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Stay On Top of Design Trends With the Best Travertine Tables

We all strive to stay on top of the hip home decor trends, but it’s not always easy to know what’s in style or why it’s suddenly cool. Right now, the buzzword is travertine. But what the hell is a travertine table? 

If you’re not in the building and design space, or some sort of stonework expert, there was probably no reason for you to know what travertine was until it was decided that travertine tables were in again. Yes, again, because travertine has actually been around for a very long time. You can find it in the exterior of the Roman Colosseum, and it began to take the spotlight in Italian furniture back in the 1970s. 

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs, which explains the uneven surface and various tints of color. In furniture, it’s generally polished down to appear sleek and shiny. Most vintage travertine pieces you’ll come across were made in Italy because that was the only known location of travertine quarries until at least the 1980s. As travertine makes its comeback, there seem to be active quarries all over the world, so the newer furniture may be sourced from places like Turkey, Iran or Mexico. 

There are many reasons why travertine tables are becoming so popular. Travertine is lighter than marble but is still very durable and resistant to weathering. The natural, neutral color palette is also timeless and fits in well with a variety of interior decor styles. You’ll see travertine dining tables, coffee tables, side and end tables, all with that signature tonal surface. 

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Now that you understand the hype, you may be thinking about investing in one of the best travertine tables for your own space. These are some of our favorites, old and new. 


1. Anya Travertine Dining Table


If you’re looking for a newer take on the travertine table, this round travertine-topped dining option from Anthropologie is an amazing find. It’s modern, simple and not too big to fit in a small space. The three cylindrical hardwood legs set this one apart from most of the traditional vintage travertine tables, while still maintaining that sophisticated minimalist vibe.

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Courtesy of Anthropologie

2. Capri Coffee Table


For a much lighter travertine option, this Capri coffee table captures the same elegance without as much of a dominating presence. The combination of a travertine stone top and geometric black metal base removes some of the density from the full travertine effect, making this coffee table a perfect addition to any room if you don’t necessarily need it to be the focal point.

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Courtesy of Macy's

3. Carve Travertine Cocktail Tables


Using a combination of cocktail tables rather than one coffee table has a way of giving your space more dimension and character. These travertine cocktail tables from CB2 do exactly that, while also adding the simplistic elegance that stones like travertine do so well. They have clean lines with a cool textured base and come in three different sizes that you can mix and match to accompany almost any decor.

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Courtesy of CB2

4. Vernet Oval Travertine Coffee Table


This is a truly classic and beautiful option for an updated travertine coffee table design. The semicircular columns of bent wood are wrapped in a grained oak veneer for an added bit of subtle texture, holding up a large oval piece of natural travertine. There are plenty of cool design elements to make this table a focal point, yet it doesn’t have too much going on to take away from the other decor in your space.

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Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

5. Cruz Travertine Dining Table


The mix of materials in this travertine dining table is really what sets it apart — a wide leather balloon base with stitched detailing, wrapped around a brushed nickel beam, supporting the circular travertine top. All of the colors and textures somehow come together perfectly to create a really special piece of furniture that you’ll be excited to eat around.

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Courtesy of CB2

6. Architectural Dining Table in Travertine


There are just too many great vintage finds if you’re in the market for a travertine table. Another from 1970s Italy, the thin top and sturdy base of this dining table are made fully from travertine. It has a sculptural look with rounded corners and engraved lines in the base, similar to many other travertine pieces from this era. Despite being decades old, it has held up in very good condition, so you know it’ll be a stable that will never go out of style.

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

7. Vintage Travertine Coffee Table


Another expertly vetted vintage option, this extremely unique travertine coffee table from 1970 is a rare find that would be worth investing in. Not only are the top and two base pieces made completely from travertine stone, but the shape and design are incredibly interesting and sure to be a conversation starter at your next cocktail party.

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Courtesy of 1st Dibs

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