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The Best Under-Bed Shoe Organizers for Everyone Who Owns Too Many Shoes

Why is it that you only realize how brilliant a centralized system for organizing your best boots and shoes is when the pair you want is lost? Granted, it does make sense to keep your everyday shoes by the door, but when it comes to your sneakers, dress shoes and other miscellaneous options you want to hold onto, it’s much easier to have them all in one place, especially if you have a lot to keep up with. For this reason, we suggest investing in one of the best under-bed shoe organizers.

Your bed frame isn’t flush against the floor, but that space underneath is often left vacant. But why? That void is usually large enough to facilitate the installation of an organizational system. Whether it’s for shoes, clothes or seasonal items, take advantage of this space under your bed and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free home.

Why Use an Under-Bed Shoe Organizer

Some might think that throwing shoes in a basket or letting them live at the bottom of the closet is a fine way to go, but the best under-bed shoe organizers have nice benefits:

  • Keep your best white sneakers and shined up dress shoes scuff- and dust-free
  • Prevents odors from lingering
  • Helps keep seasonal shoes out of sight when not needed
  • Uses otherwise empty space
  • Provides easy inventory if shoe shopping is a major pasttime

To help you get started, we’ve put together a collection of the best under-bed shoe organizers. These include boxes that you can use to mix clothing with shoes and organizers designed especially for shoes and boots on their own. Find the right one and prevent lost shoes and excess clutter around the house. Whether you are looking for clear plastic under-bed shoe storage or would rather have a soft monogrammed box that will look great on display, these are our picks for the best under-bed shoe storage right now.

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1. StorageLAB Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer


With individual compartments for storing up to 24 pairs of shoes, the StorageLAB Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer should easily provide enough space for the average person’s footwear. This set includes two separate organizers, holding up to 12 pairs of shoes each. The colors available are gray, navy or straw, and they feature easy-pull handles and a zippered see-through cover, so you don’t have to rummage around to find the pair you want. It runs 30 inches long by 24.5 inches wide by 5.3 deep, and when desired, the internal dividers can be adjusted to accommodate smaller or larger shoes.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Whitmor 12-Section Zippered Underbed Shoe Bag


This organizer from Whitmor uses durable canvas that promises not to rip, fray or fade, even with years of use under your bed. It has an espresso trim for an added design element and a clear top so you can see what you’re grabbing with no problem. It’s about 28 inches long by 23 inches wide by 6 inches deep. It fits two rows of six shoes, each pair with a separate compartment and a dependable zipper that easily opens and closes.

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Courtesy of Walmart


3. Room Essentials Under Bed Mesh Shoe Rack Gray


While you can use many options on this list as general-purpose storage boxes, this innovative option from Target’s Room Essentials brand is designed specifically for footwear. The compact rack has sloped mesh panels strung across metal bars, which allows you to store your shoes at an angle. By allowing this, it’s easier to reach in and pull shoes out by the heels while also saving under-bed space by stacking footwear instead of laying them flat. It can hold up to six pairs of shoes. It’s sized at about 23 inches wide by 24 inches long by 5 inches deep.

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Image Courtesy of Target

4. Extra-Large Underbed Storage Bag Organizer (Set of 2)


If you have a queen- or king-size bed and a lot of stuff you need to store, then we recommend these extra-large storage bins, available for a great price. This 2-pack contains two storage bins measuring 42 inches long by 18 inches wide by 6 inches deep. Each has a PVC zippered window, reinforced sides and a sturdy handle for easy access. These bins aren’t explicitly designed for shoes, which means they’re a great choice if you have linens or off-season clothing you need to store as well. These under-bed storage bins have more than 16,000 Amazon reviews.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. HOLDN’ STORAGE Under-Bed Shoe Organizer


Looking for an under-bed organizer that’s designed specifically for shoes, has an affordable price tag, and you can get it as soon as tomorrow using Amazon Prime? Then we’ve found the shoe organizer you’re looking for. This storage bin has 16 separate cells for all of your shoes and a clear vinyl top so you can see what’s inside at a glance. This under-bed shoe organizer is an excellent under-bed storage solution with thousands of positive customer reviews. This under-bed storage organizer measures nearly 37 inches long by 24 inches wide by 5 inches deep.

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Courtesy of Amazon

6. Sterilite Underbed Storage Bin with Latch


Need a little extra storage space? This see-through option from Sterilite has a 60-quart interior capacity and small casters to roll it out from under the bed easily. The container has secure latches on each end of the bin, ensuring that your shoes or out-of-season clothes stay dust-free. The dimensions of this durable, hard-shell storage bin are 34 5/8 inches long by 18 3/4 inches wide by 7 inches deep.

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Image Courtesy of Target

7. Lands’ End Canvas Under Bed Storage


Under-bed storage isn’t always that aesthetically appealing, which usually isn’t an issue since it’s tucked away and kept out of sight. But this storage bag from Lands’ End measures 28 inches long by 18 wide by 6 inches deep and is good-looking enough that you won’t be worried about it staying out in the open. It has a stylish two-tone navy and canvas look, and it’s also available in canvas with khaki detailing. Lands’ End features storage bins of all sizes, so you can create a matching set to fit your unique needs. It’s even customizable, so you can add a monogram or even a complete word such as “shoes” or “linens” to make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

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Image Courtesy of Lands End

8. The Container Store Under Bed Drawer


Under-bed storage is excellent for out-of-season or long-term stashing, but it can be inconvenient to pull out the entire box simply to get to one pair of shoes or socks. That’s why this under-the-bed drawer from the organizational maestros at The Container Store is such a great option. It has a pull-out drawer, allowing the box to stay under the bed while accessing your shoes. It can store two rows of shoes, with up to four in a row depending on the style of shoe and foot size. These American-made drawers measure nearly 29 inches long by 17 inches wide by 6 inches deep and are stackable for storage under tall beds (we’re looking at you, dorm room) or placement elsewhere.

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Image Courtesy of The Container Store

9. House Again Under Bed Storage Cart (Set of 2)


If you’re using under-bed storage for shoes you wear every day, you might be more worried about ease of access than preventing dust bunnies. This storage solution from House Again is perfect for that. It’s made from sturdy metal, has 360-degree rolling casters, and has an open design rather than a lid, making it easy to pull out your shoes quickly. However, what makes this an even better investment is the additional Oxford cloth bags that come with each cart, allowing for either storage method. Each cart measures 24 inches long by 16 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep, including the wheels. Along with the carts and dustbags, you will also receive an accompanying wrench to help you attach the wheels.

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Courtesy of Amazon

10. Brightroom Underbed Fabric Bin with Lid Light Gray


This under-bed bin from Target is a smart option for storing shoes, sweaters and other items. It has a fabric outer but a structured shape instead of some of the soft-side bags on this list. There are handles on all four sides of the bin for easy access. The detail that sets it apart is the lid, which has two covers that fold up from the middle. This folding feature makes it easy to pull the bin out only part of the way while still accessing your shoes or other items. The dimensions of this handsome under-bed storage bin are 24.75 inches long by 12.75 inches wide by 6.5 inches deep.

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Courtesy of Target


11. Rebrilliant Metal Underbed Storage


This simple option from Rebrilliant is made from metal, making it a sturdy alternative to plastic or fabric bins. It has an exposed design, so it may not be ideal for anything you want to keep dust-free, but it can be a good solution for shoes you wear regularly. It has casters and curved handles, making it easy to pull out from under the bed. It comes in either black or white. It measures 25 inches long by 19.75 inches wide by 8 inches deep, including the wheels.

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Image Courtesy of Wayfair

12. Ziz Home Under-Bed Shoe Organizer


The collapsible design of the Ziz Home under-bed shoe organizer means it’s easily folded down and stored when not in use. The shoe organizer offers individual compartments for storing up to 12 pairs of shoes when set up. The design also includes a clear lid, so you can quickly see inside without opening it. This shoe organizer boasts reinforced handles on either end, allowing you to pull it out from under the bed in either direction. It comes in at 28 inches long by 24 inches wide by 6 inches deep.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Woffit Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizer (Set of 2)


If you have more oversized shoes and boots, the Woffit Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizer could be the answer for you. This well-reviewed storage option comes in a set of two with the option of choosing larger-than-average compartments that accommodate larger shoe sizes and styles of footwear such as boots with ease. The design also features extra-strong zippers and reinforced handles to ensure your organizer can withstand long-term use. In addition, this collapsible organizer is available in a choice of black, gray or beige, and each measures nearly 17 inches by 9 inches by 5 inches.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Mainstays 16-Pocket Clear Plastic Underbed Shoes Organizer


You’ll have a fully transparent view of your shoes — not just from the top — with this clear under-bed storage organizer. It holds up to 16 pairs of shoes and comes with flexible dividers that adjust to your needs. Made of breathable plastic, this organizer is both waterproof and dustproof, making it an ideal option for storage and protection of your favorite footwear. The overall dimensions are 40 inches long by 24 inches wide by 6 inches deep.

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Courtesy of Walmart


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