The Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks to Help You Stay Awake for 2020

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While doctors recommend getting a solid eight hours of sleep per night, studies show that nearly a third of all Americans get less than six hours. Sure, you can try going to sleep earlier, but that doesn’t always work when the clock strikes 7:30 and you’re suddenly startled awake by your smartphone. Instead of sticking to the same morning routine, why not try switching out your old alarm for one of these handy dandy sunrise models?

Unlike your smartphone, which forcefully drags you from your dreams with those awfully jarring jingles, these sunrise models help nudge you awake more gracefully, mirroring natural sunlight and helping you get enough sleep without feeling groggy or grumpy. They’re designed to help you create a working circadian rhythm, which in turn can help you fall asleep—and wake up—easier.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch your digital alarm and check out our favorite sunrise models below.

1. Homagical Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock


Tired of waking up groggy? This smart alarm gradually grows brighter to help you wake up feeling more refreshed and relaxed. Starting at any point between 10 and 60 minutes before your alarm is set to go off, this alarm clock also comes with seven natural alarm sounds and 16 adjustable volume specs to help you wake up with light, sound or both.

Homagical Alarm Courtesy of Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

2. Wake-Up Light Sunrise Simulation Digital LED Clock


This cool-looking alarm cube starts growing brighter 30 minutes before your alarm is set to go off, helping you wake up gradually instead of being hit all at once. With a fancy multi-color light design with three dimmable modes, it works as both a sunrise alarm and an everyday lamp. How cool is that?

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3. TITIROBA Wake-Up Light


This cone-shaped wake-up light works by stimulating actual sunlight, helping you wake up gradually and thereby feeling more refreshed. It features three different programmable light settings to help you find the right fit, but where it really shines is in the number of color combinations. In fact, the Titiroba light features 256 RGB different combinations to help add a little diversity to your morning routine.

Titiroba Alarm Clock Courtesy of Amazon

4. LittleHippo Ready to Rise Children’s Trainer, Alarm Clock


Great for kids who need a little helping hand waking up in the morning, this LittleHippo alarm is a delight. Presented as the clock that strikes a smart balance between efficiency and usability, this is the one alarm your kids will have no problem using. The different lights correspond to different actions, helping to teach your kids when to go to bed—and when to wake up.

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5. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock


Wake up to the sweet and sultry rays of light with this easygoing alarm clock. This alarm features eight different light options for added versatility. By using LED lights to wake you up gently over a 30-minute period, you’ll feel more refreshed and less sluggish.

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock Image courtesy of Amazon


6. LBell Sunrise Alarm Clock


Not only does this option do all the usual things you’d expect from a sunrise clock, it also helps you fall asleep. That’s right, this sunrise clock is also a sunset clock. If falling asleep is an issue for you, give this clock a try. It will play music and slowly dim its light as you get into bed. As you start to snooze, it will softly silence the tunes to help you drift off to sleep. And when it’s time to wake up, this sunrise clock from LBell will start the process up in reverse, and gently wake you from your slumber.

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