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These Undated Planners Are The Best Way To Stay Organized, Year-Round

As someone who struggles with time management, I always hope that buying a planner will somehow make me more organized. The problem with planners is that if you skip a week (or a month), those skipped pages become useless. It’s easy to accrue a pile of untouched, unloved calendars. It feels like too much pressure, and for that reason, I hadn’t bought a planner since my grade school days. That is, until I found an undated planner from Poketo, a stylish LA-based stationery, office supply and decor company.

Poketo’s monthly planner features a simple unnumbered grid with days of the week on the top row. You can then fill in the days at the start of the month, but if you don’t, you can use it the next month. The beauty of the undated planner is that you can buy it at any time of the year, not just at the beginning of January or the start of the school year. There’s also a lot less pressure with an undated planner. I’ve skipped more months in my planner than I’d care to admit, but the planner still has plenty of usable pages. The dream of being more organized lives on.

The particular monthly planner I use has since sold out, but there are tons of great alternatives that you can buy to help you get organized. Or, at the very least, to feel organized. The best undated planners range from monthly planners, which feature a grid for keeping track of long-term plans, to daily planners that allow you to write out the day’s agenda in more detail. There are more in-depth planners that feature weekly, monthly and yearly planning. Read on for a handful of options for the best undated planners to buy in 2022 (or as a gift for 2023).


1. Field Notes – 56-Week Planner


Field Notes’ stylish planner covers 56 weeks, and the spiral design makes it easy to flip open and plan out your day. The left page covers Monday-Wednesday, while the right covers Thursday-Saturday. A top row has space for writing down the month.

undated planner field notes


2. Moleskine Undated Pro Project Planner


Moleskine is one of the leading notebook brands, and if you’re familiar with their soft white pages and light lines, then you’ll likely appreciate the look of this planner, which has dotted sections and weekly sections for planning out your day.

undated planner moleskine


3. Poketo Concept Planner in Midnight


This is one of the more expensive planners on this list, but it features more types of pages for long-term and short-term planning. There’s a grid for yearly planning and gridded pages for monthly planning, plus plenty of pages for weekly and daily planning. In addition, there are lined pages for taking notes. The notebook has a stylish cover and comes in a range of colors.

undated planner poketo


4. Panda Planner Pro


This planner might be too cutesy for some, with sections like “I’m grateful for,” but otherwise, this is a well-reviewed planner that comes in a range of colors. A variety of different page types allow you to get organized in the way that’s best for you.

undated planner panda planner


5. Weekly Undated Planner

MOST COLORFUL makes absolutely gorgeous planners and notebooks, with both dated and undated options for planners. The colorful designs often feature inspirational or quirk sayings such as “I AM VERY BUSY” or “Progress Not Perfection,” and although they have a slightly feminine aesthetic, they’re still some of our favorite options for scribblers (they also make great gifts). One of the best undated planners for people who aren’t afraid of bright colors, this product is available at Amazon. weekly planner undated


6. MUJI Planner


Sometimes simple is best, which is the guiding philosophy for many of the products Muji makes. This simple planner has a soft cover and a basic look. The pages have a grid design with a left column for month-long goals and individual boxes for each day. The planner is less than a dollar on Muji’s site, too, so it’s one of the most affordable investments in staying organized.

undated planner muji


7. Nomatic Planner


This planner from Nomatic has a simple and stylish design, Like Moleskine, this planner has an elastic band for organizing your pages and a pocket for stashing any loose notes. The lay flat design makes it easy to take notes. There are pages for monthly and weekly planning, as well as blank and lined pages for notes. There are even whiteboard pages in the back for dry erase notes or doodles.

undated planner nomatic


8. LEUCHTTURM1917 A5 Dotted Notebook


LEUCHTTURM1917’s notebook takes a little more work, and that’s because it’s not actually a planner. That said, the dotted sections are ideal for bullet journaling or creating your own custom grids for monthly and weekly planning. There are a ton of colors available, too.

undated planner leuchturmm


9. Week-to-Week Desktop Notepad

Looking for an undated desktop planner that lets you take notes on a day-to-day basis? Then once again, we have a gorgeous planner to consider. This colorful desktop planner has a spot for every day of the week and will let you organize your life for the next 52 weeks. undated weekly planner for desktop


10. Self Journal by Best Self


Bullet journals and inspirational journals became hugely popular in the last 5-10 years, and they can be a great way to stay organized and motivated. If you’re looking for an undated motivational journal, then we recommend this simple option from Best Self. This popular journal has everything you need to stay motivated, including spaces for weekly habit trackers, daily gratitude and goal setting. if we have one gripe, it’s that this journal only has space for 13 weeks.

best self journal


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