This $23 Wine Bottle Opener is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

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Whether you’re a bona fide wine aficionado or simply enjoy the occasional glass with dinner, this high-tech wine opener is worthy investment to add to your kitchen gadget collection. Find out more from Boy Genius Report and shop below:

From BGR:
Remember how revolutionary the Rabbit wine opener was when it first came out? Well guess what: the Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener is way cooler and way simpler than the Rabbit or any of the many knockoffs out there. Instead of bothering with squeezing and levers and everything else, this wine bottle opener has two simple steps.

best wine opener amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

First you stick the needle in the cork, then you press the button. Presto! Tasteless, odorless CO2 gas shoots into the bottle and forces out the cork in about a second. Trust us, it’s the coolest kitchen gadget you’ll come across all year.

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