The 17 Best Wind Chimes for Meteorological Melodies

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Wind chimes are a wonderful addition to any outdoor space and make a lovely present for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas or Friendship Day, a wind chime will add a hint of song and a piece of art to the recipient’s backyard. They’re one of the best ways to brighten up a porch, garden or hallway and are often used as a sign for remembrance at memorials, too.

There’s not one set tune that windchimes will play; they’ve each got their individual tones and melodies. They also come in a wide range of exciting shapes, bright colors and materials which have an influence on the sound they create. Some popular wind chime materials include:

  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Bamboo
  • Clay
  • Hybrid metals
  • Beads
  • PVC
  • Stoneware
  • Porcelain
  • Crystals

In essence, no matter which material they’re made from, wind chimes are instruments that utilize naturally sourced energy. Each set of wind chimes has at least five essential parts:

  • Chimes – These are the pieces of a wind chime that make noise. In traditional wind chimes, they are metal tubes, but they can be made from any number of different materials. (See above)
  • Suspension base – This is the piece of material from which the chimes are hung. It’s usually round and sits above the sound-making tubes or pieces in the wind chime.
  • Suspension cords – These strings attach the chimes to the base and the base to your hanging spot.
  • Clapper – The bit of material that bangs against the chimes to create the melody is called the clapper. This is usually in a ball-shape and made from wood or metal.
  • Sail – Attached to the clapper by a string, the sail sits at the bottom of the wind chime and catches the wind, causing the clapper to move against the chimes. 

Wind chimes can also be a way of expressing many emotions, both happy and sad. While some cater to the colorful and joyful side of our feelings, others can act as a form of comfort, sympathy or condolence in times of sadness. 

Whatever the weather and whatever the celebration, there’s usually a windchime to suit. We’ve put together a list of some of the most unique, creative and occasion-relevant wind chimes so that you can see the variety available and choose the best wind chimes for you.


1. UpBlend Outdoors Store Wind Chimes


UpBlend Outdoors Store jokingly calls these wind chimes, “Wind Chimes For People Who Like Their Neighbors.” It’s true that wind chimes can occasionally become annoying thanks to their never-ceasing sound, but these metal chimes are extremely pleasing to the ear. In fact, they play a variation of the G-major pentatonic scale. The deep red chimes are made from six sturdy aluminum tubes and bamboo and are 29 inches long from bottom to top.

wind chimes upblend outdoors Image courtesy of Amazon


2. MyFamilyHouse Dragon Windchime


Soar into the world of wind chimes with a flying dragon from MyFamilyHouse. This bamboo and coconut combo creature is a fun feature to add to any home or garden. It’s handcrafted in Indonesia by local skilled workers and is completely fair trade. However, as much as these are high-quality dragons made from only the best materials, piggybacks are not advised.

wind chimes myfamilyhouse Image courtesy of Etsy


3. PATHONOR Wind Chimes Outdoor


For a traditional set of wind chimes with a bright and airy melody, look no further than the PATHONOR Wind Chimes Outdoor. This instrument includes six aluminum tubes hung from a wooden base with a wooden pendant and sail. As it only has a 24.5-inch drop, this set of wind chimes can be used indoors or outdoors with ease. The set also makes a great gift for someone moving into their first home or who may need a bit of good luck.

wind chimes pathonor Image courtesy of Amazon


4. MyFamilyHouse Glass Wind Chime


One of the best things about some wind chime designs is that they also catch the sun to create beautiful colors. This MyFamilyHouse Glass Wind Chime does exactly that. It has multicolored panels that will spring bright reflections around it. The glass panels were carved into their leaf-like shapes by talented locals on the island of Bali. In addition, the bamboo branch that’s used to hang the glass was also locally sourced. All materials are recycled, eco-friendly and fair trade.

wind chimes myfamilyhouse Image courtesy of Etsy


5. TheRockinJewler Agate Slice Wind Chimes


This beautiful display of sliced agate will add a hint of boho decor indoors or outdoors. Agate can be found in a range of natural colors, and so, there are five different variations of shade style to choose from when purchasing. Be careful when hanging them, though, as this is definitely one of the most fragile wind chimes we’ve found. You might not consider yourself to be a wizard yet, but this set of wind chimes could bring crystal healing to your home.

wind chimes therockinjeweler Image courtesy of Etsy


6. BottlesUncorked Glass Wine Bottle Wind Chimes


These BottlesUncorked Glass Wine Bottle Wind Chimes are a brightly colored addition for positivity in your home. They’re available in seven different colors, namely amber, cobalt blue, clear, green, yellow, red and frosted. Or, you can order the full set of seven. Inside each bottle is a wooden ball for creating the sound when the wind knocks it against the glass. There’s also a cute heart sail hanging just below the ball that captures the gust for movement.

wind chimes bottlesuncorked Image courtesy of Etsy


7. NevaStarr Fish Wind Chime


The NevaStarr Wind Chime is fun for all the family and brings together a whole school of fishy friends to create an individual wind chime. The little sea creatures are made from antique, silver-plated spoons dating back as far as 1786. At the point of purchase, you can choose whether you’d like three, four, five or seven finned specimens included in your chime. Each piece is carefully crafted in the USA. 

wind chimes nevastarr Image courtesy of Etsy


8. TouchOfECO Solar Wind Chimes


Use the power of the sun to light up your TouchOfECO Solar Wind Chimes, and see the glow of the rainbow colors as they shine. This set of wind chimes features six individual ornamental globes that house a differently colored LED light each. An eco-friendly solar panel is included when ordered, and this is what’s used to power the lights by night. They can be illuminated for up to eight hours at a time using the energy saved from the day, and they will automatically switch themselves off come sunrise.

wind chimes touchofeco Image courtesy of Etsy


9. Gitzell Fire Burnt Bamboo Wind Chime


The rustic fire burnt bamboo of the Gitzell Wind Chime gives it a very organic appearance. If you’re looking for a wind chime that will blend into the wild and develop in color with age, then this is the choice for you. It’s handmade which adds to the natural beauty of it, and it includes a base made of half a coconut. The bamboo spokes that create the soothing sounds vary in length, but the longest is 22 inches.

wind chimes gitzell Image courtesy of Etsy


10. WindChimesInAstarin Rainbow Wind Chimes


Wind chimes are generally presented in the natural colors of browns and greens to blend in with the beauty of nature. But, that’s not for everyone. If you’re more of a technicolor Dreamcoat kind of guy, then the WindChimesInAstarin might be the right home addition for you. After all, we wouldn’t want you missing out on all the musical fun. The aluminum tubes play a rich sound you’ll love, too.

wind chimes windchimesastarin Image courtesy of Etsy


11. EPSdigital Woodstock Temple Bells Wind Chime


This minimalistic wind chime piece from EPSdigital is both calming and powerful. The design is inspired by Chinese history with a particular focus on bells. If you’re looking to dance to the sound of your chime, enjoy some calming comfort or even warn off possible danger, this might be the wind chime for you. It’s available in the two rustic tones of copper and brass which stay in line with the windchime’s simple design.

wind chimes epsdigital Image courtesy of Etsy


12. HappyGardensArt Dragonflies Mobile Wind Chimes


This hanging mobile from HappyGardensArt doubles as a wind chime, as it uses many little bells in its design. Amongst the bells are an array of dainty little dragonflies that will create lovely shadows on nearby surfaces. The dragonflies are made from verdigris, and the bells are all copper. The overall piece is completely handcrafted and presented in an inverted triangular shape.

wind chimes happygardensart Image courtesy of Etsy


13. Astarin Memorial Wind Chimes


Astarin is a superstar of the wind chime market. The company has been producing hand-tuned wind chimes for over 90 years, so you can be assured that all their products are of the highest quality. In particular, their 30-inch wind chime produces a deep, lovely tone that will instantly transport you into relaxing mode. The rich tone is produced thanks to the thick walls of the precision-tuned tubes. Whether you buy these wind chimes as a gift or keep them for yourself, they are sure to bring a certain harmony to any home.

wind chimes astarin Image courtesy of Amazon


14. EPSdigital Woodstock Amazing Grace Wind Chimes


We all know the words to “Amazing Grace.” We might not know where we learned them, but we know them. So why not sing along with the Woodstock Amazing Grace Wind Chimes which turn to the tune of one of America’s best-known hymns? The simplistic design combines a cherry-finished ash base with six silver aluminum tubes. The wooden sail hanging from the ornament is the ideal space for a meaningful message, and EPSdigital offers to engrave it for you at the point of purchase.

wind chimes epsdigital Image courtesy of Etsy


15. FireWoodCreations Pet Memorial Wind Chime


Some of the saddest goodbyes we’ll ever have to say will be to our beloved pets, and it can be nice to have an ornament or wind chime around to pay tribute and remember our furry friends. The FireWoodCreations Pet Memorial Wind Chime is the ideal choice for exactly that. You can hang it either indoors or outdoors, perhaps in your pet’s favorite place so that the haunting sound is always there as a reminder. Each wind chime is personalized especially for your pet. Simply enter its name and the year at the point of purchase, and FireWoodCreations will take care of the rest.

wind chimes firewoodcreations Image courtesy of Etsy


16. WeatheredRaindrop Condolence Wind Chime


Paying tribute to someone that we miss and remembering memories shared together is one of the best ways to stay positive. A wind chime can be the perfect guide for exactly this, as it can bring together friends and family in unity of its symbolism. This condolence wind chime from WeatheredRaindrop can be personalized in two different areas upon order to make it as special as you want it to be. It also comes packaged in beautiful gift wrapping, making it the ideal offer of condolence to your loved ones.

wind chimes weatheredraindrop Image courtesy of Etsy


17. Robinsglassworld Feathers Wind Chime


For a real stand out piece, look no further than Robinsglassworld Feather Wind Chime. This is the ultimate gift or memorial ornament to light up your chosen location for years to come. The beautiful wings are enhanced with glass windows, and you can select the color combination to suit your style. The feathers and spheres are made from crystal and glass and hang from the proud wings. They will catch the wind and jingle calmly. This is a truly marvelous piece of art.

wind chimes robinsglassworld Image courtesy of Etsy


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