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The Best Vacuums of 2022 for Every Situation (From Pets to Hardwood)

Sometimes doing housework sucks, especially if you’re using a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t. Whether you have a house with tight spaces, a dog that perpetually sheds or kids who think bringing dirt into the house is their job, you need one of the best vacuums on the market to keep your floors clean.

More than 70% of Americans vacuum at least once a week, and more than 30% vacuum twice or more weekly. That makes vacuums one of the most used cleaning appliances in the home. Perhaps that’s why the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is just eight years

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If it’s time to replace your vacuum or find yourself burning out too many cheap vacuums in a row, consider learning a bit more about the best ones available. Below, we’ll discuss the five major types of vacuum cleaners, and then we’ll rank the best vacuums available for online ordering right now.


Types of Vacuums

Before investing in a vacuum cleaner, learning about the five types of vacuums available is essential to find the best style for your household or business.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are the most traditional type of vacuum cleaner. These vacuums are usually pushed around the home, picking up dirt using their powerful suction abilities. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, can be corded or cordless, and can use bags or canisters. Uprights are still the most popular type of vacuum, thanks to their ease of use, price point, and motor power.

  • Pros: Upright vacuums are the most popular type of vacuum, thanks to their ease of use and fair price point.
  • Cons: These vacuums require a lot of pushing and pulling, are heavier than other models, and can’t reach into tight spaces.

Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums are designed to be super lightweight and slim in profile. The vacuum’s body is usually a long, metal tube with the motor and dirt canister attached near the handle. These vacuums are great for reaching into tight spaces and corners. However, the slim design sometimes forces manufacturers to sacrifice suction power. Dyson is one of the leading makers of stick vacuums. While the company offers a wide lineup of exceptional stick vacuums, many other companies have released excellent models (check out some alternatives here).

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  • Pros: The slim design allows users to reach tight spaces under furniture or in corners, and these vacuums usually come with convenient wall-mount storage.
  • Cons: The stick-like design means these vacuums don’t have as much suction power as other models, making them better equipped for a spot clean rather than a truly deep clean.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums fall somewhere in between an upright model and a stick model. They feature a rolling canister with a wand-like stick that does all the sucking. Because of their more robust construction, canister vacuums tend to have the suction power of an upright model but the maneuverability of a stick model. However, they tend to be heavy and are not the easiest vacuums to get up and down stairs or from one room to the next.

  • Pros: Canister vacuums offer a nice balance of suction power and the ability to reach into small spaces, making them a happy medium between an upright and stick vacuum.
  • Cons: These vacuums are not very portable thanks to their different moving pieces and the fact that most canister models are corded.

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums are the newest type of vacuum and have become increasingly popular in recent years. These small discs that roam around your floors unattended are controlled using apps, smartphones, or digital assistants, meaning they automatically clean your house for you. There’s no lugging a vacuum around your house when robotic devices are involved. However, convenience comes at a hefty price.

  • Pros: This vacuum makes vacuuming your house as easy as possible. They require very little commitment from you, except setting up an automated cleaning schedule.
  • Cons: Robotic vacuums are among the most expensive on the market. Combined with their inability to spot clean or clean stairs, some consumers may still prefer a traditional vacuum setup.

Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums do pretty much what their title says. They are portable vacuums you can carry around to clean small areas, like cars, stairs or couches. These vacuums aren’t designed to clean floors, as their size would make that a very time-consuming task. In addition, they can be either corded or cordless. Also, they’re amazing at helping clean your mattress.

  • Pros: Handheld vacuums can clean areas that are hard to reach with a traditional vacuum, including your car, furniture, or the stairs.
  • Cons: A handheld vacuum isn’t practical for cleaning your whole floor, so it’s probably a purchase that needs to be made in addition to a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Below, you’ll find reviews of the best vacuums available across all styles. Each is tried and tested and will help make your chores as painless as possible.


1. Samsung Bespoke  


The Samsung Bespoke may be the first vacuum you won’t want to hide in your closet when guests are over (check out our full review here). The beautiful (yes, a beautiful vacuum) not only looks great, but it has a TurboHex motor that delivers incredible 210AW suction, grabbing big and tiny pieces of dirt and debris. A CleanStation empties the Samsung Bespoke’s dustbin without any of the contents ever touching your hands. Plus, the same Clean Station retains 99.99% of all dust and debris, keeping it out of your air. The SPY-tested Samsung Bespoke is a favorite among our writers for its looks and impressive cleaning abilities. 

Why We Chose It: The Samsung Bespoke has an incredible 120-minute charge, dual brushes that allow it to clean all floor types easily, and a digital display with one of the most user-friendly interfaces we’ve seen for vacuums. 

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2. LG CordZero™ All in One Vacuum 


The LG CordZero™ All in One Vacuum is the runner-up to the Samsung Bespoke in the ‘splurge-worthy vacuum category’ because it has a slightly higher price point. Still, it’s justified thanks to the gorgeous (yes, it’s also gorgeous) vacuum’s impressive features. Like the Samsung Bespoke, the LG CordZero™ All in One Vacuum also has two rechargeable batteries that deliver 120 minutes of total cleaning time. The LG has powerful suction technology and a compressor that compresses dirt and debris, creating more room in the dustbin for longer cleans. Another favorite among SPY writers, the LG CordZero™ All in One Vacuum has a self-emptying dustbin, similar to the popular feature found with robot vacuums, while offering the versatility of a traditional cordless stick vacuum that can clean every part of a car or home, including stairs.  

Why We Chose It: The LG CordZero™ All in One Vacuum is a vacuum and mop in one, giving customers two excellent products thanks to the power mop attachment, which delivers a superior clean on hard floors with water – no cleaning products required. 

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3. Bissell Featherweight Stick Bagless Vacuum


You can’t beat the Bissell Featherweight Stick Bagless Vacuum if you’re looking for an inexpensive vacuum that still gets excellent reviews. This easy-to-use machine is three vacuums in one. It can function as a stick vacuum, a handheld vacuum, or a stair vacuum. Though you’ll love the power of the motor for the price, this vacuum does compromise on capacity. The dirt cup can only hold two-thirds of a liter.

Why We Chose It: The versatile Bissell is one of the best bang-for-bucks vacuums on the market, thanks to its 3-in-1 design. Plus, at 2.6 pounds, it’s one of the lightest vacuums on the market, making it convenient for just about anyone to use.

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4. Black+Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum


Black+Decker is known for producing power tools, but did you know they also make excellent vacuums? The motor in this handheld vacuum is built using all the knowledge Black+Decker gained from years of building the best power drills. Lithium technology adds to the suction ability and provides an extended run time of up to 10 hours. In addition, the dust bowl can hold 13 ounces of dirt so that you can clean your car, the stairs, and all the furniture in one go.

Why We Chose It: Great for big messes in small places, the Black+Decker Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum comes with two useful attachments. It also has an incredible 10-hour battery life, a massive jump from the typical 20 to 40 minutes of average battery life for handhelds that are part of cordless stick vacuums.

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5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 


Whether you have pets who love to shed or simply want a vacuum with superior suction for under $250, it’s tough to find something more powerful than the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus (read our full review here). The upright vacuum will clean just about any mess with a single pass and comes with useful attachments, including a crevice tool that features an LED light on the end. The user-friendly vacuum is easy to set up and includes storage for all the accessories directly on the vacuum base.  

Why We Chose It: Impressive suction, LED lights for added convenience, and an excellent price point all make this a vacuum our SPY reviewers recommend. 

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6. Black+Decker Powerseries Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Pets 


The Black+Decker Powerseries Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Pets is a favorite among SPY reviewers, thanks to its maneuverability and quality suction level. The Powerseries has three suction levels and works as a handheld vacuum, complete with two attachment brushes. The no-tangle brushroll lives up to its description, making it easy to clean pet hair without having to deal with a messy brush at the end of a vacuuming session. We also like that the Powerseries has a removable battery that can be charged remotely and can hold any Black+Decker battery, giving customers an easy backup option for longer cleans. 

Why We Chose It: Affordable and powerful, the Powerseries has several user-friendly features, including LED lights and a self-standing function. It has a no-tangle brush roll and a removable battery. 

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7. Dyson V8 Absolute 


The Dyson V8 Absolute is one of our top Dyson picks, which says a lot for this small but mighty model. The V8 comes in at under $500, a swoon-worthy price tag for a Dyson, and doesn’t skimp on any of the features that have made the vacuum retailer renowned worldwide. The V8 has an impressive 40-minute runtime and can pick up pet air while trapping dirt and allergens. The dustbin is easy to empty, and the lightweight vacuum is under 6 pounds. 

Why We Chose It: The V8 has the user-friendly, lightweight design of more expensive Dyson vacuums but boasts a price tag that makes it more affordable than its high-tech competitors. An impressive run-time and cordless design make this vacuum one of the easiest to use.  

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8. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum 


Dyson became a household name in vacuum cleaners because of their ball models, a style they’ve perfected over the years. The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum is user-friendly and easily takes turns and corners. Its dustbin is easy to empty, and the suction on the Multi Floor 2 is excellent for pets with homes. We also like that it has an instant release wand that makes it simple to clean under furniture or in other hard-to-reach spots. 

Why We Chose It: The Multi Floor 2 includes a HEPA filtration system, making this a great pick for anyone suffering from respiratory issues. It’s also easy to maneuver and works on all floor types. Plus, it comes in at under $600, a great price for a Dyson.

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9. Roborock S7MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop 


Many robot vacuums that vacuum and mop require users to swap pads when switching modes, but not the Roborock S7MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Sonic Mop (check out our full review here). It vacuums AND mops at the same time. The S7MaxV is one of the most user-friendly vacuums on the market. Its self-emptying dock has room to hold dust and debris for up to 60 days, and it has an extra water tank that automatically refills the vacuum when necessary, making it easy for users to clean their floors several times without any intervention. Excellent mapping and powerful suction also combine to make this a splurge-worthy vacuum. 

Why We Chose It: Roborock continues to improve its design, and that’s true with the S7MaxV, which has 5100 Pa – double the suction power of its previous models. Its self-emptying base, which includes a water tank, is convenient and worth the investment for those who like clean floors that require no effort.  

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10. iRobot Roomba j7+ 


Read more about our best robot vacuum picks here. 

Roomba has been leading the charge in the robot vacuum market for years, and its j7+ is one of its best releases ever (check out our full review here). The iRobot is one of the most advanced robot vacuums for avoiding objects, such as socks and cords, and boasts impressive technology that continually evolves to learn your home. Users can schedule multiple cleanings daily, and a three-stage cleaning process ensures that tough messes are gone. We also like that iRobot has tech that ensures pet poop is detected, helping pet owners avoid unpleasant messes.  

Why We Chose It: The Roomba j7+ is a smart robot that easily avoids obstacles, including cords, meaning users don’t have to clean up their floors before the vacuum cleans up their floors. 

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11. Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner


Featuring a cyclone filtration system and a 1.2-liter capacity dust cup, the Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight device with plenty of versatility. It has an automatic cord rewinder to mind the long, 16-foot cord. This multi-surface canister vacuum also features a range of adaptable elements that allow you to clean every nook and cranny.

Why We Chose It: A high-quality vacuum for under $100, the Eureka has a large capacity bagless dustbin, weighs less than 8 pounds, and has three settings that allow users to easily switch between carpet, hard flooring, and furniture.

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12. Bissell Cleanview Swivel Vacuum Cleaner


The Bissell Cleanview Swivel Vacuum Cleaner is one of the highest-rated bagless options on Amazon. The lightweight design includes a multi-cyclonic suction system and a triple-action roll brush for picking up the maximum amount of dirt from a variety of carpeting. Scatter-free technology on hard floors ensures the vacuum picks up debris rather than pushing it around. Finally, the device also boasts a washable filter, a stretch hose, and several attachments for cleaning the house from top to bottom.

Why We Chose It: The Bissell Cleanview has an excellent price point and still boasts an impressive suction level that the company has become known for. The Cleanview has a pivoting head that adds to its ease of maneuverability, and the tank is simple to remove and clean.

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13. Oreck Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner


It might look like the vacuum your grandmother used, but there’s a reason the Oreck design hasn’t changed much in the last 20 years. It works. This commercial-grade upright vacuum features double helix brushes powered by a high-speed motor. These brushes create a 12-inch cleaning path aided by side edge brushes and non-marring bumpers. This vacuum boasts automatic floor adjustment so it can move seamlessly between carpet and hardwood or tile.

Why We Chose It: A great option for professional cleaners or anyone who wants their space to look like it has been professionally cleaned, the Oreck provides deep cleaning on all flooring types, thanks to its impressive suction. Its basic design is user-friendly, it has an extended 35-foot cord, and it is easy to transport thanks to its 9-pound weight.

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14. Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


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The Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner can easily clean all the smaller areas of your home and car. Although unassuming, the Dyson handheld is a work of mechanical art thanks to its digital motor, hygienic dirt ejector, and lithium-ion batteries. This model is great for households that require versatility as it comes with enough accessories to vacuum just about anything.

Why We Chose It: The Dyson features three useful attachments that enable customers to clean just about anywhere in their home and car, and it has an impressive 30-minute fade-free battery life. At less than 4 pounds, we like that customers can clean their home or car with minimal fatigue.

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15. Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away


The Shark Rotator boasts advanced swivel steering, an easy break-away canister for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, and its own LED headlights. Inside, you’ll find cutting-edge technology that traps 99.9% of dust and allergens, which is an excellent feature if you have an allergen-sensitive family member. In addition, this vacuum boasts an extra-large dust cap capacity for longer than average cleaning sessions.

Why We Chose It: A HEPA filter makes this a great option for customers with respiratory issues. We also like the LED lights on the front of the vacuum, which help to ensure no dirt or debris is missed, and the lift-away pod that helps clean hard-to-reach areas.

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16. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac MAX


Everyone associates the name Roomba with robotic vacuum cleaners, but the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac Max offers stiff competition to the original. The RoboVac is an automated cleaning machine that can be controlled through your smartphone or Alexa. Most users will set it up to clean on a set schedule. In such a way, the vacuum can even be told to only clean part of the house thanks to boundary strips set within the app. Plus, the included BoostIQ technology means this vacuum can easily clean both carpet and hard floors.

Why We Chose It: The Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac MAX has an affordable price point and doesn’t skimp on features. The robot vac can be used with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, users can set up schedule cleanings and map boundaries, and sensors will automatically tell the vacuum when to adjust the suction based on the type of flooring.

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17. Prolux 2.0 Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


The Prolux 2.0 Battery Bagless Backpack Vacuum was built to take on any job, whether around the house or at your place of business. It can be worn as a backpack, allowing the user to move at will and vacuum for an extended period. Inside, you’ll find a dependable motor and a patented “Vortex Chamber,” which works to prevent clogs in the included HEPA filter. Plus, Prolux provides a variety of user-friendly attachments for the device, allowing it to vacuum both large surfaces and tiny crevices.

Why We Chose It: The Prolux gives users the benefit of a corded vacuum (no charging downtime) with the portability of a lightweight cordless stick vacuum. The backpack design aids mobility and comes with a wide variety of attachments that make it possible to clean the entire home.


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18. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum Cleaner


Although quite expensive, Miele devices are some of the most consistently well-reviewed vacuums on Amazon. That’s because they come with a powerful, German-made motor, plenty of accessories, and a HEPA filter. However, the most impressive thing about Miele vacuums is that they have, on average, a 20-year lifespan. This particular Miele model (the C3) was built to easily clean carpeted homes and comes with a power head and floor brush designed to get underneath low furniture for effective cleaning. 

Why We Chose It: This long-lasting (20 years!), clean-air-making, user-friendly vacuum comes with a sticker shock but has the credentials and a long list of fans to back it up. Plus, it has every attachment customers could want; it arrives with several filter bags and will clean every part of your home without issue.

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How SPY Tests Vacuums

As we mentioned above, the average American uses their vacuum at least once per week. It’s an appliance that gets a lot of use, so when it comes to testing vacuums, that’s precisely what we do — we use them. At SPY, our reviewers are not only experts on tech, gadgets, appliances and more but also customers who want products that live up to their company’s claims.

To find the best vacuums for 2022, we compared a wide range of styles and price points. SPY reviewers lived with many of the vacuums on our list, testing them on hard flooring and carpets, cleaning up after pets and kids, trying out the various attachments, and measuring battery lengths for cordless styles. When applicable, we tested each vacuum based on the criteria below.

Suction Power: Did the vacuum include specific suction levels based on the size of the mess and the type of flooring? Did these different levels deliver on their claims, and could we clean up dirt and debris in a single pass?


Maneuverability: How easy was it to get into tight spaces with the vacuum? Could we clean under furniture with little effort? Were stairs easy to clean? In the case of the upright vacuums, we looked at how much effort was required to push the larger models. We tested how well the mapping feature could maneuver around furniture and avoid obstacles for robot vacuums.


Portability: Not including robot vacuums, portability is an important feature to consider when buying a vacuum. The physical weight of a vacuum can have a heavy bearing on customer satisfaction. We examined whether lightweight vacuums still produced enough suction to be worth the investment. We also considered whether heavier vacuums were worth the tradeoff for better suction and, in some cases, a lower price point.

Battery Life: We measured the battery life claims against how much time, on average, we were able to clean with the cordless vacuums on our list, including the robot vacuums. We considered the difference in battery life when using a vacuum at its highest power setting versus its lower eco-mode.

Usefulness of Attachments: Did the vacuum include attachments, and were they beneficial? Suppose an upright or stick vacuum could double as a handheld vacuum. Did it still boast enough suction and have a useful selection of attachments to be considered a worthwhile replacement for a standalone handheld vacuum?

Lazy loaded image
The attachments for the BLACK+DECKER Powerseries Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for Pets. Courtesy of SPY/Allison Bowsher

Ease of Cleaning Dustbin/Cannister: Regardless of the type of vacuum we tested, every vacuum needs to be emptied and cleaned eventually. We looked at how easy it was to remove dustbins and bags and rinse filters and how often we had to empty and clean these parts.


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