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The Best Wall Planters for the Vertical Garden of Your Dreams

Space is a hot commodity. Floor, counter and especially private outdoor space can be hard to come by, particularly if you’re in an apartment. Luckily, gardening is no longer a hobby restricted to suburbia. All homes have walls, and that’s all you need to become a successful plant parent. 

Since house plants have proven to be a lasting trend, there are now wall planters to meet all of your vertical gardening needs. You can grow a mounted herb garden in your kitchen or propped up on your tiny balcony. You can build terrariums along living room walls to help solidify that desert vibe you’ve been going for. You can even propagate your own plant babies on display for all to see. 

Even if you have the space elsewhere, using mounted wall planters to add more life and greenery into your space is a great decor hack. Not only do plants look lovely, but they can also improve air quality and boost your mood, so why not pack in as many as possible with some of these great wall planters?


1. West Elm Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Wallscape Planters


These mounted pots are intended for mixing and matching. They come in four or six inch varieties in both black and white ceramic. They’re easy to hang and will help you create a stylish wallscape for all your favorite plants effortlessly. They also happen to be quite durable, so they can survive outdoor use even in the colder winter months. Just make sure your chosen plants can also survive out there.

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Courtesy of West Elm

2. Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter


This tiered hanging planter gives you three rectangular pots to fill with one small, easy mount. The rope and ceramic combo creates a modern yet rustic vibe, perfect for succulents, herbs, faux or any small regular plants. It’s also lightweight, durable and has hundreds of five-star reviews.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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3. Purzest Wall Succulent Planters


This set comes with six colorful clay vases to mount on your wall of choice. The unique, irregular rounded shapes and cool matte colors create an artistic display before you even put in your plants. These are perfect for air plants, single stem dried plants and succulents due to the smaller openings. They can also survive the outdoors if you’d prefer to show off your succulents to the public.

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Clear Hemal Glass Wall Planter


The clear glass design of these spherical mounted planters makes them ideal for creating and displaying terrariums. The shape and material make for maximum visibility, so that you can see every layer of stones, sea glass, moss, soil and decorative plants inside. The glass and top opening allow heat and light to enter while holding in moisture to create the healthiest and most eye-catching terrariums on any wall.

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Courtesy of Wayfair


5. Crate and Barrel 4 Box Wall Mounted Planter


This contemporary black steel planter makes great use of wall space, with wall-mounted rails that allow you to remove and rearrange the four boxed planters any way you’d like. They’re also watertight, protect plants from inclement weather in case of outdoor use and look great holding any small or trailing plants.

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Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

6. Modern Sprout Growframe


Sometimes house plants need a little more light than what’s available indoors to really flourish. If your space doesn’t get the most sunlight, a growframe may be the perfect solution. This rectangular steel frame mounts to the wall, creating a ledge for all of your little plants to sit on. The integrated grow light can adjust to different brightness levels depending on your plant’s needs, and be set on a timer so you don’t have to be around to turn it on and off. It’ll brighten up any room and help your pickiest plants bloom beautifully.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

7. DecorX Wall Hanging Glass Planter Propagation Station


The minimalist wood frame for this wall mounted propagation station comes in beige or brown to match a variety of home decor. It holds five slim glass tube propagators with plenty of room for roots to help your plant babies thrive, and the entire plant is visible for monitoring growth conditions. It’s the perfect trendy display to observe your propagating right up at eye level.

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Courtesy of Walmart


8. Wally Eco Wall Planter


This patented eco vertical garden wall planter is sleek, simple to assemble and creates an ideal environment for a thriving vertical garden. It comes in a wide variety of chic colors to match any room, mounts easily, and even offers suggested soil and plant volumes. They’re also made of 100% recycled milk jugs, so you’ll be creating new life without harming the environment.

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Courtesy of Shop May Wynn

9. Leoyoubei Self Watering Wall Planters


It can be difficult to know exactly how much water to feed your plants, so these wall hanging planters take care of that for you. They come in sets of five black, white or mulitcolor plastic mounted pots, each with a mounting hook, an outer basin, an inner pot and a root cotton rope. The automatic suction cotton ropes make the plants self sufficient to save water and avoid drought, so there’s no need to water every day.

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Courtesy of Amazon

10. Kate and Laurel Groves Herb Garden


This six pot wall planter is the perfect home for an indoor herb garden. The metal pots are each an ideal size for a small herb plant, and the wall mounted frame keeps everything organized while also serving as a piece of charming decor. You can have fresh herbs growing right on the wall of your kitchen to use in every meal you cook.

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Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

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