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“Easy Deck Renovation” Isn’t an Oxymoron With the Best Wood Deck Tiles

Summer is officially on its way, and creating your ideal outdoor space should be at the top of your to-do list. Whether that means buying a new outdoor fire pit, getting a new grill plus a highly-rated grill set, or redoing your patio or deck, it’s time to start that seasonal home improvement project you’ve been putting off. As far as home projects go, redoing your deck or patio is about as big an undertaking as it gets. Or so you might think. These days, there are easy and economical ways to redo outdoor flooring that doesn’t require calling a contractor. One of our favorite methods for redoing outdoor spaces is with interlocking tiles. They’re not dissimilar from toys your kids might play with — you just snap them into place and enjoy. The main difference? You’ll actually want to step on these. We’ve rounded up some of the best wood deck tiles below.

Most of these tiles feature wood or composite slats and plastic patterns on the bottom that seamlessly click into one another. The tiles are square, giving you the option to place them with the slats all facing the same way or to create a checkered pattern, depending on what your preference is.

Material selection is crucial when it comes to outdoor tiles. Even in the most temperate climates, your tiles will be exposed to rain and sunlight. One of the best materials is teak. Teak is a durable wood that’s highly water-resistant, and it’s commonly used as a material for the deck of a ship. However, teak is expensive, so we’ve also included some alternatives like acacia, which is also hardwearing and water-resistant. Plus, we’ve included options made from composite materials, as well as alternatives made of plastic and even artificial grass. They’ll all suit outdoor use for your deck, patio or porch. You can also use these indoors for a sophisticated upgrade for tile flooring in a stand-up shower.

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Read on for our picks for the best wood deck tiles you can buy online.

1. INTERBUILD Interlocking Flooring Tiles


These tiles from Interbuild are an affordable option. These tiles are made out of acacia, rather than teak. While acacia is not as well-known as teak, it is also a durable wood that is water-resistant. Several colors are available, including espresso, dusk gray and organic white. Ten tiles are included, and they cover 10 square feet. The tiles are pre-oiled, making them ready to use out of the box.

Pros: Made from water-resistant acacia wood. Available in multiple colors. Pre-oiled.

Cons: Wood is somewhat thin.

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2. Mammoth Solid Teak Deck Tiles


These teak wood deck tiles are made of high-quality, dense, tight grain wood that’s designed to not shear or crack even after being exposed to the elements. Teak wood naturally has a rich, dark brown color so no stain is needed when installing, which makes it easier for you to get your deck up and running. No tools are required to install these floor tiles and they’re anti-slip so older homeowners can enjoy them as well.

Pros: Natural rich brown color, easy to install, water-resistant and tight grain wood that won’t split.

Cons: The gaps between the planks are larger than expected.

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3. PandaHome 22 PCS Wood-Plastic Composites Patio Deck Tiles


This option from PandaHome is a good money-saving option. It’s made from a wood/plastic composite, and the interlocking base makes it easy to place these tiles with minimal effort. The tiles are designed to be water and UV-resistant, as well as prevent slippage when walked on. The tiles come in packs of 22 12″ x 12″ tiles. If you have a smaller space, you can also choose orders that include just six tiles.

Pros: Affordable alternative to genuine wood. Minimal effort, no oil required. Comes with 22 tiles, instead of 10 like many of the other options.

Cons: Not as sophisticated-looking as genuine wood.

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4. Yaheetech Interlocking Wood Flooring Deck


This is one of the most economical options on this list if you’re looking to add wood tiles to a large patio or outdoor space. 27 pieces are included for the price, and they are the standard 12″ x 12″. You can choose between striped and checkered patterns. Unlike cheaper composite options, each of these slats are made from genuine fir wood, and they’re cut with a grooved surface that helps with drainage and prevents slipping. The tiles have a stylish light wood look.

Pros: Value buy consists of 27 tiles made from genuine wood. The grooved surface prevents slipping.

Cons: May not be as weatherproof as the teak options.

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5. 3rd Street Inn Acacia Wood Deck Tiles


These acacia wood deck tiles come in bold, bright colors and are made from 100% solid acacia hardwood. Acacia wood is naturally resistant to decay and rot from the elements, mold, mildew and even insects. These tiles feature snap-lock connectors that make the installation super simple and each tile is made hardware-free so there’s nothing that’ll rust or break down over time.

Pros: Made of hearty materials that are resistant to rust and decay from the elements, come in a variety of bold and signature colors.

Cons: Must be installed on a completely flat surface.

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6. IKEA RUNNEN Outdoor Deck Tiles


If your deck gets blasted with sun on a daily basis and you need deck tiles that can absorb and handle heat well, these are a great pick. These deck tiles are actually made of plastic, so they may not be as durable as some of the wooden options above. However, they’re very easy to clean and are super easy to click together for assembly. They’re great for sectioning off a part of the yard for a grill, play area or other specified area. The plastic is high-quality polypropylene that’s weather-resistant.

Pros: Lighter color means they won’t get as hot during sun-filled days, plastic is easy to clean.

Cons: These tiles are made of plastic rather than wood so don’t have the same aesthetic appeal as a wooden deck.

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7. IKEA RUNNEN Artificial Grass Deck Tiles


These deck tiles from IKEA have fake grass on top and are much easier to install than rolls of grass that require planting and maintenance. The grass on these tiles, despite being artificial, feels soft underneath bare feet and is simple to click together on a balcony, terrace or deck. These are great for installing if you’ve got a pet you’re trying to potty train or simply want the feeling of grass without all the work and environmental concerns that come with taking care of grass.

Pros: Fake grass tiles that are easy to put together and care for. Excellent for pets.

Cons: These tiles are made with fake grass rather than wood, stain fades quicker than expected and needs reapplication.

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Courtesy of IKEA