These Supportive Wrist Rests Will Keep Carpal Tunnel and Hand Fatigue at Bay

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Spending all day in front of a computer can negatively affect your physical health without a proper setup. Eyes can become strained by blue light; the lower back can become weakened by poor posture, and the legs can lose muscle tone from sitting all day. Then there are your hands and wrists, which can suffer from chronic pain and carpal tunnel from prolonged typing and mouse use. Thankfully, several products help address all these issues, including a wrist rest that can be used in conjunction with a keyboard and a mouse.

Carpal tunnel is characterized by numbness, tingling and weakness in the hands and wrists and can be caused by prolonged and repetitive use of the hands and wrists. Avoiding carpal tunnel requires taking frequent breaks from typing, using a relaxed form when touching keys, investing in an ergonomically-friendly keyboard and mouse, and providing proper support for the wrists.

This support can come from a wrist rest, which holds the wrists and hands in a neutral position while typing and using a mouse. Not only are wrist rests beneficial for wrists and hands, but they have also been shown to help alleviate neck and shoulder tension caused by prolonged computer use.


What We Looked for When Selecting the Best Keyboard Wrist Rests

Above all else, comfort is critical when considering a wrist rest. But that’s not the only thing. Here are a few other factors we examined in our search.

  • Comfort: Again, making sure your wrists are, well, actually comfortable is the whole point of a wrist rest. Most of our selections are constructed with supportive memory foam or a similar material.
  • Size and Shape: Ensuring the wrist rest is wide and tall enough to support your whole wrist is critical in deciding which one you should choose.
  • Toughness: As with most things, if you’re investing money into a wrist rest, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting one made to last.

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to pain and improve your office setup, check out our top picks for the best wrist rests below.


1. Gimars Enlarged Gel Memory Foam Set


Give both wrists a break whether you are typing or using your mouse with the memory foam set from Gimars. The recently upgraded set is made with a smooth and breathable material that provides a comfortable place for users to rest their wrists while working or gaming. The wrist rests have a small amount of bounce and won’t lose shape or develop indents over time. Comfortable to use for hours and in a length appropriate for both laptops and full-size keyboards, both the keyboard wrist rest and mouse wrist rest have a nonskid bottom to keep the units in place while being used. We also like that the wrist rest for the mouse can be used for either left or right-handed customers.

Gimars Enlarged Gel Memory Foam Set Courtesy of Amazon

2. HyperX Wrist Rest


At 4 inches deep, the HyperX Wrist Rest is slightly wider than most wrist rests, providing more coverage for added comfort. The uniform design of the HyperX makes it easy for users to adjust their hand position throughout the day while receiving a comfortable level of support from the ergonomically designed wrist rest. A layer of cool gel on top of the memory foam helps keep hands and wrists comfortable even after all-day use. Anti-fray stitching provides durability and longevity to the wrist rest, designed with an antiskid bottom to ensure the HyperX stays in place.

HyperX Wrist Rest Courtesy of Amazon


3. Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest


The first thing you’ll likely notice about the Kensington Duo Gel wrist rest is its striking colors, but this is more than just looks. The Duo Gel, as evidenced by its name, has a set of two gel pad pillows to keep things comfortable and cushioned. The natural curve of the rest helps better match the organic curve of your wrist, further adding to that supportive nature. Additionally, a ventilation channel will keep your hands and wrist from overheating, and the soft finish is easy to clean should it get dirty. But that gel is really where it is at, as it’s more supportive than your standard memory foam.

Kensington Duo Gel Wrist Rest Courtesy of Amazon

4. Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pro


Whether you spend hours on the computer working, gaming, completing schoolwork, or simply corresponding with friends, your wrists can heat up after prolonged typing and surfing. That’s why we like the Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pro, which is made with a cooling, gel-infused cushion that also features memory foam. Whether you have spent all day working on a spreadsheet or completing the next level in your game, the cooling gel is wrapped in heat transfer fabric that will reduce the chance of heat building up. The Razer is designed on an incline for added ergonomic comfort, and nonslip rubber feet help to keep the wrist pad in place.

Razer Ergonomic Wrist Rest Pro Courtesy of Amazon

5. Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad


Not all wrist rests are created equal, and the Glorious PC Gaming wrist pads makers know that. That’s why they have created a wrist pad in several lengths and heights to perfectly accommodate each desk set up. The company makes a supportive wrist rest with dual-locked anti-fraying stitching around the edge for added longevity. A nonskid rubber base helps keep the wrist rest in place, and the unit can be hand washed when necessary. When finding the correct size, the wrist pad is available in three lengths: compact, full-sized, and standard keyboard. Customers can also choose between a slim wrist rest and a regular width depending on whether they use a regular-sized keyboard at an angle or have a flat, mechanical keyboard.

Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad Courtesy of Amazon

6. Lingsfire Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest


Wrists need a rest when typing but also when using a mouse. We like the Lingsfire Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest, made using memory foam, silica gel and ABS. The wrist rest’s cradle design helps reduce wrist fatigue and ensures the wrist remains in proper ergonomic alignment during prolonged use. The rest wrist is filled with a slow rebound sponge that helps the unit retain its shape and provides support even after hours of use. The wrist rest offers ample support and has a nonskid base that keeps the unit in place.

Lingsfire Memory Foam Mouse Wrist Rest Courtesy of Amazon

7. Creatiee Premium Memory Cotton Desktop Keyboard Arm Rest


We like the Creatiee Premium Memory Cotton Desktop Keyboard Arm Rest for users who need more coverage than their wrists. Measuring 80 cm x 20 cm, the oversized wrist rest is wide enough to protect the users’ forearms, elbows, and wrists, making this an excellent option for laptop users. Made with a soft, breathable cotton top and available in six colors, Creatiee is absorbent and provides a warm and comfortable place to rest while typing.

Creatiee Premium Memory Cotton Desktop Keyboard Arm Rest Courtesy of Amazon

8. Redragon Keyboard Wrist Rest


Redragon’s memory foam-based keyboard wrist rest offers plenty of cushion and support thanks to that entire construction thanks to a slightly oversized construction of 3.30 x 0.91 x 16.97 inches to ensure it’ll cover a wide array of keyboards. The soft-medium foam manages to be soft but not too hard and hard but not too soft, providing more of a proper fit for your wrists and pressure point-specific relief. Additionally, there’s an anti-slip silicon rubber base that helps to keep the wrist rest in place.

Redragon Keyboard Wrist Rest Courtesy of Amazon


9. JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest


While there are plenty of benefits to having a supportive keyboard wrist rest, the same logic applies to a mouse wrist rest. Luckily, JEDIA’s keyboard wrist rest includes a cushion for you, whether you’re using a keyboard or a mouse; the whole package consists of a mouse and keyboard wrist rest. Additionally, the included massage holes provide ventilation and actively massage your wrist, giving you plenty of value on top of an already compelling package.

JEDIA Keyboard Wrist Rest Courtesy of Amazon


10. Asus ROG Wrist Rest


So much of the gaming ethos is about moving fast and ensuring your gear can keep up accordingly. As such, the ROG wrist rest was created with gamers in mind; the soft foam cushioned core provides plenty of comfort, reinforced with an ergonomic design to keep your hands at an elevated angle to reduce wrist fatigue. Additionally, the leather-like surface ensures it’s durable enough for those tense moments. However, most gamers will appreciate the significant anti-slip coating on the bottom, so it won’t fly away from you when making quick movements.

Asus ROG Wrist Rest Courtesy of Amazon


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