Having a Water Pitcher in Your Fridge Makes Staying Hydrated a Breeze

best water pitchers
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We all want to know that we’re drinking the cleanest, most filtered and freshest water that we can, and there’s no way to be surer than by using a water filter pitcher. Tap water just doesn’t cut it these days, and the security of knowing that your water is passing through a filter before being poured into your glass or bottle is calming. The best water pitchers will help put you and your family in the right mindset to stay hydrated every day.

Although you can be fairly sure that any harmful bacteria, viruses, or parasites have been removed before the water reaches your faucet, using a filtered water pitcher reduces lead, chlorine, asbestos, benzene, particulates and other contaminants that you may otherwise find present in tap water. We all want to feel content and confident when quenching our thirst and so to truly enjoy that water freshness, make sure you’re pouring your water from a pitcher with a filter.

When choosing the best water pitcher for you, consider the following elements:

  • Filter Stages – How many filter layers do you want your water to go through? At least five is good, and if you buy a water pitcher with more than that, you’ll end up with a better-filtered product. 
  • BPA – BPA has been proven to be dangerous to humans under certain conditions, so this is something you want to make sure your water pitcher excludes in the production process. Brita and many of the leading brands produce pitchers without BPA, and this is definitely something to watch out for.
  • Capacity – As far as water pitchers go, you can find the right size for you by thinking in cups. Pitchers generally range from five cups, on the smaller end of the scale, to 10 or 11 cups maximum. Anything over that, and you’ve got yourself a mini paddling pool. 
  • Filter Life – Filters range in terms of how long the brand expects them to be functional, but, of course, this also depends on how much you use the filter. Each model will be catered to a different audience, so be sure to check your product depending on if you’re a sole buyer, family representative or just like to have parties all the time.

If all of the above info seems a little overwhelming at this point, don’t worry, we’ve broken down the best pitchers out there for you in the list below.


1. Brita Filter Large Water Pitcher


There’s no water pitcher brand more reputable, reliable and easy to refill than Brita. Brita is the best of the best when it comes to filtered water pitchers, and this large, 10 cup model in bubble black is both easy to pour and store while also looking super stylish. Although it’s firmly on the larger end of the water pitcher scale, with its efficient and fridge-friendly design, there’s no space lost. Nor is there any freshness lost thanks to Brita’s BPA-free filter than reduces the chlorine, copper, mercury, zinc and cadmium impurities generally found in tap water.

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2. Brita Small Metro Filter Pitcher


This is a Brita water pitcher to suit a smaller household, fridge or thirst. With a smaller capacity than most, this five-cup Metro Filter Pitcher is available in three stylish colors, namely red, white and turquoise. It also has upgrade options to include a longer-lasting filter instead of a standard filter at the time of purchase. As always seen across the Brita brand, this pitcher uses the BPA-free Brita filter to reduce lead asbestos and cadmium impurities that can impact health over time. Due to the quality of the product, Brita is confident that even the Standard Filter only needs changing every 120 gallons which is three times less often than other market competitors.

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3. Prodyne Fruit Infusion Filter Pitcher


Let’s get fruity with this Prodyne fruit infusion water filter pitcher. The best way to stay healthy and flavorsome is to infuse your water with fruits of your choice. Whether citrus, berries or a whole fruit salad, this pitcher is the ideal fridge friend to put a tasty boost into your hydration. Prodyne’s clever design ensures that the fruit will stay in place, even when the water is poured. That way, you can refill your pitcher and reuse your fruits if you’d like to.

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4. ZeroWater ZP Water Pitcher


Complete with a water quality meter, this ZeroWater 10-cup water filtering pitcher has no secrets to hide when it comes to the quality of its water filtration. Using five-stage filtration, this water pitcher can bring you cleaner, better-tasting water. ZeroWater is committed to removing 99.6% of total dissolved solids which is twice as many as any other leading brand. Whereas many other styles of water pitcher focus solely on carbon filtering, ZeroWater uses Ion Exchange Technology to reduce contaminants.

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5. PUR Water Filtration System


Not many brands have managed to design an 11 cup pitcher that is still fridge-friendly, but that’s exactly what PUR has done with their Classic Water Filtration System. Being one of the biggest water pitchers on the market doesn’t mean the water from this water pitcher is of any lesser quality than the water filtered by smaller pitchers. Easy to fill and with a built-in LED filter life indicator, this model has been designed to hydrate the whole family.

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6. Nakii Filtered Water Pitcher


It’s not often that you’d use the word beautiful and water pitcher in the same sentence, but when it comes to Nakii’s supreme fast filtration design, it’s hard not to. By using advanced chlorine, metals and sediment-removal technology, Nakii ensures their water quality is second to none. The company also prides itself on using only the highest quality materials. As a testament to this commitment, a single Nakii filter has a lifespan of 150 gallons.

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7. Brita Stream Filter-As-You-Pour Water Pitcher


Here we have a revolutionary design in water pitchers brought to us by none other than Brita. The filter-as-you-pour pitcher removes the need for a traditional reservoir of water inside the jug, meaning that you never have to wait for your water to filter. The drip-by-drip sound of other water pitchers is long gone with this easy-to-pour Brita Stream. With this pitcher, you can pour a great-tasting glass of filtered water as quick as you can say refill.

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8. Invigorated Water Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher


Say no to plastic with Invigorated Water’s Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher. After seeing the demand and hearing their customers’ voices for years, Invigorated Water has delivered this brand new pH ionizing water filter as an alternative to the copious amounts of plastic models out there. Complete with an ice guard on the inside and stylish wooden handle on the outside, this Vitality water pitcher is an asset to both your fridge for filtering and on your dinner table for serving.

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9. Epic Water Filter Pitcher


How epic can a water pitcher really be? Very, when it comes to Epic Water’s 10-cup space efficiency gravity water filter system. Designed to fit perfectly in your refrigerator with enough water stored to quench a full family’s thirst, this pitcher has been designed with premium quality in mind, from the pitcher itself all the way to the filter.

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