The Best Wireless Printers For Fast and Reliable Printing

wireless printers
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Wireless printers are easy to install, can print from multiple devices, and lack the mess of jumbled cords other non-wireless printers have. You need two things for a wireless printer to work; a WiFi connection, and a power source.

When deciding what type of wireless printer to buy, you need to think about the different wireless options that are available: WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC. Finding the right printer depends on how you’ll typically use it: whether you’re using the printer to print from multiple phones and tablets; using it at home with a few laptops or computers connected to it; or going to have several people printing to this printer from an array of devices. Consider what you need your printer for, then see our picks below to help you decide which wireless printer best suits your printing needs.




1. Brother Monochrome Laser Wireless Printer

The Brother Monochrome Laser Wireless Printer is a great printer for an office that will be printing often and from several different computers and devices. This printer can print up to 32 pages per minute and has two-sided printing ability. Most importantly, this printer connects to other devices via WiFi and has the option for a USB connection to a single computer. This type of WiFi connection will allow anyone connected to the office’s WiFi network to send documents to this printer from their phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Note: an USB cable is not included

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2. Brother Monochrome All-In One Multifunction Printer

The Brother Monochrome All-In One Multifunction Printer is suitable for the busy home office. This printer prints up to 30 pages a minute, prints double-sided, and has a variety of wireless printing options. This printer has built-in WiFi, Ethernet interfaces, and a single computer USB input. Connecting via Ethernet will allow multiple users on your network connect to the printer. It’s also compatible with AirPrint, Google Cloud Printer, and more.

PROS: Several wireless printing options.

CONS: Printer can go into deep sleep mode quickly.

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3. HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Wireless Printer

The HP OfficeJet All-in-One Wireless Printer easily lets your print from a smartphone or tablet via the HP ePrint app, and it’s also compatible with AirPrint for direct printing from iPhones. For desktops and laptops, you can connect to the printer via WiFi. This printer also has a few unique features, like a touch screen, and quiet printing mode option. If you are looking for an all-in-one printer that allows for wireless printing, this is a good option.

PROS: Has quiet printing feature and is easy to set up.

CONS: Must download app first to print from certain devices.

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