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This $14 Water Bottle Has a Built-In Storage Compartment For Your Phone

From the outside,

looks like any other reusable water bottle. It’s only on closer inspection that you’ll realize it may actually be the answer to your gym dilemma. Instead of having to workout with full pockets or arm-mounted items, this handy water bottle allows you to store your things inside it in a built-in storage compartment, freeing you up to enjoy your workout without worry.

The smart design of the bottle allows it to function like any normal water bottle from the top. It sports a leak-proof lid with a wide opening to make filling and cleaning the bottle simple. You’ll also find a second narrower opening in the lid so you can drink with confidence. However, at the other end, there’s a separate screw-on lid which provides access to a phone-shaped storage compartment inside.

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The bottle also features a few convenient extras like the carrying loop mounted on the lid, allowing you to tether or clip it to a bag or belt. There’s also a small access port with a removable plug in the storage compartment, which means you can thread your headphones through and connect them to your stored phone. This provides an easy way to listen to your music while you workout.

Furthermore, while the compartment is designed for smartphone use, the space is ideal for other items you don’t want to leave behind, like keys, IDs, credit cards and money. Plus, it’s not just great for use in the gym, the design can come along with you anywhere. It’s especially great for outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling and running.

Forget traipsing around the gym or park with full pockets or things strapped around every limb. Instead, enjoy the freedom afforded by this clever water bottle, along with the refreshment, too.


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