of the Best Toy Organizers in Your Home

best toy organizer
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Toys, toys, everywhere — all over the playroom, the living room and the backyard. If this sounds like your home, then it’s time to add a toy organizer to your furniture collection.

When the living room, kitchen or any other adult space within your home doubles as the best playroom, there’s going to be a time when you want to hide away the toys. And, even in households with a dedicated space for the kids, when it comes to tidying up, a lack of storage space is an easy, go-to excuse.  

Luckily, there are plenty of clever toy organizer solutions out there. They are usually super easy to assemble and offer innovative solutions for storing toys. Here are a few of the most common toy organizer options: 

  • Chest – A box or chest is one of the most traditional answers to organizing toys. Chests are often simple in design, which makes them easily assembled. Plus, their nostalgic charm makes them a popular choice with adults and kids alike.
  • Drawers – Having an allocated set of drawers solely for toy storage is one of the best ways to ensure your kids know exactly where to put their toys when playtime is over. They are also great for avoiding any mix-ups between what’s yours and what’s theirs. 
  • Shelves – When floor space is at a premium, shelves are the smart answer. They are ideal for lining up books, storing valuable items you want to keep out of reach or acting as a fun way to display toys with hanging legs.
  • Bags – Often similar to a laundry basket, if not exactly the same, toy storage bags are a soft furnishing solution to quickly hiding any playtime mess. There is a huge range of styles available. These offer different handle designs and material colors. 
  • Hammocks – Hammocks are one of the cutest ways to store and display toys. They have a sense of play about them and act as a fun room decoration at the same time. Plus, they’re usually budget-friendly, given they are so simple in design.

Below you’ll find 12 of the best toy organizers available on Amazon. We’ve included designs to suit all preferences along with a few specific options for certain areas of your home, such as your backyard, bathroom and even your car.


1. Delta Children Toy Organizer


The Delta Children Multi-Bin Toy Organizer is one of the best storage solutions you’ll find. It combines traditional and modern styles which encapsulate the feeling of playtime while also functioning as organizational furniture should you desire. It’s available in three different color variations, and once assembled, the wooden frame holds nine storage bins and measures 36 by 12 by 28 inches. This is a great multi-bin storage unit to add a touch of organization to any home.

delta children deluxe toy bin Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Simple Houseware Toy Hammock


Fill this two-pack of hammocks with cuddly toys for a fun storage solution that doesn’t require floor space. Simply stretch out the top hem, fix either side to your wall, pull out the middle and let the material fall into place. Each hammock measures 53 inches across and can store up to 30 small to medium toys. You could even arrange them so they have their heads peeking over the side for a more amusing appearance.

simplehouseware stuffed animal Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Comfylife Bath Toy Organizer


Some of the best playtime for kids takes place in the bath. And bubbles aren’t always going to be enough. Having the Comfylife Toy Organizers stuck to your tub and filled with your favorite bath time buddies will ensure they’re always close by and ready for a splash in the water. There are two different styles of organizer included with each order, along with six suction hooks for easy attachment to glass or tile. Both organizers use tear-resistant mesh and come in either white, pink or blue.

comfylife toy box Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Reserwa Car Toy Organizer


The Reserwa Car Toy Organizer makes it easy to keep your toys organized, even in the car. There are two backseat panels included with each order which are easily installed to either the driver and passenger front seats using included adjustable straps. The main piece of material is also covered in a mix of differently sized pockets and pouches to cater for every storage need. In addition, because these organizers are made with mesh, you can always see what’s stored inside.

reserwa backseat car organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Sorbus Toy Chest


The Sorbus Toy Chest’s smart, fold-out design lets you bust it out when you need it and tuck it away when you don’t. It’s available in three designs, including two one-color options as well as a zig-zag pattern. When folded, the chest is completely flat, making it great for smaller gaps between two pieces of furniture, under the bed or even on top of a bookcase. Furthermore, it’s super lightweight, user-friendly and comes complete with a divider, so you can separate the contents inside should you wish.

sorbus toy chest Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Alimtois Toy Storage Bag


The clever design of the Alimtois Toy Storage Bag means you get a play mat and toy organizer all in one. When stored away, the 11.8 by 12.6-inch round bin can accommodate all the toys you can squeeze in. However, when it’s time for play, simply take off the lid and fold out the enclosed material to create a 61-inch wide circular mat. What’s really great about the playmat is that it has a toggle and string surrounding the edge, which can be pulled in when tidying to help keep your toys neatly inside. This is a no-mess, intelligently designed toy organizer.

alitois large play mat and tub Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Seville Storage Toy Box Chest


There’s a time and a place for toys. But when it’s not the time, being able to hide them away in the Seville Storage Toy Box will be your savior. This lovely looking, multi-use chest will double up as a toy box and a comfy footrest or coffee table at the same time. It’s available in a range of modern colors, including midnight blue, black and grey. And, although this storage box has the appearance of a super solid piece of furniture, it’s actually capable of collapsing down flat for easy storage in or under your other home furniture.

best toy organizer seville classics foldable storage footrest Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Delta Children Disney Toy Box


Every little prince and princess needs a Disney Toy Box to store their costumes, crowns and dolls. This Toy Box from Delta Children is a colorful storage solution that will keep your toys organized within its four character-covered walls. All edges are rounded, including the corners, as the toy box is purposefully built with kids from the ages three and up in mind. The lid is attached with a slow-closing hinge to avoid any finger shut-ins, and the surfaces are completed with a scratch-resistant finish to keep the box looking its best for years to come.

best toy organizer delta children deluxe Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Neaterize Storage Cubes Organizer


The Neaterize Storage Cubes Organizer is an adaptable and stylish way to store toys in any environment. The nine drawers are interchangeable and allow you to choose their configuration during assembly. You can also choose from a range of five warm colors to select the tone to best suit your home. Furthermore, this toy organizer creates an impressive amount of storage space, so you may find there’s a spare drawer or two you can dedicate to your own belongings.

best toy organizer neaterize Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Humble Crew Kids Toy Organizer


The Humble Crew Kids Toy Organizer is an open view set of shelves and plastic containers that ensures no toy goes unplayed with. The 12 durable containers are split across four shelves and held in place by the metal bars running horizontally. They’re also interchangeable, easy to clean and available in a range of different colors to suit all playrooms. This is one way to get kids excited about all their toys.

humble crew kids toy organizer Image courtesy of Amazon


11. KidKraft Austin Toy Box


The KidKraft Austin Toy Box is one of the most traditional-looking toy organizers in our round-up. It’s available in a range of colors to suit all homes and sports a simple yet clean appearance. There’s an upgrade option that includes a made-to-fit cushion, turning your toy box into a comfortable seat. Additionally, the toy box has two cut-out handles for easy portability, while the lid’s slow-closing safety hinge helps prevent finger-catching accidents.

kidkraft austin toy box Image courtesy of Amazon


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