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Review: The Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket Is BIG

Blankets are great and there’s no questioning that. But — you know what’s even better? Really, really, really big blankets.

As someone who sleeps with four blankets each night (judge yourself), I’m always looking for new blankies to add to my growing collection. So, when Big Blanket Co. reached out to SPY asking if we’d be interested in testing one of their big blankets, I jumped at the opportunity and dove right into the blanket.

For those of you unfamiliar, Big Blanket Co. is the creator of what might be the world’s largest blanket for sale. It’s a total of 100-square feet, which is literally bigger than king-sized beds and some New York City apartments. It claims to be designed with temperature regulation, a four-way stretch, and an ultra-soft feel. But, of course, I wasn’t going to know if any of that was correct until testing it for myself.

On a visual level, it’s easy to see that the Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket is every cozy lover’s dream. It looked like something I’d love to swaddle in while watching scary movies, sharing blankets with friends, or during spooky thunderstorms. Essentially, it looked perfect for the time of year we’re currently in — spooky season.

After testing, I can assure you that this is that blanket. Trust me when I say that this will be one of the best Christmas gifts of 2022.

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Courtesy of Big Blanket Co.


Big Blanket Co. Initial Thoughts

At first, I didn’t want to get my hopes up on Big Blanket Co. in case it wasn’t what I was expecting. Blankets are blankets and although they’re soft and cozy, there isn’t anything quite innovative about new blankets these days. When taking the Original Stretch Blanket out of its packaging, I was shocked at how heavy it was. It felt like a large pile of laundry when you haven’t done it in a long time. Hitting 11 pounds in total, this blanket wasn’t afraid to show its weight.

Touching the Original Stretch Blanket reminded me of walking down the blanket aisle at Target. It’s the kind of blanket that makes you think, “wow, that is SO soft” and end up purchasing solely due to the emotional connection you just discovered. But, this also made me worry. Given how large, soft, and heavy the blanket was, would I feel too overwhelmed? Would I go into sensory overload when snuggling up on the couch or hitting the hay?


Relaxing With Big Blanket Co.

Let me just say this — I’m 6-feet tall. No, I’m not trying to brag (maybe a little), I’m just trying to express how hard it can be for taller dudes to feel fully covered by a blanky. Every blanket I’ve ever had on my couch was more of a “half” blanket. Something used for legs only. If raised to my chin, I’d have to expose my toes unless curled up. But, I like to sprawl. Therefore, the top half of my body is almost always sacrificed.

The Original Stretch Blanket was almost comically big on my couch, but I was covered head to toe. It was slightly heavy which made me feel secure like a weighted blanket would, but I didn’t feel at all swaddled. It wasn’t overwhelming, it hit a Goldilocks kind of feel in regards to solo couch hangs.

With friends, the Original Stretch Blanket worked even better. So far, I’ve sat two people on one couch with myself on an armchair and the blanket was large enough to cover all of us. I was blown away. No blanket-pulling or fighting whatsoever.

So, was I going to have the same experience when sleeping?

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The Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket covering Tyler’s entire queen-sized bed (and piles of laundry) Tyler Schoeber | SPY


Sleeping With Big Blanket Co.

Some blankets are simply not meant to be used for sleeping. For example, weighted blankets. I’m sure a lot of weighted blanket lovers sleep nightly with theirs, but I’m more of a weighted-blanket-on-the-couch type. Even the thought of sleeping with one makes me feel like I’m suffocating.

Because the Original Stretch Blanket is so heavy, I was assuming I’d feel the same way, but I didn’t. The first day I got it, I slept on top of my comforter with just the blanket. I slept throughout the night without any issues. Because the blanket is so large, there’s not much tossing and turning in hopes of discovering the next best way to get warmer or cooler. Every inch of my body was covered and cozy, yet not too hot or too cold. When I remembered Big Blanket Co.’s claim of being “temperature regulating,” I realized that, actually, it was.

Words such as “temperature regulating” always make me super skeptical. As someone who sweats a lot, I figure this is just a buzzword that alludes to some sort of placebo effect. But, I had totally forgotten about this claim. I only realized during use that I was feeling perfectly snooze-centric through temperature which made me remember.

Ever since that night, I’ve slept with Big Blanket Co. Sometimes on top of the covers, sometimes under, but every night I used it like clockwork. It’s not the easiest to fold in the morning, but each night’s sleep makes the struggle worth it.

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The Big Blanket Co. Original Stretch Blanket up close Tyler Schoeber | SPY


The Verdict: Should You Buy Big Blanket Co.’s Original Stretch Blanket?

I’d consider myself a Big Blanket Co. advocate at this point. Therefore, yeah. You should buy the Original Stretch Blanket. Sure, it might cost $159, but think of it as a long-term investment. If you’re the type that hosts movie nights or if you’re a blanket hog like me, this blanket simply makes so much sense to own.

I wholeheartedly believe that this blanket makes for a really fun Christmas gift, so now that we’re headed straight toward the holiday season, I suggest you keep this one as an idea in your back pocket. Because who doesn’t love a blanket? Might as well gift the largest option of them all.

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Courtesy of Big Blanket Co.