Set the Mood Without the Scent Using These Unscented Candles

Unscented Candles
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Candles and scents typically go hand in hand, but that can make a lot of people uncomfortable. If you are sensitive to scents or you’re planning the décor for an event that will include a large group of people, opting for unscented candles is one of the best ways to keep the ambiance soothing and sneeze-free.

As allergies to scents are becoming more commonly identified among those with sensitive snouts, scented candles can wreak havoc on your home or event. Foreign scents aren’t allergens but they are irritants and can cause coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, wheezing, headaches and even lead to migraines. To be the hostess with the mostess, unscented candles provide a safe option for all attendees while still taking the decoration scheme up a notch. If you’re planning an event with flowers or food, unscented candles won’t interfere with the smells you want people to remember, like a bride’s bouquet or the pot roast you’ve been cooking all day.

Unscented candles are also a great tool to have in emergency situations, like power outages when you need a source of light or to warm food. Sure, lavender is becoming a frequently found flavor of latte, but you probably don’t want the floral taste from a can of beans.

Thankfully, more products are being offered in unscented form to appeal to those who are sensitive and that includes candles. From being a good host to stocking your emergency kit, these unscented candles keep the romantic vibes coming without the sneezing and watery eyes.


1. Bolsius Unscented Floating Candles


Create a beautiful centerpiece or set the mood for a calming, spa-like environment with the Bolsius Unscented Floating Candles. Sold in a pack of 20, the short candles can be placed in water and will burn for up to five hours. Fill a bowl or vase with water, flowers, pebbles and other decorative touches and complete the look with a lit floating candle. The Bolsius candles feature a wax wick that burns clean for a soothing experience.

Bolsius Unscented Floating Candles Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Hyoola 9 Inch Beeswax Taper Candles


For a natural, unscented candle that has a dripless design for a no-mess burn, we like the Hyoola 9 Inch Beeswax Taper Candles. The 100 percent pure beeswax candles have a cotton wick that finishes off a candle that is made without fillers, metal, or lead. Sold in a set of 12, the beeswax candles have a five-hour burn time and are tapered to fit in standard candle holders.

Hyoola 9 Inch Beeswax Taper Candles Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Emergency Candle


Unscented candles are a great way to create a calming ambiance without aggravating one’s sense of smell, but they also provide an excellent resource for emergencies. The Emergency Candle is designed to be used during power outages. Helping to provide a constant source of light that doesn’t require batteries, the Emergency Candle has an impressive 120 hour burning time. The all-natural 16 oz. soy candle has a 100 percent natural fiber wick, which provides a clean burn, a feature that is especially important during times when air quality is already compromised. Made in the US, the candle uses natural ingredients and is packaged in a recycled glass jar.

Emergency Candle Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Mainstays White Tealight Candles


If you need unscented tealight candles and a lot of them (we mean a lot), check out the set from Mainstays. The company sells its tealight candles in bundles of 200 and 400 and has created a budget-friendly option for customers who want candles that can be used indoors and outdoors. A great option for weddings and other events, the candles have a three to five-hour burning time, which can also make for an easy way to gently tell your guests it’s time to leave. The candles have burned out? Time to go!

Mainstays White Tealight Candles Image courtesy of WalMart

5. Continental Candle Food Warmer Votive Set


A campfire is a great way to warm up food when you’re in the wilderness, but if you prefer your food to be warm without the added smell and taste of smoke, there’s the Continental Candle Food Warmer Votive Set. The set of five votive candles each have an impressive 15 hour burn time and produce a smokeless heat source that is conducive to keeping food warm. Made with paraffin wax, the food warmer candles are also useful for large outdoor gatherings where food is being served.

Continental Candle Food Warmer Votive Set Image courtesy of Target

6. Arango Sportsman’s Smoker’s Candle


Instead of covering one odor with another scent, the Arango Sportsman’s Smoker’s Candles are designed to help neutralize odors without throwing another smell into the mix. The set of two unscented candles are made with a blend of natural citrus and wood oil that helps to remove unpleasant odors, like stale tobacco. Rooms are left with a clean smell after a few hours of burning and the candles are a great alternative to burning scented candles or using air deodorizers.

Arango Sportsman's Smoker's Candle Image courtesy of WalMart

7. New Moon Beginnings Chime Candle Set


Whether you want a set of unscented candles that add color to your space or you’re looking to set an intention, the New Moon Beginnings Chime Candle Set is a great option. The set of 20 candles includes two red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, black, brown, and white candles, as well as one silver and one gold. Each candle represents a different energy and has a two-hour burn time.

New Moon Beginnings Chime Candle Set Image courtesy of Etsy

8. A to Z Naked Candle


There’s no shortage of candles with beautiful, funny and inspiring packaging. But unscented candles? Not so much. Thankfully, A to Z Candles have kept it cute with their unscented Naked candle option. The vegan-friendly and cruelty-free candles are made from pure soy wax and are finished with cotton wicks. The company offers several sizes with impressive burning times. The 4 oz jar shown here burns up to 30 hours, while the large 26 oz jar has a 200-hour burning time.

A to Z Naked Candle Image courtesy of Etsy

9. Lakeside Unscented Monogram Mercury Glass Jar Candle


Candles make a great gift that fits just about any occasion, from birthdays to holidays and everything in-between. They add a personal touch without having to know a person’s particular likes and dislikes. If you do know that someone is sensitive to scent, the Lakeside Unscented Monogram Mercury Glass Jar Candle is a great option. The monogrammed jar gives the candle a customized look without leaving the gift-receiver with a scent-induced headache. Once the wax has burned down, customers can still use the jar to store items like cotton swabs or small trinkets.

Lakeside Unscented Monogram Mercury Glass Jar Candle Image courtesy of Target


10. Remote Control Wax Unscented Flameless Candle Set


If you’re already skipping scented options in your search for the perfect candle, you may want to consider flameless candles as well. This set of three candles from Wayfair are a battery-powered flameless option that still provides a realistic flicker, helping to set a relaxing mood while also offering a safe option for homes with pets and small children. The candles come with a remote control that allows users to turn the candles on and off and adjust the lighting level.

Remote Control Wax Unscented Flameless Candle Set Image courtesy of Wayfair

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