Here Are 19 Vinyl Record Storage Ideas Every Collector Should Know About

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Collecting records is fun, but storing them can be a challenge. Not only are they tall, but when you put a lot of them together, they can get cumbersome. Unlike books, it’s pretty easy to damage your records and render them unusable if you store them the wrong way. Vinyl is susceptible to heat damage and can get warped out of shape. Playing a warped record can lead to skipping and even damage your record player. Fortunately, many space-saving vinyl record storage hacks will keep your records easy to access, organized and safe.

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How To Store Vinyl

When storing vinyl, the most important tip is to place them upright, not stacked. The weight of records can add up quickly, meaning that if you stack them, you can potentially warp, damage or even crack the vinyl. Store them away from direct sunlight or heat sources. It would help if you kept them in slipcovers to help keep out dust.

When shopping for a record storage system, it’s a good idea to take stock of the dimensions of your records. The average record sleeve is 12.375″ x 12.375″ square. That’s taller than most books, meaning not every bookshelf will be compatible with records. If the furniture you’re buying isn’t specifically for vinyl, it’s good to check the internal dimensions of the cabinets and shelves you see online. You should also account for the space needed to put your finger in and pull the record out.

You should also factor in how you intend to use your vinyl storage. For example, you might also want to keep your record player and stereo receiver in the same place as your records. Most modern stereo equipment is about the same width, at 17″ wide.

After you factor in the considerations of your records and equipment, consider how your furniture will fit into your space, literally and in terms of style. It’s a lot to think about, so we’ve rounded up the best vinyl storage hacks to buy.


1. Crosley Everett Mid-Century Media Console


The Crosley Everett Media Console has all your bases covered if you want to go all out. The sleek sliding doors conceal wire dividers that will help keep your records in an upright position. And the hinged top provides a small compartment tailor-made to store your turntable. This media console has two large sliding doors and provides the perfect additional space for your collection to grow. Plus, it comes in two color options: brown (as pictured below) and light brown.

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2. Juggernaut Storage Black Milk Crate


Milk crates are the original vinyl record storage hack, and they’re still one of the very best. This is how people have been storing their records for, like, ever. It’s certainly the most DIY, grungy way to place your records. If you’re not familiar with these milk crates, Juggernaut makes them incredibly durable to take on genuinely whatever they’re put through. They make an excellent, low-key record storage hack we can’t write off.

Juggernaut Storage Black Milk Crate. record storage ideas Courtesy of Amazon


3. KAIU Vinyl Record Frame


KAIU is a small business selling its affordable vinyl record storage products on Amazon. This fold-open frame can be hung on your wall to safely store and display your favorite records.

KAIU Vinyl Record Frame, record storage ideas Courtesy of Amazon


4. Hammacher Schlemmer The Aficionado 800 LP Organizer


If you’re serious about vinyl records, then a couple of milk crates won’t cut it. Hammacher Schlemmer is a famous catalog company that makes home goods and electronics, and this LP organizer has enough room for 800 different records. It comes in a few different configurations, and it’s not too expensive for a piece of storage furniture. The open design lets you show off and access your records with ease.

hammacher schlemmer lp organizer, record storage ideas Courtesy of Hammacher Schlemmer

5. Vinyl Addix Vinyl Record Holder

Some of our favorite vinyl record storage ideas come via Etsy. Case in point: these circular vinyl record holders from Etsy seller Vinyl Addix. When hung on the wall, they’ll create an eye-catching display that’s sure to be a conversation starter with guests.

Vinyl Addix Vinyl Record Holder, record storage ideas Courtesy of Etsy


6. KAIU Vinyl Record Storage Holder


Also from KAIU, this vinyl record holder is made with durable, shatterproof acrylic and can holds up to 50 albums. Why is this one of our favorite vinyl record storage hacks? Thanks to the angled plates, you can easily flip through your entire collection until you find the exact record that you’re looking for. Place this display next to your record player for best results.

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7. Urban Outfitters Modern Boho Media Stand


This bohemian-style media stand can store so much more than records. The boho cabinet will look incredible in a sun-filled apartment filled with plants, and you can store items within the stand or on the display shelves on top.

Urban Outfitters Modern Boho Media Stand, record storage ideas Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


8. Simple Wood Goods Storage Cube


If you’re an avid record collector and care about interior design, Simple Wood Goods is a brand you should have on your radar. Their designs are simple, as you might expect, but they’re also remarkably stylish. This cube is made in a small workshop in Ohio from genuine birchwood. The star feature is the sliding door, which keeps your records accessible and dust-free. Plus, you can choose between a range of transparent and opaque colors. The cubes are also modular, stackable, and compatible with the brand’s other media storage solutions. They’re more expensive and take longer to ship, but it’s worth it for smart, stylish, and durable record storage.

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9. Twelve Inch Vinyl Display


One way to store your records is to display them; Twelve Inch makes it easy without any visible brackets. Screw the magnetic disc into the wall, then slip the secondary magnetic panel into the sleeve of your record. Then place it on the wall. You can use it while the records are still in the sleeve, making it functional. And if you decide to change the record you have on display, take out the magnetic panel and place it in a different record. It works for single and gatefold albums.

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10. Novogratz Regal Turntable Stand


If you don’t have enough space for record storage, consider this option from Novogratz. It’s narrow so that it can slot in any open space you might have. There are two vertical cubbies for storing records, while the middle shelf can be used for your stereo receiver. The top of the shelf is ideal for placing your record player.

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11. Monke Mid-Century Style Record Holder


This contemporary record holder is not only one of the best vinyl record storage hacks that keeps your wax in an upright position, but it’s also very stylish. Available in a black or brown wood base, this piece comes with two acrylic guards that can adjust depending on the size of your collection. And don’t let its minimal design fool you. This handsome and sturdy number can hold up to around 60 vinyl records.

Monke Mid-Century Style Record Holder, record storage ideas Courtesy of Amazon


12. Collector Mount Adjustable Vinyl Record Frame


These easy-to-install record-holders nail onto the wall, and you can adjust the frame to fit the vinyl. It has small clear lips holding the vinyl in place on the top and bottom — giving the appearance that the vinyl is floating on the wall. And because they’re adjustable, it’s super easy to take the vinyl out for a spin or switch up your display. All in all, it’s one of the best vinyl storage hacks and home art hacks simultaneously.

Collector Mount Adjustable Vinyl Record Frame, record storage ideas Courtesy of Amazon


13. Niubee Vinyl Record Shelf Mount (6-Pack)


If you’re looking to display a few of your favorite vinyl records but aren’t looking to spend a lot of cash, these record shelves are the way to go. This pack includes six acrylic vinyl shelves, available in clear or black, that make it easy to put your collection on display. But the real fun comes into play when you consider the endless possibilities in which these could be arranged on the wall.

Niubee Vinyl Record Shelf Mount, record storage ideas Courtesy of Amazon


14. Way Basics Organizer


Here’s an issue. You spend all this money on an awesome record storage hack just to find that your collection continues to grow and grow and grow, meaning the hack that once worked previously doesn’t anymore. You have no more room. How do you solve it? With these organizers. Fill a box, and if you need another, you can buy another. It’s great because it will be the same wood type every time, so it won’t look too mismatched if you decide you need more. Plus, you can stack them on one another for easier storage.

Way Basics Organizer. record storage ideas Courtesy of Amazon


15. Victrola Vinyl Record Carrying Case


Whether you’re just starting your collection or have a few valuable vinyl gems you want to keep safe, this portable carrying case is perfect for storing approximately 30 records. The hardshell case is available in several color options, from brown leather with antique gold hardware to a galaxy pattern with black hardware. The case features a handle on top for carrying ease and a clasp to secure the lid — assuring your stash stays scratch-free.

Picture of the open Victrola vinyl record box., record storage ideas Courtesy of Amazon


16. MyGift Vintage Vinyl Storage Crate


Ah, the beloved vinyl record crate. You’ve probably seen these everywhere in your search for the best vinyl record storage options. But the problem with most vinyl record crates is that once you pile in 50 or 100 records, the box becomes quite heavy and difficult to move. Well, meet the solution: the MyGift Vintage Vinyl Storage Crate with — drumroll please — wheels. Not only do the wheels make it easier to move the crate in and out of storage, but they also lift the box off the ground, so dirt and dust don’t invade your collection.

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17. USM Haller Credenza


US Modular Furniture is an icon of midcentury design, and you can buy their pieces from their website or Design Within Reach, which offers the Haller Credenza. It’s available in a range of colors, and you can choose between different configurations, including open and closed. It’s expensive, but it’s an icon of design, and it’s the perfect size and shape for record storage.

vinyl storage hacks console, record storage ideas Courtesy of Design Within Reach

18. Ikea Kallax


If you could ask every record collector what their favorite storage system is, Ikea’s Kallax would probably come out on top. It’s not hard to see why. It’s simple, affordable and modular. Most importantly, it can store a lot of records. It comes in a range of configurations, including stacked cubes or grids. You can keep the Kallax upright or horizontally, and you can even mount it onto the wall. And, of course, there’s no shortage of IKEA hacks you can do to the Kallax. The shelves are 13″ tall, leaving enough room to pull out your records without wasting space.

vinyl storage hacks ikea kallax, record storage ideas Courtesy of IKEA

19. Vintage-Style Stackable LP Crates


Vinyl record storage crates come in tons of different designs, but we love these inventive, stackable LP crates. Vinyl collectors will appreciate that they’re supporting a small business (they come courtesy of an Etsy craftsperson, and you can customize the setup to fit your space and collection size. These clever stacking boxes are some of our favorite vinyl record storage ideas.

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