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This Gardening Tool Blasts Away Stubborn Weeds

* Telescoping, comfortable handle
* Easily removes stubborn weeds from driveway cracks
* Interchangeable weeding heads

When it comes to garden and lawn maintenance, it can sometimes be challenging to… weed out the unsuitable options and find the cream of the crop among weed-removal tools. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, chemical-free weed remover, this “weed snatcher” found on The Grommet is a simple, yet convenient way to go. And no, despite the name, this is not a prank tool for hiding your friends’ cannabis. It is, however, just about the easiest sustainable way to get a weed-free and well-kept patio. Thanks to its nifty interchangeable heads, this garden tool is ideally suited to removing weeds from the edges of driveways and the cracks between concrete sections of walkways or flagstones.

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Courtesy The Grommet

The weed snatcher is supremely easy to use, and saves you from having to bend and stoop and hack away at stubborn weeds with your trowel or your fingernails. Far more eco-friendly than using herbicides, and far more practical than trying to domesticate and train an army of ground squirrels, the Weed Snatcher only removes the weeds you want removed. To work this simple gizmo, just set the telescoping handle to a comfortable length, add the desired “head” to the end of it– there’s a quick change button and the heads snap easily into place. Next, run the Weed Snatcher back and forth over the areas you want weeded. The hooked metal head removes weeds on the backwards stroke, and once it has plucked its fill of weeds, just lift to clean off the head. The little wheels help make it easy to guide and push along, just like the farm implement this weed blaster is loosely based on. As a bonus, if you know anyone who is really into those Farmville/ Harvest Moon type games, you just might be able to convince them this tool lets them “LARP” their favorite farm adventure, and have free lawn weeding help. Well, it’s worth a try.


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