Take Water Fights to the Next Level With the Best Water Guns You Can Buy Right Now

Kid Shooting Water Gun
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When it comes to cooling down on a warm day, a cool drink of lemonade, a dip in the pool or a cold shower work just fine. However, there’s something about a friends and family-wide water fight that just can’t be beaten. These epic battles are fun and exciting, and, once the victors have been crowned, they can always be followed by numerous sequels, too. With victory in mind, you’re going to want the best water guns possible for such backyard engagements.

Water guns come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, meaning it’s important to choose the right one for you. Some are designed for kids, some are made for family battles and others are designed for one thing above all else — covering your target in as much water as quickly as possible. When picking out the right gun, consider these aspects:

  • Gun size and weight
  • Water capacity
  • Maximum shooting distance
  • Manual or automatic function

We’ve put together a list of the best water guns available. There’s something for everyone on the list, whether you’re looking for harmless fun with young children, hoping to introduce teenagers to your deadly water fight prowess or even multi-clip water guns for obliterating your buddies in a matter of minutes.

Find the right one for you and enjoy the excitement and cooling effects a water fight can bring.

1. NERF Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker

The NERF Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker Water Blaster Toy looks like it means business. Inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite Battle Royale, the blaster features a pump-action method of shooting, and the 7.4-fluid-ounce capacity lets you soak and overwhelm opponents before they know what’s going on. You’ll also find a large, cap-covered opening in the top which allows for fast refilling when you’re out. Once refilled, simply close the cap, move the pump handle back and forth a few times and you’re good to go.

Pros: Gamers who have played the Fortnite series of computer games will love holding this game-inspired blaster in their hands.

Cons: Water capacity could be better.

NERF Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker Water Blaster Toy Courtesy of Amazon

2. MOZOOSON Water Gun

The MOZOOSON Water Gun is a great addition to your outdoor arsenal. It’s made from high-quality, non-toxic ABS Materials, giving it a sturdy and durable feel in hand. It’s also easy to use as all you need to do is pump the slider, pull the trigger and shoot away. When under pressure, the 750cc-capacity gun can shoot up to 33 feet and includes a large mouth in the design for quick and easy filling, so you’re never out of the game for long.

Pros: The gun’s compact size makes it easier to manage than other large-capacity options.

Cons: With a capacity of just 750cc, you may need to refill your gun more often than some others involved in the fight.

best water guns mozooson Image courtesy of Amazon

3. NERF Super Soaker Thunderstorm

If professional water fighting was a real thing, the Super Soaker Thunderstorm is what competitors would arm themselves with. As soon as you pull the trigger, this motorized, automatic water gun produces a soaking stream up to 25 feet long, letting you soak your opponents in a matter of seconds. This means there’s no need for any pumping action, and reloading is as simple as replacing or refilling the removable clip. This speedy refill method also means it’s possible to buy extra clips to save time when the fight is on.

Pros: The motorized function means this water gun requires no pumping or physical effort above pulling the trigger and aiming.

Cons: Without additional clips on your belt, the refilling process could take longer than many non-motorized options.

best water guns super soaker thunderstorm Image courtesy of Amazon

4. 4E’s Novelty Firefighter Backpack

If you’ve got a wannabe firefighter running around the house, give them a dose of inspiration with this 4E’s Novelty Firefighter Backpack. It includes a double-tank backpack for an impressive capacity to hold water along with double straps to ensure a secure fit. The long hose provides for plenty of freedom during use, and the gun blaster includes a pump-and-shoot action mechanism that delivers a precision burst of water. This pack is a great gift idea for young children who love imagination play and water fights.

Pros: The large, back-mounted water tank allows this firefighter water gun to hold an impressive amount of water.

Cons: As the backpack is designed for children, you might feel sad you can’t have a go yourself.

best water guns 4es novelty firefighter backpack Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Stream Machine QF-2000 29.5″ Water Launcher Gun

The Stream Machine QF-2000 29.5″ Water Launcher Gun is made from high-quality polymers that deliver a durable, brightly colored product. The 24-inch barrel is massive in size and when filled with water and compressed, it shoots high-precision streams of water up to a nearly unbeatable 70 feet away. For quick reloads, all that’s needed at home base is a barrel of water. Just submerge, draw back the handle, and you’re ready to go.

Pros: With high precision shooting to a maximum distance of 70 feet, you can always be confident you’ll be able to get the first shot during a water fight when you’re carrying this water gun.

Cons: The gun features no built-in water storage, meaning you have to refill it after every shot taken.

Stream Machine QF-2000 29.5" Water Launcher Gun Courtesy of Amazon

6. Pack of 28 Assorted Water Guns

While these might solely do damage to your daffodils, this 28 pack of assorted water guns range from only four to six inches long. They probably aren’t best for kids looking to super soak their pals during the next water gun tourney, but it’s great for parents watching the kids play in the heat. Just spray these tiny shots all over your face and body and feel a tad cooler on the next sweltering afternoon.

Pros: Great for parents just lounging around and watching the kids play on hot days.

Cons: Totally incapable of providing any serious damage during a water gun fight.

Pack of 28 Assorted Water Guns Courtesy of Amazon

7. Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set

Inside this Max Liquidator Water Blaster Set, you’ll find six individual water guns, making it an ideal choice for families and groups of friends looking for some cooling summer fun. Each shooter is made from a lightweight foam which gives it a pool noodle-like appearance. This fact also means it floats in water and feels comfortable in hand. In addition, these precision blasters are vibrantly colored and capable of firing a jet of water up to 30 feet away every time you perform a pull-push reload.

Pros: The foam construction gives the blasters a comfortable in-hand feel.

Cons: It is necessary to refill the blaster after every fired shot meaning you need to remain near a water source during use.

best water guns max liquidator blaster Image courtesy of Amazon

8. ToyerBee Water Gun Set

Any good battle needs opposing sides, which is why you should consider this ToyerBee Water Gun Set. It comes with two pistol-style water guns, meaning you’re ready to start a water fight from the moment they arrive. Each of the guns in the set is capable of shooting a jet up to 35 feet and has a large 1200cc water capacity. They’re made from a high-quality ABS material, won’t leak and sport top-mounted holes to make the refilling process especially easy. Furthermore, one is orange and one is blue which is great for possessive kids or adults and adds an extra fun dimension to your seaside, swimming pool or backyard water fun.

Pros: The set includes two guns which means you’re water fight ready from the moment they arrive.

Cons: If there are more than two people in your family or group, it may be frustrating to wait for your turn.

best water guns toyerbee Image courtesy of Amazon