Here Are 11 Vinyl Record Storage Hacks Every Collector Should Know About

vinyl record storage collection
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The vinyl record market is booming right now. Don’t believe us? Just last year, vinyl records outsold CDs for the first time since 1986. Let’s face it, records aren’t just for your hipster and audiophile friends anymore. Vinyl records are everywhere, flooding e-commerce sites and even entering mainstream stores like Target and Walmart. Nowadays, it’s becoming just as easy to pick up a vinyl record as it is to grab milk at the store. Everyone seems to be hopping onto the vinyl resurgence, and for good reason.

Listening to vinyl creates an experience you can’t get from streaming your tunes on Spotify, not to mention some of the record covers are beautiful works of art in and of themselves. Plus, a new generation of Bluetooth record players makes it easy to enjoy records in new ways. But if you’re going to start shelling out the money to build your vinyl collection, it’s important you know the basics for taking good care of your collection. Think of them like delicate relics of the past.

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Learning how to store vinyl records properly is essential. When it comes to vinyl record storage, follow these rules:

  • They should always be stored in an upright position
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures
  • Never stack records on top of each other as the pressure might cause the discs to crack
  • To avoid damage from dust, always put records back into their slipcovers when they’re not being used

With all that in mind, and once you’ve picked yourself up a decent record player, the task then becomes trying to decide where to store everything. Finding the perfect way to store your records can be challenging because you don’t want to sacrifice the records’ integrity for style.

Luckily, we’ve been there, which is how we came up with these 11 must-know vinyl record storage hacks.


1. Monke Mid-Century Style Record Holder


This contemporary record holder is not only a practical vinyl record storage solution that keeps your wax in an upright position, but it’s also very stylish. Available in a black or brown wood base, this piece comes with two acrylic guards that can adjust depending on the size of your collection. And don’t let its minimal design fool you. This handsome and sturdy number can hold up to around 60 vinyl records.

vinyl record storage tabletop record holder Image courtesy of Amazon

Monke Mid-Century Style Record Holder

$34.95 $44.95 22% OFF


2. Urban Outfitters Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack


If you have a healthy record collection, but don’t have a ton of spare space, listen up! This simple yet sturdy metal storage rack boasts three levels of tilted vinyl storage, so you’ll be able to stack a lot in there. The gold finish gives it a bit of a chic vibe, but it would totally fit in with any boho or mid-century aesthetic.

Urban Outfitters Vinyl Storage Rack Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack



3. Collector Mount Adjustable Vinyl Record Frame


If minimal design is your go-to, these adjustable vinyl mounts are just what you need. These easy-to-install record-holders simply nail onto the wall, and you can adjust the frame to fit the vinyl nice and snug. It has small clear lips holding the vinyl in place on the top and bottom — giving the appearance that the vinyl is floating on the wall. And because they’re adjustable, it’s super easy to take the vinyl out for a spin or switch up your display.

Vinyl Record Storage wall mount Image courtesy of Amazon

Collector Mount Adjustable Vinyl Record Frame



4. Niubee Vinyl Record Shelf Mount (6-Pack)


If you’re looking to display a few of your favorite vinyl records, but aren’t looking to spend a lot of cash, these record shelves are the way to go. This pack includes six acrylic vinyl shelves, available in clear or black, that make it easy to put your collection on display. But the real fun comes into play when you consider the endless amount of possibilities in which these could be arranged on the wall.

vinyl record storage wall mount Image courtesy of Amazon

Niubee Vinyl Record Shelf Mount



5. Ironck Record Player End Table


This vinyl record side table boasts a reclaimed wood look and is paired with black metal accents. Together, the elements give it a cool industrial edge. Set it beside your bed or next to the couch to keep your collection in easy reach. The slanted shelf is prime for flipping through vinyls and storing them neatly. It’s a compact setup that makes for a handsome piece of accent furniture.

Vinyl record storage stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Ironck Record Player End Table



6. Bush Anthropology Record Player Stand


This Anthropology Record Player Stand checks all the boxes. It’s got a place to set up your turntable and a concealed storage cabinet to stash your vinyl record collection. But what this cabinet features that not many others do is a glass top with a shelf underneath. This makes for a great display space to show off your favorite LPs.

Vinyl Record Player Stand with Glass Top Image courtesy of Amazon

Bush Anthropology Record Player Stand


7. Victrola Vinyl Record Carrying Case


Whether you’re just starting out your collection or you have a few valuable vinyl gems you’re looking to keep safe, this portable carrying case is perfect for storing approximately 30 records. The hardshell case is available in several different color options, from brown leather with antique gold hardware to a galaxy pattern with black hardware. The case features a handle on top for carrying ease, and a clasp to secure the lid — assuring your stash stays scratch-free.

Picture of the open Victrola vinyl record box. Image courtesy of Amazon

Victrola Vinyl Record Carrying Case



8. Crosley Everett Mid-Century Media Console


If you’re looking to go all out, the Crosley Everett Media Console has all your bases covered. The sleek sliding doors conceal wire dividers that will help keep your records in an upright position. And the hinged top provides a small compartment, tailor-made to store your turntable. The brand offers two different sizes. For $195.56, you could grab a single door side table. But the other option, a media console with two large sliding doors, provides the perfect amount of additional space for your collection to grow. Plus, it comes in two color options: brown (as pictured below) and light brown.

Mid-Century vinyl record console Image courtesy of Amazon

Crosley Everett Mid-Century Media Console



9. KAIU Vinyl Record Frame


With some of the artistry that goes into the design of record covers, it’s a shame to tuck them away on a shelf. Luckily, this wall frame is made with that specific problem in mind. The shatterproof acrylic front allows you to safely display your favorite vinyl, while the swinging door allows you to take your record out for a spin without having to take down the entire unit. At only $25, they’re cheap enough to grab a few and create an entire wall mosaic of record cover art.

Vinyl record wall frame Image courtesy of Amazon

KAIU Vinyl Record Frame



10. Crosley Brooklyn Turntable Stand


The unique and sturdy design of the Crosley Brooklyn Turntable Stand allows you to achieve a trendy vinyl-store aesthetic right in the comfort of your own home. Your records fit nicely in the back of the unit for accessible browsing while your turntable sits securely in the front. But don’t worry about unsightly cords showing, the turntable platform has a hole in the back so you can discreetly run your cables out of sight.

Brooklyn vinyl record stand Image courtesy of Amazon

Crosley Brooklyn Turntable Stand


11. MyGift Vintage Vinyl Storage Crate


Ah, the beloved vinyl record crate. You’ve probably seen these everywhere in your search for the best vinyl record storage options. But the problem with most vinyl record crates is that once you pile in 50 or 100 records, the box becomes quite heavy and difficult to move. Well, meet the solution: the MyGift Vintage Vinyl Storage Crate with — drumroll please — wheels. Not only do the wheels make it easier to move the crate in and out of storage, but they also lift the box off the ground a bit, so dirt and dust don’t invade your collection.

Vinyl record rolling crate Image courtesy of Amazon

MyGift Vintage Vinyl Storage Crate



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