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Waterproof Notebooks for all Your Outdoor Adventures

If you’re a backpacker, climber or nature lover, a field notebook is likely part of your outdoor gear list. These notebooks are great for jotting down observations and sketching interesting plants. However, you can lose all of your notes after a rainstorm.

This is why waterproof notebooks are an essential adventure tool.

These notebooks include a special type of waterproof paper. Water runs off the pages, rather than soaking them through. The covers and pages are often resistant to tears, so you can stash them in your pack without worry. Water-based ink runs off the pages as well, but ballpoint pens and standard pencils are typically free game.

Opting for a waterproof notebook gives you one less thing to worry about as you enjoy the outdoors. Going forward, feel free to cross streams, sleep outside and stash your notebook in your pocket. Keep in mind that these notebooks are also a great option for anyone who works outdoors, such as building contractors and farmers.

Here are some of the best waterproof notebooks to buy for your next adventure.

1. GLORYFIRE All-Weather Notebook

This three by five-inch notebook is available in a set of five. The strong PVC cover protects the pages while repelling water, mud and grease. This product also includes recyclable wood-based pages as an alternative to synthetic paper. The strong wire binding keeps the notebook intact through tough outdoor work or outdoor activities. You can use pencil, pen and marker in this notebook.

Pros: The pages are sustainable and waterproof, holding up to accidental laundry cycles. You can stock up on these notebooks without spending too much.

Cons: The pages may tear easily. These notebooks may have a strong odor.

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2. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Notebook

This rain-proof notebook includes 32 sheets of waterproof paper. The wood-based paper is recyclable. You can use multiple types of pens and pencils when writing on it, but pencil will likely work the best. The durable cover is made of polydura material, so it remains flexible. This notebook is available in seven colors.

Pros: The waterproof pages and cover hold up to the elements. You can use pencil to write on the wet pages.

Cons: Gel pen ink may bead on this paper. The pages may unbind with use.

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3. The Indestructible Waterproof Field Book

If you’re working outdoors, this notebook will last through the project. This product includes 48 synthetic waterproof and tear-proof pages (24 sheets). You can use a ballpoint pen or pencil to write on these pages, and your writing will be visible when the pages are wet. Four color options and a variety pack are available.

Pros: The synthetic pages are nearly impossible to tear or remove from the notebook. The bright colors are visible in most conditions.

Cons: Ink can smudge easily on these pages. The pages might stick together.

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