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Save Space and Pack Light With Vacuum Storage Bags

Packing is a pain. Whether you’re preparing for a week-long trip, putting clothes away for the season or preparing to move, packing is time-consuming and tiring. It can also be frustrating if the amount of stuff you have is greater than your storage area. That’s why when we need to save space, we use vacuum storage bags.

Vacuum storage bags are plastic bags that feature a valve and zipper closure. Once bags have been filled with soft items like clothes, bedding, pillows, towels or plush toys, a vacuum or hand pump is attached to the valve and air is removed from the bag. The contents are compressed and can decrease in size by up to 80 percent. When users are ready to access their items once again, they simply open the valve and allow air to inflate the bag.

Vacuum storage bags are a great way to save closet space and get more items into suitcases when traveling. By making items more compact, users can store additional items in the same space or free up space for other purposes. Got stuff? Then you need vacuum storage bags.

1. Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

Decrease the size of items up to 80 percent using the Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags. The set of five bags are available in a variety of sizes, including the medium option shown here, which measures 28 inches x 20 inches and can fit up to 10 large sweaters. The double zip seal and triple seal turbo valve create an airtight closure that protects against water getting in and air getting out. The bags can be used for long term storage or when traveling.

Pros: The storage bags can be quickly sealed using a vacuum or the included hand pump.

Cons: The bags can be reused but may develop creases over time, which may crack.

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2. Travel Space Saver Bags from The Chestnut

Save space without the use of a vacuum or pump with the Travel Space Saver Bags from The Chestnut. The set of eight bags helps uses pack up to three times more items in their luggage. The bags can also be used for short term storage in homes or offices. Add items to the storage bags and roll the bags to push the air through the valve. Once closed, the bags are designed to protect against damage from water, dirt, mildew, insects and odors.

Pros: The set comes with a variety of sizes, including four large bags (28 inches x 20 inches) and four medium bags (24 inches x 16 inches).

Cons: It requires some effort and strength to push all the air out of the bags.

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3. Hibag Space Saver Bags

Reduce space used by up to 80 percent using the Hibag Space Saver Bags. The set of 20 bags comes with a variety of sizes designed to fit a variety of needs, including large bags that measure 27.5 inches x 39.35 inches and can accommodate one bedding set and two pillows. The set also includes two smaller, travel-sized bags and a hand pump that can be used to compress the bags when it’s time to re-pack. Each bag comes with a stay-on clip that keeps the zipper sealed once closed and a triple-seal turbo valve that keeps air out. The zipper has a blue and yellow line that helps customers ensure their bag has been properly sealed.

Pros: Hibag provides a convenient legend that gives users a guide on how many clothing items can fit into each bag.

Cons: The bags aren’t tear-resistant.

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4. GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags

For users who want to save space while at home and when traveling, we recommend the GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags. The set of 12 storage bags include three jumbo bags that measure 40 inches x 30 inches and can be used with pillows and bedding, as well as three large bags, three medium and three small bags, which measure 24 inches x 16 inches and are ideal for packing in suitcases and backpacks. The bags help to reduce space used by 80 percent and can be sealed with the help of a vacuum or pump. A double seal zipper and triple-seal turbo valve help to keep air out of the storage bags after they’ve been sealed.

Pros: The Gongshi bags come with a small hand pump that can be used when traveling.

Cons: The bags may develop creases which can make them difficult to reuse.

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