6 Ways to Elevate Your Netflix & Chill Routine

Elevate Netflix and Chill Routine
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* Six great ways to make Netflix marathons even better
* From popcorn makers to pillows
* Sure to upgrade your relaxation, whether you’re reading a novel or binge-watching

Sometimes, when it’s cold outside, there’s nothing cozier than having someone over to Netflix & chill. In order to make the most of your wintry evenings with partners, friends, family or just yourself, here are six of the best ways to actually chill on a great night in with your favorite streaming service.

1. PopLite Popper

There’s nothing to give movie viewing more of a sense of occasion than popcorn. This air popper lets you fine-tune your corn popping, and works even faster than a microwave.

poplite popper Courtesy Amazon

2. Cupsy Sofa Organizer and Beverage Holder

Upgrade your couch with this organizer caddy that features beverage holders and even a handy slot for remote controls, game controllers and other easily cushion-swallowed items.

Cupsy Beverage Holder Courtesy Amazon

3. Sunbeam Heated Fleece Blanket

This heated fleece blanket takes cozy up a notch or two. Plus, it’s great for soothing cramps and muscle aches.

Heated blanket Courtesy Amazon

4. Luminoodle Backlighting for HDTVs

This set of lights goes behind your panel TV and helps reduce the eye strain and stress of looking at a really bright rectangle in an otherwise twilit room. It’s easy to install and makes it a little bit easier to tell Netflix yes, I’m still watching.

Luminoodle backlighting hdtv Courtesy Amazon

5. Boyfriend Pillow

This makes a hilarious gift, as well as a great pillow: it’s just the thing for when Netflix and Chill is actually Netflix and Chill. As an added bonus, it won’t ask you to be its therapist, ghost you or leave creepy comments on your friends’ Instagrams.

boyfriend pillow Courtesy Amazon

6. Neck Sofa Pillow

This memory foam pillow is ergonomically designed and actually helps you breathe easier while reclined. It also relieves back and neck strain. Great for Netflix marathons.

Neck pillow Courtesy Uncommon Goods


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