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You Drink Your Water From a Brita, Shouldn’t You Start Filtering The Water You Shower With Too

* No one likes to drink hard water, so why would you shower in it?
* These filter heads remove limescale and other water impurities
* Each shower head is easy to install and well-reviewed by Amazon users

If you own a Brita water filter, you already know the difference between drinking hard water and drinking delicious, filtered water. It’s really clear to see and taste. With that in mind, have you ever thought about the difference a water filter could make when it comes to your shower experience? Imagine enjoying filtered, clear water in your bath instead of cloudy, mineral-filled hard water. With these filters, that’s exactly what you can do.

Each of these filtering options helps to remove hard water components, like chlorine, fluoride and chloramine, along with sediment and other hard metals, like iron, lead and calcium. By filtering out these harmful elements, you’ll notice a marked improvement to your skin and hair.

Not only do these filters provide an improved shower experience for the user, they also help increase the lifespan of your shower head. Two of these shower heads also include water management elements, which help save you water without sacrificing any pressure during your shower.

1. Pure Action Water Softener Shower Head


offers 3 high-pressure spray settings to choose from depending on your personal preference. Rain, power and combo deliver differing shower experiences for the user. In addition, these options actually save you water by managing the flow better than your average shower head. Inside the head, you’ll find a two-stage filter cartridge, which works to remove fluoride, chlorine and “hardness” from the water. This kit also includes 2 additional filters, teflon tape and a luxury gift box if you want to give it as a surprise gift for a hard-water hating partner or friend.

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2. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

If you love your current shower head but hate hard water, then the

could be just what you’re after. Instead of replacing your shower head outright, this handy filter simply fits in between your current shower head and the water supply. And, the multi-layer filter doesn’t just remove hard water. The sediment layer removes particles like sand, dust and limescale, while the activated carbon and calcium sulfate layers remove organic material, chlorine and bacteria, too.

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3. AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set


includes both the water filter and a high-quality shower head to improve your in-shower experience. The filter sports a 15-stange filtration system, which includes layers for oxygen saturation, sediment removal, chlorine reduction and more. The shower head itself contains a special cartridge to enrich your water with vitamins E and C. The head also includes a high-pressure plate for a more complete shower experience. In addition, the joint between the filter and head is flexible, which allows you to direct the water exactly where you want it.

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Why Take Baths When You Can Relax Under These Shower Heads?