From Home Organization to Emergencies, There Are Tons of Ways to Utilize Zip Ties

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Zip ties are something you should always keep in your junk drawer. But, let’s get one thing straight, these plastic cords are far from junk. Zip ties are frequently called cable ties, alluding to their most common use, which is organizing cables, wires and other circuitry. In fact, zip ties were invented in the late 1950s to manage airplane wiring. But only using zip ties for electronics severely underestimates their functionality. After all, they’re popular among groups as disparate as indoor organizers and outdoor survivalists.

The popularity of zip ties is owed to the fact that they are inexpensive, convenient and durable. When you want to remove them, you can easily cut through them with scissors. But otherwise, they’re quite difficult to undo. Zip ties are typically made out of sturdy nylon, and they utilize a ratcheting mechanism that easily slides one way but securely locks in place once you’ve reached your desired tightness. Zip ties are secure enough that variants are depended upon by law enforcement as an alternative to handcuffs. Medical professionals even use special absorbable zip ties for sutures.

Around the house, zip ties can be used for childproofing seldomly-used cabinets, hanging decorations and even unclogging drains. Zip ties can be used in a variety of outdoor situations, ranging from securing gear, marking trails and building shelters. So whether you’re a regular Bear Grylls or you’re simply trying to get organized, these are the zip ties to get.

1. GTSE 14” White/Clear Zip Ties, 100 Pack

These ties from GTSE are an extra-long 14″ size, making them ideal for larger jobs. They’re available in either black or white, and the pack includes 100 ties. They have a 50-pound tensile strength, so they’re great options for tough industrial settings, as well as household tasks. You can also choose smaller sizes from this listing.

Pros: Extra long 14″ size. Sturdy 50-pound tensile strength.

Cons: Only two color options.

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2. TR Industrial Multi-Purpose Cable Tie

If you’re looking to stock up on reliable zip ties, consider this option from TR Industrial. Each order consists of 100 zip ties, and you can choose between a variety of lengths. The shortest ties are 4″ and the longest are 36″. These ties have a cleverly designed end that makes them easy to use. The tip is angled, making it is easier to insert into the head. The ties are made with industrial strength nylon which have a 50-pound tensile strength.

Pros: Available in a wide variety of lengths. Angled tip makes it easier to slide. Suitable for use in -40 to 185 degree F temperatures. UV-resistant for outdoor use.

Cons: Some ties may be more economical.

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3. Cable Matters Combo Pack Assorted Cable Ties

If you stocked up on zip ties only to realize that they were too long or too short for your purposes, consider this option from Cable Matters. Each order comes with 200 zip ties that include 6″, 8″ and 12″ lengths. They work great for staying organized because each length comes in white as well as black. As an added organizational bonus, the zip ties come in a resealable package. These are made for light to medium indoor use, and they have a 48-pound tensile strength.

Pros: Good option for indoor use, comes in three lengths and two colors, making these a great organizational aid.

Cons: Lower tensile strength than some other options.

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4. WISLIGHT Reusable Releasable Nylon Cable Zip Ties

The only major drawback with normal zip ties is that they’re not reusable. That’s what makes this pick such a great option. They can be securely affixed for regular zip tie purposes, but easily adjusted or removed with minimal effort. Each order consists of 100 ties of varying sizes, and they include black and white ties. There are 6″, 8″ and 10″ ties. They vary in width, too.

Pros: Releasable and reusable. They come in various lengths and widths. Black and white ties are included.

Cons: Could be more secure, so they may be better suited for light applications.

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5. Strong Ties UV Resistant Cable Ties

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty option, consider these ties from Strong Ties. Each order consists of 150 ties, and each tie is listed as having a 120-pound tensile strength. These ties are 12″ long, but you can also choose 10″ or 18″ ties from this same listing. The black ties are UV-resistant and are flame-resistant and suitable for extreme temperatures.

Pros: Heavy-duty pick with a listed 120-pound tensile strength. UV-resistant.

Cons: Could be more durable.

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6. PowerGear Cable Ties

If you have a variety of kinds of jobs to do, this bulk option from PowerGear is a great way to stock up on zip ties. It comes in a pack of 1000 in assorted sizes ranging from 4 to 11 inches. The 4″ size comes in a range of colors as well, which are black, red, blue and green, while the longer ones are clear.

Pros: Variety of colors and sizes. Bulk option includes 1000.

Cons: A lot more 4″ ties than 8″ or 11″, so it may not be ideal if you need a lot of long ties.

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7. Gardner Bender Beaded Cable Tie Wrap

This tie has a beaded design that makes it easy to thread through the closure, and there are two holes so you can thread it twice for a more secure hold. The beaded design also makes it reusable. It comes in multi-packs in a variety of colors, like this pleasant green option.

Pros: Reusable. Available in different colors.

Cons: Some options may be more economical.

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8. EcoSearene Silicone Zip Ties

These reusable ties are made out of silicone instead of nylon, giving them a pleasant hand feel. The head of the ties has two holes, which are meant for the tip to be threaded through in both directions. This double locking mechanism adds to the durability and helps prevent the ties from loosening. They come in a variety of colors which are orange, red, green and blue.

Pros: Unique design. Double locking mechanism for more security. Reusable.

Cons: 6″ length is kind of short.

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9. Bolt Dropper 12″ Inch Zip Ties

These zip ties from Bolt Dropper are designed for indoor or outdoor use. These white cable ties are made from industrial-grade nylon and have a 40-pound tensile strength. Plus, UV-resistance makes these cable ties a good option for outdoor use. These ties have angled ends which make them easier to insert. The price shown is for 12″ ties, but you can also choose between 6″, 8″, 11″, and 15″. Some lengths come in black, too.

Pros: UV-treated, making them suitable for outdoor use as well as indoor use. Available in a range of lengths.

Cons: Somewhat thin.

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10. Indoor Tactics Nylon Zip Ties

These zip ties from Indoor Tactics have a 50-pound tensile strength, making them a sturdy and reliable option for a variety of jobs. 100 ties are included, and they’re made to be UV-resistant. The long 12″ size is great for securing larger items.

Pros: Long 12″ size. Sturdy and UV resistant.

Cons: Some options come in larger quantities.

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