Bust the Dust Buster: 8 Best Ways to Clean Your Floor That Aren’t Push Vacuums

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* Vacuum-free ideas for clean floors
* Alternatives that don’t require cords
* Targeted solutions when a vacuum just isn’t necessary

When your floors need a thorough cleaning, a high-powered vacuum is exactly what’s needed to get the job done. But there are times and situations when using a full-size push vacuum feels like cutting a loaf of bread with a chainsaw – say, a minor pet hairball or a mess that needs a gentle yet detailed mopping. Scroll below to find the 8 best ways to clean your floor without a push vacuum.

1. Swiffer Wet Mopping Refills

Pre-moistened disposable mopping pads mean you don’t have to drag a bucket of murky water around for wet mopping. A textured surface grabs and traps dirt and grime.

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2. Swiffer Dry Refills

Using electro-static energy, Swiffer Dry pads pick up three times more dust and debris than sweeping with a broom.

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3. Swiffer Starter Kit

For those with hard floors, Swiffer has been a game-changing cleaning product. Dry disposable dust cloths and wet disposable mopping cloths have eliminated the messy hassle of broom-and-pan sweeping and dirty-water mopping. All you need is a starter kit which includes the Swiffer Sweeper and dry/wet refill cloths.

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4. Smart Mop

The appeal of the Smart Mop is its ability to clean up all kinds of spills yet be rinsed clean in seconds thanks to its super-absorbent fabric and twistable wringing head.

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5. Reusable Lint Roller

Not just for sweater fuzz, this oversized retractable lint roller is an excellent clean-up tool for a variety of surfaces, from hard floors to carpets. It’s especially great on high-pile rugs or even bathroom mats. Made from reusable eco-friendly materials, all you have to do is rinse and let it dry between uses.

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6. Fuller Carpet Sweeper

This carpet sweeper is lightweight, quiet and well-suited for quick cleanup jobs. Natural boar bristles pick up pet hair, dust and dirt without the use of electricity or cords.

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7. O Cedar Robot Duster

At just $37, this robot duster is an affordable assist to keep your floors looking great between deep cleans. Switch it on before you leave the house and come back to dust-free, spotless floors without having to lift a finger.

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8. Evertop Robotic Vacuum

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