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Stay Safe While Working On Small And Large Projects With A Welding Helmet

From weekend welders who like to take on small projects around the home, to professionals who spend hours each day dodging sparks, welding masks are a must-have safety tool for all jobs, regardless of their size.

A welding helmet is designed to act as a face and eye protector, with some masks also covering the neck. Made from plastic, welding helmets keep users safe from heat, ultraviolet and infrared light, sparks, and flash burns. They’re often used in conjunction with welding tools, as well as by boilermakers, glass blowers, and even automotive mechanics.

Without a doubt, the most important part of a welding helmet is the eye protection. Helmets are designed with a variety of lenses that protect the eyes but still provide a clear viewing area so that the user can work safely and efficiently. The helmets we’ve included on our list feature various lenses that are favorable to tons of applications. Some even include auto-darkening features that make it easier to see when working under fluorescent lights or in natural sunlight. The wide spread of price points on our list provide options for every level of welder, meaning there’s no excuse to not be safe.

For more on which welding helmet is right for you, check out our three top picks below.

1. Antra Welding Helmet With Solar Power Auto Darkening

Designed for frequent use with excellent response to TIG, MIG, MMA, and Plasma Applications, the Antra Welding Helmet with Solar Powered Auto Darkening features a solar cell and two replaceable batteries.

Pros: Designed for light professional use or heavy at home use, the Antra features a smart chip with four controlled sensors and interference suppression technology that reduces false triggering of the darkening feature. Great for work done indoors and outdoors, the Antra features a variable shade from 5 to 13 and a grinding feature on shade four. The passive filter has permanent UV/IR protection, and the lightweight helmet comes with six bonus exterior lens cover plates and can work with or without power.

Cons: The helmet can be worn with a hard hat, but the adapter must be purchased separately.

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2. Lincoln Electric 3350 Welding Helmet

The auto-darkening Lincoln Electric 3350 Welding Helmet comes with four arc sensors.

Pros: Like the Antra, the Lincoln Electric has lens shades 5 to 13 and also runs off solar cells. The helmet has a 3.74″ x 3.34 viewing area and a switching speed of 1/25, 000 sec, with a TIG AMP rating of 2A. Customers who work as boilermakers and welders find the Antra durable, offering unparalleled clarity.

Cons: The Lincoln Electric is significantly more expensive than the other two options on our list. Some customers found that while the mask was high quality, the actual helmet portion felt flimsy and didn’t fit well.

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3. Neiko Industrial Grade Welding Helmet with Flip Lens

The affordable Neiko Welding Helmet is an industrial-grade helmet with a flip-up lens design that protects against UV and IR light, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor projects.

Pros: Made from impact-resistant polypropylene, the Neiko is compliant with requirements for RX safety eyewear, making this an excellent option for home or work use. The helmet doubles as a face shield, with the #11 lens easy to flip up when not welding. Lightweight and comfortable, the Neiko can be worn for hours on end. The Neiko is a great option for infrequent welders or for use in a high school shop class.

Cons: The Neiko does not offer as much protection as the first two options and is better suited for small welding jobs. It also doesn’t offer the same amount of features as the first two helmets and only has a #11 lens, limiting its usefulness.

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