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Feel Confident in Your Umbrella, Regardless of Weather, Thanks to These Umbrella Bases

Regardless of the weather outside, if the sun is shining, there’s nothing quite like relaxing with a good book under your patio umbrella. You can enjoy the breeze and stay out of the sun all day long. But to do that, you’ll need and umbrella and if you want it to stay put, you’ll need a sturdy base.

The best umbrella bases are heavy enough to withstand windy days and keep your umbrella in place. It’s also helpful to consider color and material, since you want the base to match your outdoor decor. Some of these products are already heavy, while you’ll need to fill others with sand or rocks. And some might even have wheels.

The perfect combination of style and function is key. You’ll want to find an umbrella base that will stay in place and weather the elements, so you can focus on relaxing and sipping lemonade.

As you start the search for your ideal umbrella base, here are some products worth browsing.

1. Tropishade Steel Plate Umbrella Base

Tropishade’s umbrella base features a simple and sturdy design. The high-grade steel has a black powder coating finish that matches most patio or poolside decor. As for the size, the base is 20 x 20 inches and weight 36 pounds. It’s easy to assemble and secures tightly to keep your umbrella in place.

Pros: You can buy a single umbrella base or a multi-pack of two, three, or four to furnish your whole yard. The flat base can accommodate sand bags or other weights.

Cons: While the square shape adds stability, the base might not be heavy enough to hold an umbrella in high winds. It might also rust over time.

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2. EliteShade Umbrella Base

A more decorative option, this umbrella stand is round with a line style design. It’s available in either black or gold to match your outdoor furniture. The base fills with water or sand to remain sturdy in most conditions, weighing a maximum of 50 pounds when completely full. This product comes with the base, steel tube, screws, gasket, knobs, and wrench for assembly.

Pros: The product is made of high-density polyethylene, making it rust-proof and corrosion-free in any weather. This material won’t stain a patio.

Cons: The round shape may cause it to wobble slightly. The fill hole is small, so it may be tedious to fill the base with sand.

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3. US Weight Fillable Umbrella Base

This umbrella base can accommodate 1-1.75 inch umbrella poles. It’s made of a UV-stabilized polymer, which resists fading and cracking in most weather conditions. Users can fill the base with sand or gravel for stability. Keep in mind that the base is best to use with a table rather than a stand-alone umbrella.

Pros: This base includes a grip handle for easy transport. It’s also available in five colors, including black, sand, white, silver, and bronze.

Cons: The base may leak if you fill it with water. A stand-alone umbrella may blow over easily with this stand, since there is only one screw holding the umbrella in place.

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4. DC America Cast Stone Umbrella Base

This umbrella base is made of composite materials and has a stone appearance. The bronze finish and knotted design make the base a great addition to outdoor decor. This product comes with a removable plastic insert, so the base tube can hold a 1, 1.5 or 2-inch umbrella. You can choose an 18 or 24-inch base, and the 18-inch product is available in a two pack.

Pros: The appearance of the base it true to the photos. It’s compact and easy to move.

Cons: This product may not be stable enough to use without a table, especially for larger umbrellas. The tube that holds the base of the umbrella may rust with time.

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