9 Surprisingly Useful Items You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Best Useful Items Pore Cleaners
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* The best weird (but surprisingly useful) items under $40
* Featured products include vore vacuums, ear cleaners, and draft stoppers
* Upgrade your grooming routine or your fish-cooking skills

There are some highly useful, best-selling products that are so unexpected you’d be right to call them plain weird.

When you think of the term “useful items,” you might picture Q-tips, kitchen appliances, or other handy household items. But there’s a whole market of strangely helpful products you might not know you needed, but definitely do. We rounded up some of the best products we found in this category that you can buy on Amazon right now.

Freda McNulty
5 years
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Freda McNulty
5 years
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1. 5BILLION Hand Exerciser

This finger stretcher and hand strengthener might look like a jumble of rubber bands, but it’s actually a very effective tool. It’s a game changer for golfers, climbers, or cyclists, and provides relief for people with carpal tunnel or tendonitis. $11 gets you three bands with different resistance levels.

Hand Exerciser BandImage courtesy of Amazon


2. Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Korean beauty products have taken over the beauty market for a simple reason: they work. This very highly-rated clay mask (with 4.5 stars and almost 6,000 reviews) comes from South Korean brand Elizavecca, and provides a deep pore cleansing with carbonated bubbles.

Best Clay Mask South KoreanImage courtesy of Amazon


3. HaloVa Wrist Trainer

This well-designed forearm trainer requires a constant motion to keep the center ball spinning, which (according to the manufacturer) results in stronger forearms and improved motor skills. This little device is great to use while at work or binging on TV, and costs less than $12.

Wrist Trainer BallImage courtesy of Amazon


4. Kitchen-Star Large Fish Spatula

Most people night not think to replace their regular spatula, but there’s some alternatives that offer a considerable upgrade. This large spatula from Kitchen-Star is one such product with an oversized build for easier flipping, and a beveled edge for better sautéing.

Large SpatulaImage courtesy of Amazon


5. Evelots Dog Door Draft Stopper

This stuffed dog actually has a purpose, aside from looking adorable. It blocks the crack under your door, saving money by trapping heat or AC, and blocking fumes and noise.

Door Draft Stopper DogImage courtesy of Amazon


6. Bandwagon Water Snake

For most people, the rainy season means cozy days indoors, but it also means leaky windows and the potential of flooding. To prevent water damage, pick up one of these super-absorbent water snakes from Bandwagon, and place it under the window or next to the door draft.

Water Barrier Draft Stopper Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

Exfoliating your feet might seem like a strange grooming routine, but after you do it, you (and everyone that has to see your bare feet) will understand why it’s essential. We recommend this Baby Foot kit because it’s painless and easy to rub on and wash off.

Foot Exfoliant Scrub Baby FootImage courtesy of Amazon


8. Kingdom Cares Pore Vacuum

This pore vacuum is a similar device used by facialists and dermatologists to remove dead skin and blackheads, but it costs just $36. If someone sees this device in your bathroom they might not know what it is, but they’ll want one once you tell them how well it works.

Pore Cleaner VacuumImage courtesy of Amazon


9. Elephant Ear Washer System

There’s a reason Q-tip packages warn you against using them to clean your ears. Instead, try this Elephant ear washing system . It might seem like a bizarre buy, but it’s a much safer and more effective way to clean your ears.

Ear Cleaning KitImage courtesy of Amazon