Don’t Just Stack Your Shoes at the Bottom of the Closet, Use These Under-Bed Organizers Instead

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Why is it that only when you misplace your shoes, do you realize how brilliant a centralized system for organizing shoes is? Granted, it does makes sense to keep your everyday shoes by the door, but when it comes to your sneakers, dress shoes and other miscellaneous options, it’s much easier to have them all in one place. For this reason, we suggest investing in one of the best under-bed shoe organizers.

So long as your bed frame isn’t flush against the floor, that space underneath often goes unutilized. But why? That void is usually large enough to facilitate the installation of an organizational system. Whether it’s for shoes, clothes or even seasonal items, take advantage of this space under your bed and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free home.

We’ve put together a collection of the best under-bed shoe organizers. These include boxes which can be used to mix clothes with shoes, as well as organizers which are designed especially for storing your shoes. Find the right one for you to prevent lost shoes and excess clutter around the house.


1. StorageLAB Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer


With individual compartments for storing up to 24 pairs of shoes, the storageLAB Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer should provide enough space for the average person’s footwear with ease. This set includes two separate organizers which can hold 12 pairs of shoes each. They are available in either gray or straw colors and feature easy-pull handles and a zippered, see-through cover, so you don’t have to rummage around in search of what you’re looking for. Furthermore, the internal dividers can be adjusted to accommodate smaller or larger shoes when required.

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2. Whitmor 12-Section Zippered Underbed Shoe Bag


This under-bed organizer from Whitmor is made of durable canvas material that won’t rip, thread or fade even with years of use under your bed amongst the dust bunnies. It has an espresso trim for an added design element and a clear top so you can see exactly what you’re grabbing. It’s about six inches deep x 23 inches wide and 28 inches long. It fits two rows of six shoes, each with its own compartment, and has a dependable zipper that will open and close easily.

Whitmor under bed shoe organizer Courtesy of Walmart


3. Simplify Under-the-Bed Storage Box


The Simplify Under-the-Bed Storage Box is a versatile answer to storing your things under your bed. It’s made from 100% polypropylene which is both durable and breathable, meaning your shoes and other clothing won’t get musty while being stored. The storage box features a helpful handle and a flip-top cover that protects your belongings and offers quick access when required. This large storage box is a great answer for storing off-season items for longer periods of time.

under bed shoe organizer simplify Image courtesy of The Home Depot


4. Rebrilliant Under-the-Bed Organization Storage Box


The Rebrilliant Under-the-Bed Organization Storage Box proves that shoe storage can be functional and look great, too. With its stylish, zig-zag patterning and mix of gray and white, this storage box provides space for your belongings and adds a bit of spunk to your bedroom as well. Functionally, the organizer features a hinged lid along with handles on two sides, allowing you to orientate the under-bed box exactly as it works best for you.

under bed shoe organizer rebrilliant Image courtesy of Wayfair


5. Ziz Home Under-Bed Shoe Organizer


If you’re looking for an easy way to store your shoes, either long term or seasonally, check out this Ziz Home Under-Bed Shoe Organizer. It sports a foldable design which means it’s easily folded down and stored when it’s not in use. When erect, the shoe organizer offers 12 individual compartments for storing up to 12 pairs of shoes. The design also includes a clear lid, so you can see inside without opening it. This shoe organizer boasts reinforced handles on either end, allowing you to pull it out from under the bed in either direction.

under bed shoe organizer ziz home Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Flexible Zippered Fabric Underbed Storage Set


Keep your linens close by and clean while you save storage space with this fabric under-bed organizer from Wayfair. This bag is perfectly shaped to be tucked underneath your bed or in another tight storage space, alongside a few others of its kind. It’s made of lightweight and heavy-duty polypropylene that’ll keep your items secure without adding extra bulk. Reduce your clutter and store your stuff discretely in these bags that are breathable and easy to access with handles on all sides. They also collapse flat when not in use so they won’t take up undue space and protect against mold.

fabric underbed organizer Courtesy of Wayfair


7. Woffit Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizer


If you have a lot of larger shoes, the Woffit Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizer could be the answer for you. This well-reviewed storage option comes in a set of two with the option of choosing larger-than-average compartments that accommodate larger shoe sizes and styles of footwear with ease. The design also features extra-strong zippers and reinforced handles to ensure your organizer is able to withstand plenty of use. In addition, this collapsible organizer is available in a choice of black, gray or beige.

under bed shoe organizer woffit Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Vailando Shoe Storage Organizer


If you live in a household with children or are particularly clumsy, you’ll know the importance of household items which can stand up to the rigors of daily life. The Vailando Shoe Storage Organizer fits this bill as its made from heavy-duty materials, boasts double-reinforced zippers and includes riveted easy-grab handles. All of these elements add to this organizer’s impressively sturdy build quality. In addition, the organizers in this two-piece set can collapse down when not in use for easy storage. They also include easily adjusted internal walls for storing larger footwear.

under bed shoe organizer vailando Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Wicker Under-Bed Basket


If your bed is super low to the ground, not to fear! This wicker basket from Wayfair is short as well and flat enough to fit under your bed while still providing plenty of storage. It’s about 5.5″ in height and 30″ wide and 25″ long. It’s woven by hand and has a cotton liner in it as well to protect your linens, pillows or whatever else you wish to store. It has handles on the short sides of the basket which makes it easy to pull out and has a cotton cover for keeping the dust bunnies out.

wicker under bed organizer basket Courtesy of Wayfair


10. Floyd Under-Bed Storage


The Floyd Under-bed Storage helps you turn your regular bed frame into a handy storage space in a matter of minutes. The smart design, which uses steel framing and durable canvas, produces an under-bed drawer without the need for any tools. While this particular drawer is built to match with the Floyd bed, you can use it on any bed as long as the frame thickness matches. This clever storage solution is a must have for easy access to anything you want to keep under the bed.

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